Islamic Terrorists Slaughter Americans. Obama’s Response? Crickets. [VIDEOS]

Islamic Terrorists Slaughter Americans. Obama’s Response? Crickets. [VIDEOS]

Islamic Terrorists Slaughter Americans. Obama’s Response? Crickets. [VIDEOS]

Twenty innocent lives were snuffed out in a cafe in Dhaka, Bangladesh, hacked to death by seven Islamist terrorists, before the worthless lives of six of them were terminated by commandos. One was arrested after the 12-hour hostage standoff ended.

The subhumans who carried out the brutal murders — four of whom are pictured below, gleeful at the brutality to come — selected as their victims those who were unable to recite the Koran. Oh, and no surprise here — these monsters had pledged their allegiance to ISIS. Shocker, huh?


Among the dead were three American college students, one of whom was an American citizen from Miami. Her name was Abinta Kabir.

Another Emory University student, Forraz Hossain, a native of Bangladesh, died alongside Abinta. The third student was Tarushi Jain, an Indian native studying at Berkeley.

Forraz Hossain
Forraz Hossain.
Tarushi Jain
Tarushi Jain.

Three promising students from American universities had their lives brutally terminated at the hands of Islamist butchers. One was an American citizen. All three were slightly older than President Obama’s eldest daughter, Malia.

Do you think that now, now, Obama would utter the I-word to identify the source of the killers’ inspiration?

Not a chance. Here is the statement issued Saturday from the White House Press Secretary. Once again, Islamic terrorism is not mentioned:

The United States condemns in the strongest terms the horrific terrorist attack in Dhaka, Bangladesh on July 1-2. We remain in contact with Bangladeshi authorities and have offered any assistance necessary. This heinous attack resulted in as many as 20 deaths, including an American citizen, Bangladeshi law enforcement personnel, and citizens of several other nations. Our deepest condolences go out to the families and loved ones of those killed, and we hope for a speedy recovery for those wounded. This is a despicable act of terrorism, and the United States stands with Bangladesh and the international community in our resolve to confront terrorism wherever it occurs.

Blah, blah, blah. But Obama was Johnny-on-the-Spot in sending out a personal condolence letter to the family of a Bangladeshi LGBT activist who was killed by al-Qaeda back in May.

And Hillary Clinton, Obama’s would-be successor? She was no better in her use of the dreaded I-word. Here’s a screenshot of her statement:

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 9.46.56 PM
Click to enlarge.

This is the second time this past week that Obama has been MIA in identifying the true origin of this terrorism. Just one day prior to the horror in Bangladesh, on the morning of June 30, 13-year-old Hallel Yaffa Ariel was stabbed to death in her bed in Kiryat Arba, Israel. Little Hallel was slaughtered by an Arab who scaled the security fence near her home, entered her bedroom, and stabbed her while she lay sleeping. The State Department confirmed that she was an American citizen.

Hallel Ariel. Credit:

State Department spokesman John Kirby issued the usual tepid condemnation, but from Obama, on the death of a little American girl? Crickets.

One world leader forcefully addressed the brutal murder of Hallel, and that was Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who immediately called for “redoubling our efforts around the world to defeat the scourge of radical Islamist terror.”

Here’s how a real leader reacts.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority, Fatah, and the young killer’s mother all praised the 17-year-old butcher, calling him “shahid,” or martyr, since he was shot and killed by an Israeli official. Thankfully.

And Obama remained silent, even as Hallel’s mother wept over the coffin of her daughter.


Abinta Kabir, Forraz Hossain, Tarushi Jain, and Hallel Ariel — all dead at the hands of radical Muslims. Yet even now, there is no terrorist evil so depraved that Obama won’t find a way to whitewash the fact that it arises from Islamism.

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  • Merle says:

    And we all know that those strongly worded letters do so much good!!!


  • GWB says:

    She was no better in her use of the dreaded I-word.

    Not entirely true. She does use the j-word – ‘jihad’. And she mentions ISIS. A sight better than 0bama.

    One advantage of HRC over 0bama is that she isn’t beholden to – personally or through her puppet masters – islam or anti-colonialism.

    I still would rather see a beluga whale get elected than HRC.

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