HuffPo and SJWs Attack A Poor Little Reindeer Named Rudolph

HuffPo and SJWs Attack A Poor Little Reindeer Named Rudolph

HuffPo and SJWs Attack A Poor Little Reindeer Named Rudolph

You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen…but do you recall,,the most marginalized reindeer of all?

Hint: Liberals are not mad because he has the red nose of death. They took to Twitter, though, when the original 1964 stop-motion show aired on CBS this past week:

Are your pupils rolled far enough up yet? Okay, good. More facepalms and eye rolls abound. We love to spread the holiday cheer:

Oh my. Seems a cute little stop-motion Christmas story has some folks triggered. Doesn’t take much these days.

The Huffington Post called the Christmas classic “seriously problematic“. Seriously:

As time goes on, many viewers find the tale isn’t a charming story of a little reindeer so much as Santa Claus being an exploitative bully, as well as some less-than-jolly work conditions at the North Pole. –Ed Mazza, HuffPo

I literally cannot believe these writers get paid to sit in a flat in Brooklyn and think this dreck up. First, Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Now Rudolph. And, when you’re looking for parenting advice during the Holiday season, look no further:

I’d tell your son to keep saying “happy holidays” around this woman ― and anyone else he encounters. If he receives any grief, he can respond by saying, “My goal is to cover everyone’s beliefs, including people who don’t celebrate Christmas, because they should get to enjoy the holiday season, too. I mean, Christmas is a part of those happy holidays I mentioned.”

Unless this woman is completely bat-poop crazy, it should end there. But if she insists on auditioning for the lead role in “The Christian Who Saved Christmas,” it may be better for everyone if your son doesn’t go to her house anymore. The boys can and should remain friends, but host them at your place instead.

One last thing, because I feel a need to put this into perspective for a moment: Mothers and their babies are getting tear-gassed at our nation’s border, yet this woman is experiencing a blood pressure spike over a pleasant seasonal greeting by a polite 11-year-old? Really?! We have much bigger fish ― err, mozzarella sticks ― to fry these days. Happy holidays!-Doyin Richards, HuffPo

Santa is a big, fat jerk and a bigoted, d*ck, apparently. Rudolph’s father was “abusive”. Comet was a terrible coach. Yukon Cornelius is a gun-toting redneck who engages in animal cruelty. GASP! And who isn’t triggered by Burl Ives’ character, Sam the Snowman?! He’s ALL WHITE for crying out loud! If you sing along to any Burl Ives’ Christmas Carols, you might be a white supremacist. Delete all Burl Ives Christmas tunes from your Apple playlist STAT! Never mind, I forgot. These folks would never know how to have a Holly, Jolly Christmas if someone threw it at them and gave it to them gratis and called it a college education.

As a kid in the 70s and 80s, I would look for its listing in the TV Guide. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was one of my most beloved, go-to Christmas classics and still is. But now, in the days of woke, the story behind Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is “seriously problematic” and those who don’t see it this way have “serious problems”. Those people are, according to the hyper-vigilant SJWs, Conservatives. Whilst making tongue-in-cheek social justice commentary about Rudolph, they have neglected the key takeaways of this story from years ago. Although he was bullied, left out of all of the reindeer games, unaccepted, different-quirky even-young Rudolph was able to overcome and do something absolutely great. He saved the day! He made kids smile. And his story is magical. He didn’t stomp his hooves and whine and go to a “safe space” and resign himself to life being too hard as a red-nosed reindeer and call it quits. He didn’t blame others and become a victim. He didn’t expect special treatment or demand it from his peers because he was different. He may have shed some tears and that’s okay. When given a challenge, he rose to the occasion and excelled and proved his biggest critics and his bullies wrong. He persisted. (AHEM, cough, cough.)

Rudolph is a story of the little reindeer with pep in his step that could and despite the challenges that faced him, and his critics, he went down in history. Simple. Classic. But liberals will want to continue to rewrite the narrative:

Because when we go low, they go high, right? Love conquers hate. Acceptance. Be inclusive. Seriously guys, instead of being so “woke” and ruining everything for everybody, put on your flannel jammies and go down to your mom’s basements and take a long winter’s nap. We prefer y’all wake up say around January 2, 2019? We can enjoy the holidays and maybe, just maybe your disposition and outlook on life will improve. In the meantime, cast your bright RED nose as a beacon for all and fly on, Rudolph!

Photo Credit: Screenshot by Rankin Bass, Wikimedia Commons//Fair Use

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  • Robin H says:

    I was raised Jewish and I used to anxiously wait for all of the Christmas shows to be aired. I loved them! They were cute and the songs were cute and oh, did I mention they were cute? What an absolute sourpuss you must be to find fault with them. They must be a blast at parties.

  • SFC D says:

    Burl Ives was a communist! Collusion!

  • GWB says:

    Rudolph’s father was “abusive”.
    Ummmm, actually he was. He was a d*co to his son because he wasn’t an athlete, and was embarrassing. But it’s story-level, not real beating-with-a-strap sort of stuff. And, you know, it’s a frigging STORY. Dad is part of the conflict that gets resolved with the story.

    I agree with Kim Huck to some extent, too. Everybody in the story is kinda a jacka**, except for Rudolph.

    But, again, it’s a story. And, ironically for these folks it was a morality play with a pretty trite and progressive moral: different people are special.

    But, I didn’t waste any breath telling other people it was awful or complaining about it. I just zoned out and watched the silliness (based on a silly song).
    It’s Christmas Advent, fer cryin’ out loud.

  • Gridlock says:

    I was trying to figure out d*co. Wasn’t getting very far…

  • Sam L. says:

    “#Rudolph should have gone full speed and then cut the reins behind him and let that fat bastard Santa and those hateful reindeer learn what struggle is like.”
    The SJWs are ENCOURAGING carrying KNIVES???? The HORROR!! The horror…

  • A. C. says:

    HuffPo & SJW are cultural marxists. This means they implement a scorched earth policy regarding culture. ALL culture, EVERY BIT of it that they do not create needs to be eradicated. The Maoist Cultural Revolution was an example. It’s what we are seeing in everything from suing Christians and their businesses to this.

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