Ice and Fire: What We Can Glean from Game of Thrones Thus Far

Ice and Fire: What We Can Glean from Game of Thrones Thus Far

Ice and Fire: What We Can Glean from Game of Thrones Thus Far

Last week’s Game of Thrones episode had everyone abuzz in dismay and shock. (Hint: if you are still playing catch-up, spoilers lie ahead).

For seasons upon seasons, faithful viewers fell in love with Emilia Clarke’s character, Daenerys Targaryen, the fair-haired, First of her name, Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains, Rightful Heir to the Iron Throne. We’ve seen her sold into slavery by her very own brother who met a just demise. We’ve seen her fall in love with and bring out a “gentler side” of a brutal Dothraki king. She emerged from a fiery pit with dragons in tow with a quest to liberate slaves and be an advocate for all that is good. People loved her character so much that quite literally named their babies after her.

Heck, even Democrats like Liz Warren were likening themselves to Dany Targaryen:

In the season-eight premiere, our Khaleesi finally arrives at Winterfell with Jon Snow and her army of the Unsullied to “save the North,” not conquer it. She states her mission clearly in season seven: “I’m not here to murder. All I want to destroy is the wheel that has rolled over everyone both rich and poor, to the benefit of no one but the Cersei Lannisters of the world.” And as much as Dany wants to take on her family’s enemies and take back the Iron Throne, she knows that she must first fight the army of the dead that threatens all mankind. This is a revolutionary idea, in Westeros or anywhere else. A queen who declares that she doesn’t serve the interests of the rich and powerful? A ruler who doesn’t want to control the political system but to break the system as it is known? It’s no wonder that the people she meets in Westeros are skeptical. Skeptical, because they’ve seen another kind of woman on the Iron Throne: the villain we love to hate, Queen Cersei of Casterly Rock.”-Elizabeth Warren, The Cut

Warren ended on this note:

Winter is here, the Wall is crushed, and only five episodes remain. With all these powerful women preparing for battle, will the mighty bank silence the army of the people? Will the army of the dead heading straight for Winterfell make all of this talk about breaking wheels irrelevant? We’ve got five episodes to find out if the people can truly break their chains, destroy the wheel, and rise up together to win.”

Ooopsie. Despite Warren’s endorsement of the Khaleesi, people were utterly shocked and trying to spin this:

Ummm…okay. Let’s discuss, shall we?

While Daenerys Targaryen’s intentions at the beginning may have been pure, her tale is one for the ages. It’s a tale of an individual who comes from somewhat humble beginnings and wants to take the pain away from those who are suffering. The only problem is, with unwavering affection and admiration, ego steps in and the flawed person somehow believes that they are the “chosen” and their means of “breaking chains” must be won at all costs-even the lives of the innocent. Their means of obtaining their title and prestige also must be won at all costs-including the price of killing innocents.

After all, WHY WASN’T SHE 50 POINTS AHEAD? She killed Cersei, wasn’t that her goal? And, just like that, seeing defeat, seeing that she was not getting all to bend the knee to her, like a petulant child, Daenerys Targaryen stews and angrily storms off on her dragon to destroy everything and everyone in her path. In the name of “breaking chains”. In the name of “ruling”, she begets chaos in an epic, Medieval-style temper tantrum only fit for a queen.

It will be curious to view tonight’s outcome. Sansa Stark is the one to watch. Sansa has come a long way since being the “little dove” who was madly in love with the evil and sadistic Joffrey Baratheon. She set a pack of hungry wolves to feast on equally as abusive husband, Ramsay Bolton-hell hath no fury. Sansa outsmarted Petyr Baelish (Little Finger) and his schemes to divide her family. She remains stoic, even-keeled and somewhat quiet-leaving emotions out of her ability to make decisions for the people who rely on her. It will also be curious to hear political commentary from both sides of the aisle after tonight.

I’ll start. Last week’s GOT episode is a cautionary tale. This tale may be one liberal Democrats choose to ignore. Daenerys’ sense of entitlement to rule brings about mass destruction to many nations. When she does “rule” a smaller group of individuals, she is lackluster. How many Democratic candidates are either State governors or mayors of cities who cannot control what is going on in their own backyards let alone THINK that they could do a good job as President? They want to move on to bigger things. I will nod to Jay Inslee and Bill de Blasio right now. And how many times have we heard calls for violence to promote tolerance, acceptance and peace? How many times have those of us in opposition to the popular opinion been ghosted, “unfriended” and written off as intolerant bigots?

Everyone who isn’t us is an enemy.-Cersei Lannister

We drink and we know things. Sounds vaguely familiar.

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