#IranDeal: White House Offers Israel Increased Military Aid in Wake of Agreement

#IranDeal: White House Offers Israel Increased Military Aid in Wake of Agreement

#IranDeal: White House Offers Israel Increased Military Aid in Wake of Agreement

140729-netanyahu-0433_239c513079ae4d286dc50a7df841ee31President Obama has offered to increase U.S. military aid to Israel in the wake of the monumentally horrific nuclear deal made with Iran. According to the New York Times, Obama approached Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with the subject during a phone call on Tuesday. White House officials have said that Obama told Netanyahu that he was willing to have “intense discussions” on bolstering Israel’s defense capabilities.

The Times also reported that Netanyahu told Obama he didn’t wish to discuss the topic, leading officials in Washington to believe that the Israelis instead want to wait for the decision from Congress on the subject. Lawmakers have up to 60 days to discuss the agreement, but Obama has already threatened to veto any bill that defies His Royal Highness’ will.

Lawmakers could attempt to derail the agreement by passing new sanctions or preventing the White House from lifting existing sanctions – the biggest incentive for Iran – but King Obama has said he will use his veto power, meaning that Congress would have to muster a two-thirds majority to override.

Netanyahu, the staunchest critic of the agreement, called it a “bad mistake of historic proportions” moments after the passing, and he continued his criticism on Wednesday saying there were “absurd things” in the agreement, and accusing the world leaders of falling into “a trap of smiles set by the tyrannical Iranian regime.” He also said in remarks to Israel’s parliament that he was not bound by any terms and could still take military action against Iran.

I like Netanyahu because he sees that he is the guy on the playground that very few truly like, but he doesn’t care. He defends himself and his true friends, and he looks out for the interests of his own family first. He isn’t afraid to call the bullies out, and that is exactly what a nation who has threated to obliterate Israel is: a big bully. And now Obama wants them to get a nuke – the country who regularly screams, “Death to America!” on their streets.

“We will reserve our right to defend ourselves against all of our enemies,” said Netanyahu to Parliament.

Under the current memorandum with Israel, the U.S. provides $3 billion a year in aid, most of which is used to buy and procure military hardware. An official familiar with ongoing negotiations told the Times that Israel has asked the United States for between $4.2 and $4.5 billion per year for ten years in a new aid agreement. The current agreement doesn’t end until 2018.

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter is scheduled to make a trip to Israel next week, and Israeli opposition leader Isaac Herzog has said he will soon visit Washington to discuss “security measures to suit the new situation.”


The Obama Administration has to be the WORST negotiators of all time. I have yet to see how this deal in any way, shape, or form is advantageous to the U.S., Israel, or the world. This administration is arming a group of madmen who want us – not to mention our strongest ally in the Middle East – dead. Iran is the biggest sponsor of terror in the Middle East, and they would be thrilled to see a worldwide caliphate.

Iranians rejoiced in the streets after agreement was reached.
Iranians rejoiced in the streets after agreement was reached.

The Obama Administration caved on every item, and that is the real reason the people are rejoicing in the streets of Tehran. Their leadership managed to roll a standing U.S. president, and show the world that he is a spineless sissy. He couldn’t even manage to secure the release of the American hostages. American citizens should be mad as hell, but they aren’t, because we were too busy being distracted by the progressive-controlled media and their crusade against the Confederacy – which they forgot surrendered over 150 years ago.

Mr. Obama, if the Iranians can be trusted with a nuke, why do we need to help Israel beef up their military and security forces? You’ve made a monumental mistake, and I pray that millions of innocents don’t pay the price for your stupidity.

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  • Chris in N.Va. says:

    I suppose Barry The Bargainer will offer Israel a really sweet price on radiation decontamination kits? Bulk rate, of course.

    Whutta swell guy; whutta good sport.

    Wuddah maroon……

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