#JackieEvancho’s Transgender Sister Says It Is An “Honor” For Her Sister To Sing At Trump Inauguration [VIDEO]

#JackieEvancho’s Transgender Sister Says It Is An “Honor” For Her Sister To Sing At Trump Inauguration [VIDEO]

#JackieEvancho’s Transgender Sister Says It Is An “Honor” For Her Sister To Sing At Trump Inauguration [VIDEO]

With the inauguration of President Elect Donald Trump in seven days, the festivities of the inauguration will start on Thursday, January 19th and continue through Saturday the 21st. The highlight of these for many will be the inaugural ball. When Donald Trump pulled out a shocking win in the 2016 election the haters were already in a lather (think Rosie O’Donnell on Twitter). Into the new year they just kept on keeping on with their hatred. Many performers issued blanket threats to not perform at the inauguration if asked and some responded to threats from their fans to boycott them if they performed. Among those who turned down the opportunity were such A listers as:

Andrea Bocelli, Opera star backed out when his fans launched #boycottBocelli on Twitter

Celine Dion, Pop icon backed out after she confirmed that she had several shows booked on the day of the ball and preferred not to let those fans down


Elton John

Garth Brooks


Bruce Springsteen

Trump shook things up when he booked former child opera protege Juliet Evancho, who came to the limelight by appearing on “America’s Got Talent”. Jackie has known Donald Trump for some time, having met him having taped an episode of the variety show at his resort Mar-a-Lago in Florida. If this were the only story behind the young singers appearance at the hottest social event of the season in DC this year, it would seem pretty tame. The reason it is a bit shocking, at least in some circles, is because of Jackie’s high profile and transgender sister, Juliet. Disney fans may remember Juliet as Jacob when s/he accompanied Jackie in a duet from the soundtrack of the movie “Tangled”.

Still  not ringing any bells? Perhaps this will jog your memory.

Juliet is embroiled in a law suit against her school district  over, of all things, the right to use the bathroom of her choice. As a blog post at Bustle explained on Thursday:

“As WPXI news details, the Pine-Richland School District didn’t always prohibit transgender students like Juliet from using the bathroom that reflected their own identity, but a rule barring such use was passed last September changed the rule, and pulling the rug out from under the district’s transgender students. Juliet specifically told them that the decision had made her a target for harassment. “I think they feel empowered now that they have this invitation from the policy,” she told WPXI.”

One would think that someone with Juliet’s strong opinions on transgender rights would make her an automatic opponent of her sister’s choice to perform for Trump’s inauguration, but that is not so. This is a family that hangs together no matter what. In an interview aired on Friday on CBS news, Juliet Evancho stated that her sister has her support.

“The way I look at it is, Jackie is singing for our country, and it’s an honor for her to be singing in front of so many people.’

‘So I feel that’s really where I look at it. And that’s where I’m going to leave it right now.”

I cannot imagine what this family has been through with this child over the past decade. I truly cannot. As a parent, I weep for this family and their pain. I also take heart in their strength. Juliet is truly taking the high road here and supporting her sister, as she should, in a situation that could make her uncomfortable. No matter what I think of Juliet Evancho, this tells me that she is a very strong person who prizes family above all else.

Jackie Evancho, right, and her transgender sister Juliet, left on CBS News

In fact, I applaud Juliet because her strong support for her sister’s choosing to perform at Trump’s inauguration has to be driving the social justice warrior types in the LGBTQ community up a tree! Can you imagine how many bees they have in their bonnet over another poster girl of their movement is supporting someone, never mind it is her sister, who is performing for the most reviled political figure in their world for decades? You have to admit, the schadenfreude is kind of delicious. In fact, I just might take mine with a glass of champagne.


Juliet Evancho is hopeful to pursue a modeling career

The sad thing is that I am sure that all that awaits young Julia at the hands of her “community” is abject hatred. You know, like the kind Caitlyn Jenner received when s/he revealed that s/he was still a Republican? That backlash led to the comment that it was “Easier to come out as trans than Republican”.

I support these folks and their love of country, and of family. No matter what else they might be, or represent, they are deserving of our respect for upholding the values that the party of Lincoln adheres to-love of country and family.

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  • Jodi G. says:

    Bravo to them both!!

  • Rusty Shackleford says:

    I can’t believe the Trump team would invite Springsteen to perform at the Inauguration, considering what a suck-up he’s been to the Dimmocrats going back to at least ’84 when he got mad at Reagan’s campaign for using “Born In the USA.” Such a phony!

  • Jennifer says:

    Wow! With that story I would think Bruce Springsteen should have made the “Hell no Short List”!

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