ICE Immigration Raids And Sanctuary City Politicians

ICE Immigration Raids And Sanctuary City Politicians

ICE Immigration Raids And Sanctuary City Politicians

ICE will be conducting immigration raids in at least 10 cities tomorrow, and sanctuary city politicians are choosing illegal aliens over American citizens. That’s right. Politicians who should know better are taking the side of those here illegally instead of looking out for and placing American citizens first.

Here’s the thing, all of those who ICE will be going after were told in February that they needed to leave. Every single person on the list that ICE will be looking for had their case adjudicated in court, and were informed that their status didn’t meet the criteria, and were issued orders of deportation.

However, our political betters want us to ignore that specific detail. Instead all the sanctuary city mayors have informed us all that they won’t be cooperating nor helping ICE with the raids tomorrow.

“”We are all aware of the threat from President Trump regarding raids by ICE, and in response, Chicago has taken concrete steps to support our immigrant communities,” Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said in a statement. “I have directed – and Superintendent Johnson has confirmed – that CPD has terminated ICE’s access to CPD’s databases related to federal immigration enforcement activities.”

Baltimore Mayor Jack Young said in a statement, “I am deeply disturbed by the President’s recent comments around immigration and even more troubled at the reports of increased immigration enforcement. I want to remind Baltimore City residents that they have access to an attorney if they have been detained by ICE. Providing legal representation to those facing deportation maintains trust in law enforcement and our local institutions and keeps us all safe.””

Bill de Blasio opines

This from the guy who thinks giving illegals drivers licenses will magically make NYC safer. Meanwhile, Chicago…


Meanwhile people on social media are offering up helpful tips as to how NOT to comply with ICE.

Very cute isn’t it?

The fact is, these aren’t random raids. ICE will be carrying US Federal Court signed deportation orders specific to those who received notification back in February that they must leave. Furthermore, all those above advocating to prevent an ICE officer from carrying out his/her duties, you too can be arrested for interfering with a law enforcement officer.

Here in Colorado the usual suspects are also advocating for illegal aliens rather than putting Colorado citizens first. 

“Rep. Jason Crow wrote in an email, “The administration’s fear-mongering and disregard for the sanctity of family continues. As we struggle with the humanitarian crisis at the border, mistreatment of migrant children, and problems at the Aurora detention center, we should all see this for what it is: a political ploy that does nothing to fix our broken immigration system.””

About the Aurora detention center and detainees. Three escaped and were just found yesterday. 

“Amilcar Aguilar-Hernandez, 23, from El Salvador, who is currently a suspect in a rape case in Fort Carson, was found in Colorado Springs, where ICE officers took him into custody.”

This is who Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO) wants to protect. Terrific.

All those same politicians are also pointing fingers at Trump for all the problems at the detention centers on our southern border.

Acting ICE Director Mark Morgan makes some great points during an interview with NPR on Friday.

“”My duty is not to look at the political optics, or the will the American people, that’s for the politicians to decide,” Morgan said. “What the American people should want us to do as law enforcement officials is to enforce the rule of law and maintain the integrity of that system.”

ICE sent letters to more than 2,000 of these migrants in February, demanding that they report to immigration authorities, or leave the country. Morgan said many are not turning themselves in.

“So what are our options?” he said. “They’ve had due process, they’ve had access to attorneys, they’ve had access to interpreters. Majority of them don’t even show up. And then when they didn’t show up, they received ordered removal in absentia,” Morgan said. “We have no choice.””

ICE would really rather NOT conduct these raids. But those refusing to comply have given them no choice. All the pro-illegal politicians refuse to acknowledge that truth thus choosing lawlessness over the rule of law.

UPDATE: This from President Trump

Unfortunately, given everything the Democrats in Congress have refused to do, this move only punted the ball for a couple of weeks. Furthermore, the Democrats are going to attempt a victory dance on this one and say they won, Trump lost on this.

Feature Photo Credit: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement / Wikimedia Commons, cropped and modified 

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  • GWB says:

    Chicago has taken concrete steps to support our immigrant communities,
    In legalese, that’s called “aiding and abetting“. I hope any constructive actions you take land you in fed prison.

    Providing legal representation to those facing deportation maintains trust in law enforcement and our local institutions and keeps us all safe.
    Uh, no, it does NOT. Note that these are not people facing deportation hearings, and therefore requiring a lawyer. They’re facing deportation because they already had the help of a lawyer and they were found to be here illegally, anyway. This is like providing a lawyer to a guy as he walks through the prison doors. *smdh*

    a sick plot to tear families apart
    Well, no, if the whole family is illegal, the whole damn family should go. If some of them are citizens and want to go with the deportee, fine, no one will stand in their way.

    force immigrants into the shadows
    No. We want to force the illegal aliens to go the hell HOME.

    We KNOW our city is stronger, safer and more prosperous than ever BECAUSE of our immigrant communities.
    I think the FBI might disagree with that. As might the folks injured in the first WTC bombing.

    including all CPD law enforcement data & records
    I think there’s some federal money tied to use of those databases. I’m gonna guess Trump will make sure that money dries up. Oh, and it could be construed as active interference with a federal law enforcement activity. What’s the word I’m looking for here? Help me out. I know it’s been in all the funny papers the last couple of years….

    Know that independent of citizenship status, you have constitutional rights
    Know that a legal resident should have those rights (up to a point), but an illegal alien certainly should not.

    disregard for the sanctity of family
    You know, this is actually funny, given that these folks are the ones who have done all they can to destroy families in America: abortion, welfare, no fault divorce, sexual ‘liberation’, homosexual ‘marriages’ and adoption….
    Sorry, bro, but you don’t get to pull that card.

    the humanitarian crisis at the border
    No, it’s a crisis of sovereignty, d**kwad. They’re INVADING our country.

    mistreatment of migrant children
    If you mean that inflicted by their parents and the coyotes and cartels, then I agree. Otherwise, THERE IS NO MISTREATMENT OF ‘MIGRANT’ CHILDREN.

    we should all see this for what it is: a political ploy
    You’re right. FOR THE DEMOCRATS this is nothing but a political ploy.

    Morgan said many are not turning themselves in.
    That should be the biggest “No sh*t, Sherlock!” statement ever. But lots of people really don’t grasp this. And this is why I say “We’ve let old Ben down.”

    All the pro-illegal politicians
    Are the friggin’ reason ICE has to conduct these raids. If it weren’t for their rhetoric and their willful blunting of the laws, these folks wouldn’t be here in this number. (Though it would still be a problem that our gov’t has to face and deal with.)

    At the request of Democrats
    Yep, punt. Bad look for Trump, worse results for America. (Primarily because it will give these folks two more weeks to go into hiding, with the aid and succor of seditionists.)

    • Scott says:


      If i had seen your post first, I would’t have said a word, because there is no way I could improve on your comments, you hit it on the head!

  • Scott says:

    ok, first, F@#K the idiots helping these illegals.. double that with the politicians.. as a fellow Colorado resident this saddens, but does not surprise me. Kudos to Mark Morgan, his statement is spot on, though he fails to recognize that demonrats give not one shit about the rule of law, only the advancement of their agenda.

    And as for the President, I am disappointed that he would blink in the face of this stupidity.. these criminals have had their day in court (which as illegal invaders they never should have gotten), and its well past time for them to get the hell out of our country!!!

    The ones that have committed crimes,like the one you mention above that is a rapist, they should be summarily executed, and their corpses returned to their country of origin!

    • Scott says:

      OOh, I forgot that to mention that any and all federal aid to these criminal cities that aid and abet these criminal aliens should immediately be cut off!

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