Impeachment Timing At Issue for Democrats

Impeachment Timing At Issue for Democrats

Impeachment Timing At Issue for Democrats

Democrats feel like they have the goods on President Donald J. Trump. Their biggest issue now is the timing. When should they impeach Trump? These third-rate politicians have been trying to impeach Trump since the very second he won the election. The fact that we are 13 months from Election Day 2020 seems like good timing to the Dems? has the posted the article discussing the Dems worries. They claim that the President is a one-man crime wave. A quote comes to mind here:

“Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.”

That was said by Lavrentiy Beria, Josef Stalin’s secret police chief. You may be forgiven for thinking that was said by anyone on the Left (and a quite a few Never Trumpers). Don’t believe me? Read this quote from the article:

“There are two competing pressures here,” said Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), a member of the Oversight Committee, one of three panels leading the impeachment process. “One is that the president is a one-man crime wave who has generated virtually limitless impeachable offenses and misconduct. On the other hand, we need to develop a process that will close within a period of time that makes sense for the legislative calendar.”

The darn calendar. The one that is moving relentlessly towards Election Day 2020. The Dems look around at their box of mixed-nut candidates and know that impeachment is their only hope. Remember that last impeachment fail? The Mueller Investigation? Immediately after Robert Mueller faltered through his hearing, Nina wrote about the Democrat leadership’s drive to impeach. Read that here.

The Democrats really want to find something, anything, that will force some spineless Republicans to join them. Still, others want to hit the “go” button now. From the article:

And still others say the House already has enough evidence to move forward with impeachment immediately — from Trump’s own admission that he wants Ukraine and China to investigate Biden, to the summary of his phone call with Ukraine’s president to the text messages of senior ambassadors worried that Trump was withholding military aid and a White House visit to bend Ukraine’s leaders to his will.

To speed up the timing issue, Dems are leaking like a colander. Last night, Brit Hume told Martha MacCallum that the Democrats are winning:

“The Democrats with this impeachment issue — they’re winning,” Hume claimed Wednesday on “The Story.”

“This proceeding behind closed doors with a multitude of leaks coming that all point basically in the same direction, which is ‘Trump’s guilty’, have been pouring out of these behind-closed-door sessions.”

Yes, that is how all this works? The timing that the Democrats are really worried about is when they can finally rid themselves of the will of the American people.

And, even on the Senate side, spineless spiders, like Senator Rob Portman, are not exactly pushing back against the Democrat witch hunt.

Wow, I am overwhelmed by Portman’s full-throated support, not.

Back to the Politico article:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her top allies say they’re still firmly in fact-finding mode and have promised a deliberate approach to the House’s Ukraine investigation with no ironclad time limit. Senior Democrats say they’re eyeing the end of the year as an unofficial outer limit for the House to craft and pass articles of impeachment, but the unpredictable investigation has produced so many leads it’s hard to solidify a deadline.


“Everyone’s conscious of the calendar,” said Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.), a member of the Judiciary Committee, which is expecting to handle the process of drafting articles of impeachment once the other panels conclude the Ukraine probe. “Our expectation should be to have our work done by year’s end.”

That pesky calendar. The timing is touchy because the Democrats must rid themselves of will of the people before they re-elect him. We must always remember that this isn’t about Donald Trump or his “crimes”. This is about the Deep State and the need to keep power. That’s the timing.

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