Incomplete Impeachment Homework Is Democrat Problem

Incomplete Impeachment Homework Is Democrat Problem

Incomplete Impeachment Homework Is Democrat Problem

Remember that rush that the Democrats were in to get impeachment voted on before the Christmas vacation, because Donald Trump was such a “threat” to democracy that they just couldn’t wait for pesky things like “facts” and “witnesses”?

Well, turns out that sitting on the impeachment articles has made that rush a huge joke, so now the Democrats want to finish their homework after the due date and still have it graded by the teacher. In other words, the Democrats are still clamoring for documents and witnesses in order to use them in the Senate trial (which they have zero control over) after already passing the impeachment articles. Backfill, indeed.

Senate Majority Leader McConnell already laid the smackdown on Democrats for this in his floor speech, but that isn’t stopping Chuck Schumer, who is trying to use a New York Times article that supposedly details some of the drama surrounding the hold on the Ukrainian military funding as part of his late homework.

The New York Democrat sent a letter last week to fellow senators that cited records including an email sent by the Office of Management and Budget Associate Director Michael Duffey to Defense Department officials roughly an hour-and-a-half after Trump’s controversial July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.”

The email showed a push to place aid on hold after Trump made his request for Ukraine’s help in political investigations. The House voted to impeach Trump earlier this month on obstruction of Congress and abuse of power.”

Schumer on Monday pointed to a New York Times report published Sunday that claimed that Trump went forward with freezing the aid despite warnings from his top staffers, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his former adviser John Bolton.”

Schumer called the new revelations a “game changer.”

And not only is Schumer trying to finish Nancy Pelosi’s homework, now Democrats are trying to get at the grand jury documents that Robert Mueller had for his report, which Mueller redacted, saying that they might decide to IMPEACH ALL THE THINGS if they can just see those grand jury papers. Wait, wasn’t this all about Ukraine and the withholding of military aid and the alleged attempt to “get” Biden? Nope, this is all about getting Trump, and by any means available.

Oral arguments are set for Friday in the case after the Department of Justice appealed a district court judge’s October ruling that both the committee and the public have an interest in the grand jury material, which is typically kept secret and is redacted in Mueller’s report.”

The House Judiciary Committee told the U.S. Court of Appeals for D.C. last week that it “continues to seek the withheld grand jury material for use in impeachment — both because the material bears on the current articles of impeachment and could accordingly be used in a Senate trial on those articles, and because the Committee is continuing to conduct its inquiry into whether the President committed other impeachable offenses.”

The response to the appeals court addressed Trump’s impeachment, saying it did not make the case moot. “The current status of the impeachment proceedings underscores the continuing controversy regarding the withheld grand-jury material,” Democratic general counsel Douglas Letter told the court.”

Shorter explanation: we know the current charges are pathetic, so please give us the grand jury material so we can submit an extra credit report for MOAR IMPEACH THE BAD ORANGE MAN.

Remember how the Democrats were saying “meh, even though we didn’t finish our homework and we turned it in anyway, what’s to stop us from impeaching Trump in perpetuity?” This is what they meant. The polls are basically at a standstill. It will take a major revelation for the needle to move one way or the other. But Democrats are determined to keep digging until they find something, and if the Senate trial happens before they can, they will lose momentum going into the 2020 election with lackluster candidates. And somehow, they don’t seem to think that the American people will notice that they keep coming back with late homework and attempts for extra credit while they keep beating that impeachment piñata.

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  • This is Democrat strategy in action. The Dems know that Trump will not be convicted in the Senate. They’ve known it all along. The whole point of their impeachment charade is to weaken Trump’s re-election bid. To that end, they want to keep the thing alive, newsworthy, and as damaging as possible for as long as possible. One way to do that is to create a basis for attacking the inevitable acquittal. Arguing that the Senate procedures were “unfair,” and that had the rules been otherwise there could well have been a two-thirds majority to convict, is an element in that strategy: no more, and no less. The Democrats hope to string the impeachment circus out far beyond the acquittal vote in this fashion.

    “Keep thine eye upon the doughnut, lest thou pass unawares through the hole.” — Me.

    • JAWilson says:

      It’s the Kavanaugh strategy and it is probably being scripted. I’ll bet that it will backfire spectacularly but they are using that strategy.

  • GWB says:

    the Committee is continuing to conduct its inquiry into whether the President committed other impeachable offenses
    “Show me the man, and I will show you the crime.”
    This sort of thing – if a DA were doing it – would lead to lawsuits and prison time (not likely of the target of the DA’s efforts).

  • askeptic says:

    If you can unseal grand-jury records on a President, you can unseal grand-jury records on ANYBODY. Just post the daily transcripts on the courthouse door.

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