Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Are Anti-Woman

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Are Anti-Woman

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Are Anti-Woman

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the state of Tennessee signing-on as the last of the 36 states required to ratify the 19th Amendment, which ensured women the right to vote. It was decidedly pro-woman.

The reality is that most Democrats were against the 19th Amendment, including President Woodrow Wilson — who was so reviled by the suffragists that they routinely referred to him as ‘Kaiser Wilson.’ What really delayed Congress from passing the amendment was a forty-year legislative war in which the Democrats did their level best to keep women out of the voting booth. That war began in 1878, when a California Republican named A.A. Sargent introduced the 19th Amendment only to see it voted down by a Democrat-controlled Congress. It finally ended four decades later, when the GOP won landslide victories in the House and the Senate, giving them what we now call a ‘super-majority.'”

After years of trying, with Democrats obstructing repeatedly, the 19th Amendment was finally adopted.

In May of 1919, Republican James R. Mann reintroduced the 19th Amendment in the House and it finally passed. The Republicans voted in favor of the amendment 200-14. These 200 GOP votes constituted a majority, so some Democrats reluctantly faced reality. Nonetheless, 40 percent of the much-diminished Democratic caucus still voted, ‘Nay.’ Shortly thereafter a now Republican-controlled Senate also passed it, clearing the way for ratification by the states. But the Democratic resistance was by no means dead. They did their level best to prevent the amendment from being ratified but failed: ‘When the Amendment was submitted to the states, 26 of the 36 states that ratified it had Republican legislatures. Of the nine states that voted against ratification, eight were Democratic.'”

You won’t hear that truth from our media or in any public school history class (but President Trump should remind us every day until election day!).

Fast forward to the 21st century, and the party that’s stood in opposition to every civil rights movement in our history wants us all to believe that it’s they who are the party that promotes women.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Here’s why:

The DNC is pro-abortion. Abortion is inherently anti-woman. It leaves in its wake psychological damage that lasts a lifetime, as well as millions of future women who were, and are, never given a chance at life.

The DNC discourages fathers in the home. The DNC promotes, via its decades of failed policies, fatherless homes, creating generations of dependency, young men with no strong role models, and thus reliable voting blocs each election season. Promoting government dependency is the biggest lie that the DNC sells.

The DNC is anti-school choice. This is the civil rights issue of our time. Failing public schools—like those in Baltimore where few students are proficient in math and reading—dooms children of both sexes to hopelessness and thus little chance for a successful future, and again, a reliable voting bloc for the party that professes its concern. Access to quality education is decidedly anti-woman.

The DNC is pro-high taxation and regulation, a deadly combination that makes, for example, starting a business punitive, thus decreasing the chances that women can become financially independent and write their own paths in life.

The DNC is anti-law enforcement. There’s nothing more anti-woman than making them targets for violent offenders. And this is the path the entirety of the DNC is taking as we speak. Out of one side of their mouths they champion gun control, while out of the other they advocate for de-funding our police, while at the same time demanding the release of violent offenders. That’s a recipe for disaster for women.

The DNC routinely bashes women who think differently. A five-second interwebz search on women like “Sarah Palin” or “Candace Owens” will tell you all you need to know about just how much the left truly respects and champions women, most especially those of us who don’t toe their leftist line.

Here’s the esteemed Rep. Jerry Nadler “championing” Candace Owens, who represents the very constituency the DNC says it supports:

Can’t you just feel the pro-woman vibe?

The DNC is anti-strong economy. Nothing screams Tank the Economy! like the way blue-state governors  have handled the coronavirus and the seemingly intentional destruction of their state economies, detrimentally affecting, of course, women, whose votes they believe they’ll earn in return for the promise of freebies to placate the victims of the “crisis” they created (see fostering dependency above). Here’s the truth the DNC doesn’t want us to see about Democrat-run cities:

Grand slam homer, Ms. Klacik!

I wonder, though…will Black Lives Matter and the white liberal-dominated pink-hatted crowd embrace Ms. Klacik as the strong, capable black woman she obviously is (thank you, marketing geniuses!)? Or will they label her a “sell-out” or a “coon,” as they’ve done with countless other conservative black Americans, simply because she’s got that lowly “R” after her name? I bet I know the answer.

But beyond all of that, the Democratic Party has a lengthy record on sexual assaults and burying them on behalf of political gains—and we’d all know it if we had a media that told us the ugly truth about their preferred party.

Remember this?

“Chappaquiddick Bridge where Senator Ted Kennedy let Mary Jo Kopechne slowly die.” (Image credit: Gary Todd via Flikr; public domain)


Let’s just say that former Sen. Ted Kennedy was no champion of women.

And no one is more notorious for her efforts to silence her husband’s alleged rape and sexual assault victims than Hillary Clinton.

If the words “trailer trash” and “bimbo eruptions” sound familiar to you, it’s because they’re the phrases Mrs. Clinton reportedly used to label the women who accused her husband of sexual assault, and the ensuing bullying of those victims into silence.

And Mrs. Clinton isn’t alone in ignoring credible accusations of rape and other violent sexual assaults against prominent Democratic men.

As San Francisco’s District Attorney, Joe Biden’s running mate was reportedly silent on Catholic priests who preyed upon children. Yes, this is the same Kamala Harris who usurped Judge Kavanaugh’s right to due process and presumption of innocence; the same Kamala Harris who said, without hesitation or caveat, that she believed the women who’ve accused Joe Biden of touching them inappropriately, with at least one of them accusing him—with specific details, times, and places, mind you—of forcible rape; and this is the same Kamala Harris who’s willfully ignoring Mr. Biden’s cringe-worthy behavior toward little girls. On camera. Shamelessly. And repeatedly.

And she and Mrs. Clinton are not alone.

The Democratic Party—along with their vast media arm, and just as they have for the Clintons—cover for Joe Biden’s grotesque behavior at every turn. They—just like his running mate—are once again pimping themselves in exchange for a chance for the Woman of Color™ to attain the highest office in the land (who, ahem, didn’t get where she is on MERIT).

No, the Democratic Party—including Biden and Harris—is not pro-woman; in truth, it’s inherently anti-woman. From standing in opposition to the 19th Amendment, to covering for their male counterparts when it benefits them politically, to bashing and dehumanizing those of us who dare to think independently, the DNC’s history, past and present, is the antithesis of championing women. Conversely, they’re additional victimizers and exploiters of women, using us, just as they do people of color and other minorities every election cycle, for political gain.

So it’s time those of my gender wake up, smell the complicity, and stop voting for the letter “D,” because two of the biggest exploiters of women are doing and saying whatever they must in order to dupe us into voting for them. And that would be a mistake that would usher in dire, long-term consequences not just for women, but for all of us.


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