JK Rowling: Canceled In Seattle

JK Rowling: Canceled In Seattle

JK Rowling: Canceled In Seattle

The JK Rowling saga continues. This time, we travel to Seattle, Washington to the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP).

MoPOP will continue to display Harry Potter memorabilia but, will scrub any reference to Harry’s creator. You know, that “hateful TERF, JK Rowling”? This all started with a lengthy post by MoPOP’s Chris Moore crafted earlier this year. Chris uses he/they pronouns. Chris is an Exhibitions Project Manager at MoPOP. Chris Moore is also on the board for Seattle Trans and Nonbinary Choral Ensemble (wonder if the group sang a version of “We’re Coming For Your Children?) Chris Moore refers to JK Rowling, in this post, as “She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named”. Well, Chris got her gender correctly identified so I guess we can give the he/his/they/them/theirs a gold star.

You-Know-Who started dancing around transphobic statements in 2018 and became more vocal in 2019 by supporting a person who was fired for being transphobic. In June of 2020, she fully committed to these viewpoints and went on long, hateful Twitter tirades.”-Chris Moore

By “hateful tirades” does that mean JK Rowling’s Twitter comment about “people who menstruate“? Rowling recently sat down with The Free Press in a 6-series podcast to explain her views and we have covered each episode. Rowling, a self-proclaimed liberal, provided thoughtful and compelling commentary and insight as she sat down with former Westboro Baptist Church family member, Megan Phelps-Roper. Doesn’t matter. The rainbow mob did not listen to She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named”. They were too offended to entertain any rational thought:

She’s not wrong. That is MoPOP’s former video editor, Jessie Earl, a man, dressed like a girl. JK Rowling “attacked” Jessie, apparently, according to Chris:

She’s even gone so far as to attack one of MoPOP’s former Video Editor, Jessie Earl. Jessie is a content creator on YouTube, Twitter, and other platforms (give her a follow – she’s awesome) where she talked about how financially supporting Harry Potter ends up supporting transphobic viewpoints and is harmful to trans people. You-Know-Who’s cronies then went on to continue attacking Jessie, garnering (approximate as of writing) 4,200 comments on the original post and writing hundreds of negative comments on Jessie’s posts.”-Chris Moore

So, basically, this “un-personing” of JK Rowling at MoPOP, is two non-binary people and their mob lobbying to cancel and “un-person” JK Rowling because she hurt their feelings.

From an outside perspective, this may sound silly, but these people and ideas add up.”-Chris Moore

Oh, dear. You don’t know how silly y’all sound. Back to JK Rowling. What is MoPOP doing to combat the silly (rational) ideas thrown out by “hateful TERF”, JK Rowling. Take a look:

While the Harry Potter series is a major player in the pop culture sphere, we wanted to give credit to the work of the actors, prop makers, and costume designers in our Fantasy gallery. We learned that You-Know-Who was a problem, which is why you’ll see the artifacts without any mention or image of the author. “-Chris Moore

Sidebar: MoPOP Seattle is also hosting a sold-out Drag Camp for 12-18 year olds this month. After all, they have to adhere to their “Mission”:

Open arms: We practice radical hospitality and equitable access.
Creative exchanges: We create space for community voices and collaborations.
Light bulb moments: We use pop culture as a catalyst for learning, connecting, and creating.
Pursuing excellence: We believe integrity, innovation, and hard work lead to amazing things.
Excitement: We value the thrill that comes from experiencing creativity together.”-MoPOP, Seattle

I feel like this “mission” needs to be on a lawn sign somewhere next to the one with meaningless platitudes. Open arms and radical hospitality? Unless you’re JK Rowling. Space for community voices and collaborations? Here’s a thought, big dummies: you cannot collaborate if you all have the same ideas. Pop culture a catalyst for learning, connecting and creating and providing “light bulb moments”? What kind of “light bulb” needs to go off for these men/women to realize they will never be the opposite sex? What kind of light bulb needs to go off for delusional people to realize men DON’T menstruate? Believing hard work leads to amazing things? Ask then, single mother, JK Rowling about her hard work. If it weren’t for her hard work, there would be no Harry Potter exhibit that her likeness can be scrubbed from. And, creativity together? Unless you are a radical, hateful, abusive, divisive, transphobic TERF, you are not welcome at their table.

Honestly, I hope JK Rowling and her team find a way to sue the pants (or dresses) off of them. If she does, don’t look, you may be scarred for life.

Photo Credit: Original Artwork by VG, Darleen Click

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  • Scott says:

    While I have no sympathy for Rowling (even after she sees what liberals do to those they disagree with, she still identifies as one), these mentally ill fools do deserve to get sued into oblivion…

    • Cameron says:

      She’s never called for our deaths and has always kept her disagreements polite (OK, she’s British so that is normal). And I can respect that she hasn’t backed down from these crybullies.

      • Scott says:

        Yeah, I can give her all that, and hope she takes these fools to the cleaners, but I’m still not feeling bad for what she’s going through. Her and those like her have created this beast that is now turning on them, and for that I have nothing but contempt.

  • Carol Marks says:

    Well shoot, Lisa! I don’t know how I missed this one!!! Great write up!

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