House Votes For Impeachment Inquiry Rules

House Votes For Impeachment Inquiry Rules

House Votes For Impeachment Inquiry Rules

At approximately 11:44 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time, the House of Representatives voted to approve the rules for the impeachment inquiry for President Donald Trump. The vote was along overwhelmingly partisan lines with only a couple of crossovers. The final vote was 232-196. It is a dark day for our Republic.

After watching last night’s House Rules Committee meeting, which I wrote about, it was obvious that this was a fait accompli with less than zero intent to be fair to the President or the people.

The perma-grin on Nancy Pelosi’s face was disturbing and inappropriate. The Democrats railed on how they were duty bound to impeach the President. The Republicans noted that how close we are to the 2020 Presidential Election. Everyone played his or her standard part. However, Congresswoman Katie Porter did dress up as Batgirl.

As I said in my post this morning, these are all unserious people. It may be Halloween, but, Miss Porter, you are a Congresswoman, and you are participating in a vote on the rules to impeach the President. I have a few words for you: underwire and a proper foundation.

The Chicago Tribune was quite polite in how it described the day’s debate:

During the debate, Democrats spoke of lawmakers’ duty to defend the Constitution, while Republicans cast the process as a skewed attempt to railroad a president whom Democrats have detested since before he took office.

“What is at stake in all this is nothing less than our democracy,” said Pelosi, D-Calif. Underscoring her point, she addressed the House with a poster of the American flag beside her and began her remarks by reading the opening lines of the preamble to the Constitution.

She also said the procedures would let lawmakers decide whether to impeach Trump “based on the truth. I don’t know why the Republicans are afraid of the truth.”

Afraid of the truth, Mrs. Pelosi? You wouldn’t know the truth if someone opened your cranium and poured it in. This has never been about the truth. From Election 2016, this has been a Democrat temper tantrum who is angry at the electorate. This has always been about you and me, dear readers.

Speaking of the Speaker of the House, traditionally, Mrs. Pelosi wouldn’t have voted in this impeachment rules mess, unless to break a tie. San Fran Nan voted because we all know how she feels about President Trump. Plus, she is not a Speaker for all the people. She is a partisan hag.

If you have the stomach for it, here is Nancy’s “afraid of the truth” speech:

Hey, Nancy, you can’t handle the truth.

While the Speaker claims no decision on impeachment has been made, her interview with The Atlantic yesterday shows different:

But Pelosi nevertheless left little doubt that’s where the process is headed. She said flatly that she believes the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation has already accumulated enough evidence about Trump’s pressure campaign on Ukraine to justify such a decision. “I do think we have enough,” she said. “We’ve had enough for a very long time … but as long as there is corroboration, we might as well get some more. And then we’ll see.” She was equally unequivocal that the core charges against Trump—that he withheld congressionally appropriated military aid to try to force Ukraine to investigate a political opponent—reach the standard of “high crimes and misdemeanors” required for impeachment.

Clearly, Nancy has not read the transcript. Or, maybe she has and her reading comprehension is just that bad.

Prepare for impeachment. Pray for Our Country.

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  • Paladin says:

    The whole nauseating business is beneath contempt. The rule of law has abandoned the republic. To the cheers of the lickspittle media and their Democrat masters.

  • GWB says:

    Clearly, Nancy has not read the transcript. Or, maybe she has and her reading comprehension is just that bad.
    No, she’s read it, and comprehends it just fine. She is just going to press forward and see if she can’t knock Trump off his perch (this isn’t really about impeaching him so much as it is about making it difficult for him to win re-election, and tying his hands until then) and finally grasp the brass ring of becoming the actual Ruling Class in America.

    Their total disregard of American conventions – like confronting your accuser, bipartisan on “crimes”, a bias against “fishing expeditions” – is not going to have the effect on the American electorate they think it will. Some day we’re going to stop giving them a reason to think they can get away with it.

    Oh, but don’t blame the Democrats. Blame the electorate for not protecting their rights and exercising their duties as they ought.

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