Jesse Jackson Jumps Into “Duck Dynasty” Controversy… Because He’s Jesse Jackson

Jesse Jackson Jumps Into “Duck Dynasty” Controversy… Because He’s Jesse Jackson

My colleagues here at Victory Girls have written about the “Duck Dynasty” story, but I must confess that I had never watched the show.  I have family and friends who enjoy the show a lot, but I had never watched it.  It probably has something to do with having four children and not enough time for TV.  So I have followed the story with interest, but, kind of like when I catch the random Doctor Who episode, I really have no idea who these people are or what is going on.

But now that Jesse Jackson has decided to jump into the fray and give his opinion, I’m all ears.

Just kidding.


I actually remember when Jackson was considered a serious leader in the African American community.  Those days are long gone.  Now, he is nothing more than a crazy person standing on a street corner, holding a sign demanding money OR ELSE.  And because he was Jesse Jackson, sometimes he got that money.  As the years have passed, Jackson has become even more of a shakedown artist in his attempts to stay relevant.  And part of staying relevant is letting the media know what your opinion is on every single social issue of the moment… whether it involves you or not.

So Jackson has now said that Phil Robertson, Duck Commander patriarch, is more offensive than Rosa Parks’ bus driver, because the bus driver was, at least, following the laws of the time.  Robertson, in Jackson’s opinion, is under the impression that he can have his opinions because of “white privilege.”

Is anyone else following this logic?  A man has an opinion.  People may or may not disagree with that opinion, but having an opinion is not quite the same as calling the police to arrest a woman who would not move from her seat on the bus.

It gets better, though.  Jackson also demanded a meeting with A&E executives and the management of Cracker Barrel restaurants (who have now been through a firestorm of their own making due to their actions after the Phil Robertson remarks were made known) within 72 hours.  He put this statement out on December 23rd.

In other words, DROP EVERYTHING!  Christmas is on hold!  The Reverend Jackson demands a meeting!

To the best of my knowledge, there is no media report of any kind of meeting occurring.  Neither did Jackson really say what would happen if that 72 hour deadline was missed.  Is he going to protest?  Picket?  Hold his breath until a new unicorn toy shows up?

And one would think that Jesse Jackson has more important things to be worried about right now.  Like how his son just spent his first Christmas in prison.  Perhaps the reverend’s time and efforts would be better spent helping his grandchildren cope with their father’s imprisonment – and how once that term is up, their mother will be headed to prison as well.  But, who knows.  Maybe he’s capable of grandstanding and being a helpful and supportive grandparent at the same time.

Regardless, with his silly strawman argument and his equally absurd deadline with no ultimatum, Jesse Jackson has just proved yet again how far a person with an enormous ego can fall and still think himself important and relevant.

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