independence day tea parties!

independence day tea parties!

as i have mentioned many times, i am a history wonk and the revolutionary war-era is, of course, deeply meaningful to me. one of our founding fathers, benjamin franklin, once said ‘Where liberty dwells, there is my country.’ that statement is powerful and incredibly beautiful isn’t it? it’s one of my very favorites.

if at all possible, take the time to celebrate the 4th of july – our nation’s independence day – by meeting up with other like-minded freedom lovers at a tea party near you. there are more then 1,440 scheduled this weekend and you can go HERE to find a state-by-state comprehensive list including locations and contact names.

demanding fiscal responsibility from our elected officials is completely non-partisan. after all, this is our country.

we’ll be at the portland, oregon tea party raising heck and having some fun. i’ll be the one with a wild-eyed look and a bullhorn calling out dade’s name! 😉

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  • lisab says:

    i used to walk around the lexington green area almost every day

    we massachusetts people were the ones who started it ya know 🙂

    just like legalizing gay marriage

  • lisab says:

    “the relationship between a father and son is sacred, and much about how a boy transitions into a man is dictated by the experiences he shares with his daddy. … ”

    that was beautiful …

  • lisab says:

    whoops … meant that for the sanford thread

  • I may live in CT, but I was born and raised in MA. Fourth of July has always felt very personal to me – as LisaB said, we started it. I have always been damn proud of the fact that I grew up in the state that got it all going.

    Right now, it’s about the only thing I’m proud of about living in New England, trapped conservative that I am.

    I want to go to the Hartford Tea Party tomorrow, but I have a problem in large crowds. I get claustrophobic, anxious and a little panic-y. Also, with a new hip I’m not that keen on being bumped and jostled around. So I’ll watch thru the blogs and root from the sidelines.

    I’ll probably go target shooting tomorrow in honor of our founding fathers’ vision to include the 2nd Amendment.

  • micky says:

    “I’ll probably go target shooting tomorrow in honor of our founding fathers’ vision to include the 2nd Amendment.”

    Good luck. Most moonbats will probably be indoors tending to their gerbils and herb.

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