If You Support COVID Interventions You’re Pro-Life

If You Support COVID Interventions You’re Pro-Life

If You Support COVID Interventions You’re Pro-Life

Yes, you read that correctly. If you support the COVID-19 interventions to save the lives of our medically fragile, you are already Pro-Life. Is it too much of a leap to extend this consideration and protection to the unborn, our most vulnerable?

Your Arguments Have Been Rendered: a) Invalid or b) Hypocritical Drivel

I see your need to bristle at my suggestion. Some of your most common arguments for Pro-Choice –

My Body, My Choice

  • “Her body, her choice. It’s NOT my (or the governments) place to take away her decision.”

Well I have a body, yet our government has told me that I cannot gather with more than 9 people. Then, only doing so when I’m 6 feet distant. Social Distancing has taken my autonomy and decision making away from me for the “greater good.”

  • “If you don’t practice mandated social distancing, people may die!”

Ahh, “people MAY die!”. As opposed to the certainty they WILL with abortion. Got it. Maybe my actions will harm others, so I should be mandated to cede my autonomy to the state. Well, in abortion someone WILL die, and if your argument is valid on one, then it applies to the saving the unborn as well. After all, isn’t it about “saving lives”?

Personhood Based on Physiological Responses

  • “A fetus can’t survive on its own, can’t breathe outside the womb, isn’t “alive” because it relies on life support from the mother.”

If the current panic about ventilators and ICU beds is any indication, the most vulnerable to COVID-19 can’t do any of those things either. They are literally diminished to breathing via a machine (aka “Life Support” systems), can’t eat or drink (TPN/IV nutrition and IV Fluids are required for hydration). They are basically a large baby attached to a modern day electronic umbilical cord.

  • “A fetus can’t feel pain before it dies. COVID-19 patients do.”

First, this 23 week preemie disagrees. As does science. Have you seen someone in hospice or in severe physical distress? You know what is in that syringe the RN is injecting to the IV? A narcotic designed to eliminate pain. If we can eliminate pain and just allow the process to happen… those in distress won’t feel any pain when they die. Unlike abortion where there is no pain medicine for the fetus while the body is ripped apart then sucked out through a tube. Follow the links below to see the procedures for yourself.

  • * First Trimester Abortion procedure: here
  • * Second Trimester Abortion procedure: here
  • * Third Trimester Abortion procedure: here

Unwanted Babies Go Into “The System”

  • “The government care system is full of “unwanted” children.”

So many reasons for this, probably better in a separate post. Let me counter with; Have you ever been inside of a nursing home or assisted care facility? It will break your heart. Rooms and hallways filled with people in various stages of development, the odor of urine sits under the overbearing smell of disinfectant. Moans, and cries echo over the industrial floor and hard metal surfaces. Rooms filled with mementos from forgotten lives and families who never visit. Your argument about being “unwanted” is met in 99% of the nursing homes in America. Like Foster Care, the mostly caring staff try to make it pleasant, but even those who don’t remember can’t forget they are pushed to the side by their family.

Despite the loneliness, most of those people will still choose to live over the alternative.

Your argument about “being wanted” as a criteria for being allowed to live…. Completely hypocritical. Unless you want to kill off everyone wasting away in a nursing home, aka “foster care for adults.”

Now, before you compose a response memo worthy of a pissed off CNN reporter, ask yourself this- and be honest.

Am I being reactive because something I feel strongly is being challenged? Is she right on any of this?”

If you are honest, your response should be interesting to debate. If not, it may sit in the comments section… lonely and ignored. Not unlike a nursing home resident.

Estimated COVID Death, Versus Abortion Death

If we did nothing to slow the spread of COVID-19 epidemiological projections are that,

… the virus ran unchecked, it would quickly expand to infect somewhat over half the population before herd immunity would slow its course. Assuming a death rate of about 1 percent of those infected, about 1.7 million Americans would die within a year.

~ Eduardo Porter and

Contrast the guesstimated “about 1.7 million” lives with the numbers for abortion from the Guttmacher Institute,

  • * 2001 1,291,000
  • * 2017 862,320
  • * NRL complied data from the CDC and Guttmacher Institute to tally the total number of USA abortions since 1972, (Roe V Wade, when Old White Guys were lauded for making decisions about women’s bodies)


Obviously international totals are higher for both COVID-19 and abortion, however the numbers don’t lie. Abortion is more deadly than COVID-19.

  • “Well duh! isn’t that the point of abortion to end pregnancy?”

Ahh good. We’ve reached common ground where we agree that abortion is killing a human.

Forcing Pregnancy Increases the Risk of Poverty

The world is “social distancing” to protect the groups most at risk of dying from Covid-19. We are shuttering businesses, and wreaking havoc on the world economy, based on the possibility of death from a virus.  You want to debate poverty risk? Economists estimate,

the “optimal” policy — assessing economic losses alongside lives — requires restrictions that slow the economy substantially. Under their approach, the decline in consumption in 2020 more than doubles, to $1.8 trillion, but the deaths drop by half a million people. That would amount to $2 million in lost economic activity per life saved.”

In the ideal balance of surviving COVID-19 and our economy, it will cost $2,000,000 per person saved. Small businesses, mortgages, car notes, retirement savings, food, clothes, and yes, caring for our children will be compromised. The argument that unwanted babies are an economic disaster pale in comparison to what we are risking by protecting those susceptible to “maybe dying” from COVID-19.

I Challenge You…

Take these Pro-Choice arguments and say them to your “at risk” friends and family.

  • * disregard social distancing, “My body, My choice!”…Nobody has a right to tell me what to do with it!
  • * “if they can’t breathe on their own, they aren’t alive!”
  • * the nursing homes ravaged by COVID-19 are filled with unwanted people. Saving lives just adds to the problem…
  • * forcing the people into poverty, just to save a life, is wrong

The very arguments used to abate the death count from this virus should be applied to saving the unborn. If you can’t agree to argue on their behalf, at least agree to apply the same standard of value.

Featured Image: Flikr Image Credit: Helen Harrop License Under: CC By-SA 2.0

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"CC" to her friends. Recent escapee from Northern VA to the Great State of Texas. I'm a Pro-LIfe, Pro-Gun, Libertarian type... There is very little that fresh lime juice and good tequila can't fix.

  • GWB says:

    After all, isn’t it about “saving lives”?
    “If it saves even one child!”

    people in various stages of development
    I think you mean deterioration? The opposite end of “development”.

    it may sit in the comments section… lonely and ignored. Not unlike a nursing home resident
    Ouch. And just right.

    COVID-19 epidemiological projections
    Are mostly BS. They’re based on worst-case scenarios that partially apply in NYC*, but not in Poughkeepsie or Albuquerque. Or, especially Fayetteville.
    (* We’ve seen they don’t even apply, except as a bounding effort, in NYC. Because bureaucrats never give “best-case” scenarios, because someone getting that wrong even once will go down in history as an awful, terrible person.)

    end pregnancy
    we agree that abortion is killing a human
    So, you’re going to skip the massive argument where they try to tell you again and again that it isn’t a human? The part where you go ’round and ’round and ’round the mulberry bush, showing them it is a human (some points of which you’ve already hit) and they keep insisting against all evidence that it somehow doesn’t qualify? And during which, somehow, they’ll manage to accuse you of being “anti-science”?

    The argument that unwanted babies are an economic disaster pale in comparison to what we are risking by protecting those susceptible to “maybe dying” from COVID-19.
    Especially when you observe that there are practically armies worth of parents who would take those unwanted children and raise them as their own. (And many more who are held back by only one thing: fear of gov’t red tape.)

    Excellent post, Narcissi.

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