It’s Come To This: TSA Screener Accosts A Screaming 3-Year-Old

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It’s Come To This: TSA Screener Accosts A Screaming 3-Year-Old

It’s Come To This: TSA Screener Accosts A Screaming 3-Year-Old

In all of the reports I’ve seen of TSA security oversteps, this one might just be the worst I’ve seen — and the most difficult to watch. It’s bad enough to see TSA screeners groping adults. Now they’ve stooped to accosting a terrified, screaming three-year-old.

As a parent, how would you react if this was your child? Most parents teach our children that no one is allowed to touch them. They’re not exactly used to having people pat them down, nor are they capable of understanding why a rude stranger would be forcibly touching them all over their body. For a child, that must be terrifying. Are we supposed to let our children think its acceptable for strangers to touch them against their will?

In this video you can see the entire problem with our airport security system. Why did this child need to be patted down? Does she look like she might be a tiny terrorist? Sure, TSA has a policy that if the metal detector beeps twice everyone must be searched, regardless of age. So let’s just terrify children, who cares? As the TSA official stated, it’s not the policy that’s the problem, it’s “how we handle the child”. After all, why should we exercise common sense? The Taliban uses children as human shields, so surely soccer moms from, say, Nebraska, could be doing the exact same thing. And hey, if CAIR has their way, it will only be soccer moms and their children who get patted down. Muslim women wearing hijabs? Nope, sorry. No patdowns for Muslim women. Considering the absurdity of TSA’s current policies, I wouldn’t doubt that they’d find it perfectly acceptable to accost terrified children and let hijab-wearing Muslim women right on through. Figuring out which one would be most likely to smuggle a bomb is irrelevant anyways.

We have to ask ourselves: do we really feel like we’re going to be any safer with these idiots patting down children? We have a security system in place that refuses to profile the people most likely to be terrorists — they could be called racists, heaven forbid. Most of us are reasonable people, and are willing to accept some inconveniences in the name of airline safety. But these aren’t mere inconveniences anymore, and as we saw last Christmas, they aren’t keeping us any safer. There is one group of people responsible for every incidence of terror in the skies, and I’m pretty sure that three-year-olds are not included in that group.

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  • Chris in NC says:

    Sadly though, the muslims will eventually use children to blow up a plane. They’re using them in other areas already.

  • dan says:

    “Sadly though, the muslims will eventually use children to blow up a plane. They’re using them in other areas already.” Looks like a sound argument for profiling.

  • Mike says:

    Has TSA ever caught anyone doing things like this? Shoe bomber? Got through. Chinese guy disguised as an old man? Got through. To my knowledge, TSA has NEVER stopped anyone that was a danger.

  • jdc says:

    Because of TSA i refuse to fly. The TSA has hired the most loathsome, ignorant mouth breathing inbreds they can find and we are expected to stand silently while one of these sub creatures grabs at your wife or kid. I for one will have to have them call the cops ahead of time because you grab my wife or my kid your gonna need plastic surgery when Im done. Want it to stop? dont fly, let the airlines fix the problem and demand profiling of your legislatures, demand it.

  • Joe says:

    The complete absurdity of this is what did they expect to find? I’ll wager my salary that TSA wouldn’t find a fake child terrorist let alone a real one. This is nothing more than legalized assault and battery.

    As Mike said, TSA hasn’t stopped a damn thing.

  • Sarah says:

    Gee, let’s not follow Israel’s example of using behavioral profiling while searching luggage, but leaving peoples’ bodies alone. Just because their methods work a lot better than the TSA’s doesn’t mean anything.


  • JonB says:

    TSA is the security equivalent of that picture that circulates the web once in a while which depicts an open yard that has a solitary gate crossing the walkway.
    They are there to harass, intimidate, and molest the law abiding citizens.
    Attempts to blow up planes are never intended to succeed, but are acts of spite and arrogance.
    If they want to blow up a plane, there are plenty other locations in which TSA is not looking where they could slip something in. Ground crews are just the start in that area.
    9/11 was done by individuals who were later found to have been quite irritable and impatient in the schools they attended. Are we to assume that all muslim extremists are impatient? How many are patient and studious to the point that they will become fully licensed airline pilots?

    Their determination and dedication knows no limits.

    The TSA Grope Gates are nothing more than a source of entertainment for the terrorists and the traitors in our government.

  • Chris in NC says:

    Dan: “Looks like a sound argument for profiling.” Agreed. It’s what’s kept Israel from mega bombings over the years.

  • Jay says:

    Number of terrorist attempts foiled by airport screening: zero.

    Number of terrorist attempts foiled by passengers subduing the terrorists: At least 2 or 3.

    If the goal was really to prevent terrorists from taking over planes, the obvious solution would be to identify everyone passing through the metal detector who is not carrying a weapon, and HAND HIM A TASER.

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