“Humiliated” Dems Want Retribution Vs. Saudi Arabia

“Humiliated” Dems Want Retribution Vs. Saudi Arabia

“Humiliated” Dems Want Retribution Vs. Saudi Arabia

What on Earth did they think was going to happen? Democrats say that Joe Biden has been humiliated by Saudi Arabia and that Biden needs to get retribution against the Kingdom. For decades, the Democrats have been lying to everyone and giving each other participation trophies. They have not faced the logical consequences of their actions and are shocked, shocked that other countries act in their own enlightened self-interest. My prediction: If an adult doesn’t step in, the Democrats will make the situation even worse and you and I will be left to pay the tab. Why is Saudi Arabia humiliating Biden and the Dems?

During the Ovomit Obama Regime, the Saudis were unhappy about the U.S. negotiating with Iran for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). Trump cancelled the JCPOA and the Saudis were happy. Jamal Khashoggi was butchered, allegedly, at the behest, allegedly, of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman al Saud (MBS) and the Left went batshite crazy, not allegedly. They demanded consequences. Biden called MBS and the Kingdom “pariahs” and claimed there would be “consequences”. That is, until Joe got installed into office and destroyed domestic oil production, then they forgot about Jamal Khashoggi and went gas can in hand to Saudi Arabia.

Because Democrats don’t understand logical consequences and think a photo-op and fist bump cures all, they didn’t expect MBS to hold any grudges. Baha, haha, haha. The Dems never thought that the Saudis and MBS might feel humiliated. Nah. But even worse, yes, the Dems decided to begin negotiating with Iran and revived the JCPOA. Iran and Saudi Arabia have been close to war many times over the decades.

Not only did the Saudis brush back Joe and his oil can begging, the Saudis convinced OPEC+ to cut production by two million barrels of oil per day AND refused Biden’s request to delay the cut by a month to get past the election. Biden didn’t ask a foreign nation to aid his side in elections, did he?

Now, the humiliated Dems are asking for retribution. No one ever said Democrats played the long game. This is from the Washington Examiner:

Further roiling U.S.-Saudi relations is the kingdom’s claim that Biden sought to delay the cut by one month for political reasons. The White House denied that domestic politics were a factor as it privately urged members of the OPEC+ oil producers coalition to reverse course. Citing the war in Ukraine, the United States accused Riyadh of siding with Russian President Vladimir Putin as tighter supply could lead to higher energy prices, a major source of income for the Russian war economy.

But higher energy costs could also add to the inflationary pressures hurting Biden and Democrats politically. Analysts warned earlier this year that the president would need to secure months of strong economic news to persuade voters that he had control of the issue.

While Saudi Arabia has sharply rejected U.S. criticism of the cuts, during an appearance on state television this week, one analyst conceded the “sensitive” timing of the move. A one-month delay would pitch the next oil producer meeting within days of the November elections, too late to have much of an effect on prices and voters.

So, the humiliated morons want retribution:

Who is more myopic? Senator Richard Blumenthal, Admiral John Kirby, Ro Khanna, or Joe Biden? Joe humiliated himself. He declared war on U.S. oil production. He called MBS a pariah. He went begging to Saudi Arabia. The Saudis acted in their own best interest. Cut off weapons sales to the Saudis? Oy. They will get weapons elsewhere. Our munitions producers will get hurt. These people are stupid and myopic. Here is more from the Examiner:

For now, Democrats have urged Biden to scrap decades of policy, with Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) asserting that Saudi Arabia had “never” been a reliable U.S. partner. Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Menendez (D-NJ) urged Biden to “immediately freeze all aspects” of U.S.-Saudi relations, including halting new arms sales.

Joe is trying to play cagey with the consequences for the Saudis:

The Democrats are going to be more than humiliated. We are all going to pay. Stop the madness now. Drill, pump and refine here. Our frenemies will actually have more respect for us. And, I ask again, what did they think was going to happen?

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  • George V says:

    I read some commentary by a “military expert” that the Saudis can’t run their military without us because of parts and expertise (contractors) that the US supplies. The expert says without the US their F-15s won’t fly and their M1 tanks won’t shoot. I expect what happens is this:

    Xi: Hey, MBS! Bro, you’re up a stump I hear, can’t fly your jets, can’t run your tanks. What gives?
    MBS: Yo, Xi, I’ve been cut off. Can’t get parts, can’t get labor, no good help around when you need it.
    Xi: No worries, let me do you a solid. I’ve got jets, tanks, and whatever you need. They’re plenty good for who you’ll be facing up against and here’s the sweetener, baby. I’ll take those F-15s and M1s in trade! How’boutthat?
    MBS: Deal, my friend. Line up the shipping.
    Xi, to his design engineers: Get ready to go to work, boys, I got some sweet stuff comin’ for you to look at!

  • John C. says:

    A LOT of people have noted that the Democrats have been playing a long game for decades, and they have been quite successful at it. At the moment, though, they are very near what they think will be the final cementing of their permanent political dominance, and are getting desperate as events and polls are suggesting they might lose, just at the goal line.

  • GWB says:

    that Biden needs to get retribution against the Kingdom
    Yes. They are petulant little children, stomping their feet and needing to “get back” at the person who shamed them. These are the folks American voters put in charge. This is the end result of Progressivism – a petulant proletariat and an arrogant technocratic class.

    During the Ovomit Obama Regime
    I just write it ‘0bama’, with a zero instead of an ‘o’. It’s faster that way.

    Biden didn’t ask a foreign nation to aid his side in elections, did he?
    Why, yes. Yes, he did. /waits patiently for the cries from the Speaker’s throne to impeach the pResident/

    Saudi Arabia had “never” been a reliable U.S. partner
    Nice to hear someone else has finally figured that out…. /eyeroll/

    Nice post, Toni, with just the right amount of anger, scorn, and florid language.

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