Jill Biden Wants Credit For Remembering What Joe Forgot

Jill Biden Wants Credit For Remembering What Joe Forgot

Jill Biden Wants Credit For Remembering What Joe Forgot

This might be the worst week ever for Joe Biden’s political career. But never fear, Jill Biden is here! And she’s going to step into the breach and… not make any of this better.

Between the constant talking to dead people, the special counsel’s report and the subsequent press conference implosion, the very real fact that Joe shared classified information with his ghostwriter (who then deleted the recorded conversations, and yet will face no charges – remember that David Petraeus was charged for that one?), and the media who is spending their time alternatively coping with the numbers or living in denial (apparently now a river in Mexico, not Egypt), there’s really not much more that can be said or done to help Old Joe. That is, unless you are Jill Biden, and are ready to play the indignant wife card. She sent a email out via the Biden campaign, and she is playing the defensive spouse and grieving parent cards in order to cash in the sympathy chips. How DARE we the people notice Joe’s obvious mental decline??? How DARE Special Counsel Hur ask questions about the sainted Beau??? You see, JILL remembers everything, so does it really matter if Joe forgot??? After all, she’s standing right there to whisper it all right back into his empty head! The email reads, in part:

The reason I’m writing is because of what else was in the report: Inaccurate and personal political attacks about Joe. Rather than just saying the case was closed, as they have for others, the Special Counsel claimed that Joe “couldn’t remember the year his son died.” Believe me, like anyone who has lost a child, Beau and his death never leave him.

I hope you can imagine how it felt to read that attack — not just as Joe’s wife, but as Beau’s mother.

I don’t know what this Special Counsel was trying to achieve. We should give everyone grace, and I can’t imagine someone would try to use our son’s death to score political points. If you’ve experienced a loss like that, you know that you don’t measure it in years — you measure it in grief.

May 30th is a day forever etched on our hearts. It shattered me, it shattered our family.

So many of you know that feeling after you lose a loved one, where you feel like you can’t get off the floor. What helped me, and what helped Joe, was to find purpose. That’s what keeps Joe going, serving you and the country we love.

Joe is 81, that’s true, but he’s 81 doing more in an hour than most people do in a day. Joe has wisdom, empathy, and vision. He has delivered on so many of his promises as President precisely because he’s learned a lot in those 81 years. His age, with his experience and expertise, is an incredible asset and he proves it every day.

Look at all he’s accomplished: He brought our country back from COVID. He brought our economy back from the brink. He created 14 million jobs. Gas prices are down. Inflation is down. Energy costs are down. He got bipartisan legislation passed — even in the midst of this hyper-partisan environment. The media may not give him credit, but I’m thankful you realize all he’s done for this country.

Joe is the most resilient person I’ve ever known. When he gets knocked down, he gets back up and gets back to work. That’s what he’s doing.

It is just so meaningful to both of us to have you behind us. Your support is what keeps this campaign moving forward.

At some point in our lives, we’ll all experience grief or loss. We’ll go through challenging moments and twists and turns. But we find joy together, we persevere together, and ultimately we’ll prevail together.

This is a political letter, stitched together with blatant sympathy plays, half-truths, and outright lies. It is worth pointing out that Jill Biden was not Beau Biden’s biological mother. Beau’s mother Neilia died when Beau was getting very close to his fourth birthday, and Joe and Jill did not get married until 1977, when Beau would have been eight years old. We don’t know how Beau felt about Jill, but if it is anything like Hunter’s opinion of his stepmother, it may be likely that Beau did not see Jill as his “mom.” And yet, here she is, calling herself “Beau’s mom.” She’s also scolding the special counsel for using “our son’s death to score political points.” That argument might work if Joe wasn’t using Beau’s death as a shield and a sword to score political points for YEARS.

And notice that Jill Biden can pinpoint the date of Beau’s death – May 30th (hilariously, she also does not point out the year, something that Robert Hur says Joe Biden couldn’t remember). Everyone, please clap. Jill remembered something that Joe forgot.

Then Jill goes into her defense of Joe. Yes, he’s old, he’s 81, but he’s WISE. I mean, just look at all the things she says he did! “Brought our country back from COVID.” Really? I seem to remember that Joe bent over backwards to cater to the teachers’ unions and kept kids out of school. He didn’t “create 14 million jobs” – many of those jobs were part of the post-COVID return to work. “Gas prices are down” – from an all-time high, and are still not back to January 2021 rates. “Inflation is down” – again, from an all-time high, and the current price increases now seem permanent. In fact, just TODAY, Joe is trying to blame the current “shrinkflation” on “big corporations” who are giving you less quantity… without realizing that the reason for this is the permanent inflation that has raised the cost on EVERYTHING.

As many are pointing out, this might be the new standard going forward for the campaign. He can’t sit for a Super Bowl softball interview, he can’t do a debate against Donald Trump, so the Biden team will just push out these heavily edited clips and hope this makes the old man look competent.

Jill Biden also touts Joe’s empathy. Yeah, that’s not going to work any more. We’ve seen the angry old man who took almost five years to acknowledge his granddaughter, we’ve seen the empathy on the tarmac at Dover Air Force Base, and we’ve seen the failures on a personal level of Joe’s responses to East Palestine and Maui. “Empathy” is a word that no one associates with Joe Biden any longer.

Jill also calls Joe “resilient” – “When he gets knocked down, he gets back up and gets back to work.” That is NOT what you want to say about an old man who has to wear grippy shoes and take the short stairs because if he falls down again, Kamala Harris might be taking the oath of office.

It’s clear that Jill Biden and the rest of the campaign are trying to do damage control. The problem is, they’re trying to tell everyone that they shouldn’t believe what we are all seeing. Joe is a frail husk who was no great cognitive shakes even when he was younger, and now that he is firmly in the grip of the decline of his later years, it is painfully obvious and dangerous that he is no longer competent. And yet, Jill Biden is writing this on behalf of the campaign, insisting that this old man is JUST FINE, he’s just still grieving his son’s death, so he should DEFINITELY be president until he is 86 years old!

Answer me honestly – is Joe Biden going to live to his 86th birthday? And if he does, is his cognitive functioning going to be the same as it is TODAY, when Jill is insisting that he is “resilient” and “wise”?

Jill Biden defending her husband is no shock. Jill lying about her husband’s condition is also no surprise. The truth, however, is an absolute defense – and the Biden team is not willing to go for the whole truth. Biden’s lawyers and campaign are insisting that Robert Hur was mean to Joe Biden and used “prejudicial language” when it came to the memory issues. But they aren’t calling for the release of the transcript to prove their point.

I expect that there will be a demand in some media circles to see the transcript, and that Team Biden will refuse on “classified information” grounds. Jill Biden will continue to play the cards she has been dealt in order to hang on to whatever power she can wield through Joe. But the narrative of Joe Biden as “a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory” is now etched into the public consciousness. And nothing Jill Biden says is going to convince the American people of anything different.

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  • SFC D says:

    Jill Biden should be jailed for elder abuse.

  • Cameron says:

    Tell you what, Edith…oh excuse me…Jill. Have the entire transcript of the investigation released. Let’s see just how awkward he was without you whispering things in his ear like Grima Wormtongue.

  • Mad Celt says:

    Dear Mrs. Biden,
    Our chief regret out here in flyover country is not your husband’s election. Rather, that the Reaper took Beau and not him.

  • Lewis says:

    My husband died three weeks ago from the effects of dementia covering almost 7 years, so I think I can speak on this issue with some knowledge. Madam Jill sacrificed her husband on the altar of politics and power. I have thought this from the beginning of the election process last time. She did not protect him then, why would she try now?

    I am old enough to recall Joe Biden’s antics for decades and have never been a fan, but even the most evil among us get old and frail. Everyone should have someone who cares even a tiny bit, enough to protect them and keep them from harming themself. In Joe’s case he should have been prevented early on from harming all of us anymore. Madam Biden couldn’t do it as she hungers for money and power, simply using him as all liberals use each other for personal gain. More than sad, just more evil!

  • Scott says:

    Ok, first, lets be honest here, Joe does NOT have wisdom, empathy, or vision, and NEVER has…

    Second, ok, let’s go with Jill and the WH’s narrative, joe is NOT incompetent with a poor memory.. so with that out of the way, there is OBVIOUSLY enough evidence to charge him with all sorts of crimes related to those classified document, so let the indictments begin!.. they should NOT be allowed to have it both ways!

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