Hobson’s Choice for Americans Trapped in Afghanistan

Hobson’s Choice for Americans Trapped in Afghanistan

Hobson’s Choice for Americans Trapped in Afghanistan

While the dementia patient in the Oval Office is being coached on what next he’ll be allowed to say in public, the cabal running the country is busy trying to make the American hostages in Afghanistan responsible for their fate at the hands of the murderous Taliban.

Let’s all remember that a Hobson’s choice is really not a choice at all. Only one thing is offered and after that? Go pound sand.

Understand that Pedo Joe’s admin has refused any transparency on Americans and greencard holders left behind in Afghanistan. Not just the Americans trapped and refused entry to the Kabul airport, but the State Department going out of its way to sabotage private evacuation efforts.

Now we have the State Department inviting American citizens to leave if they want to. Just forget you have ever had any parents, spouse or children. Wipe it clear out of your mind. They belong to the Taliban now and if you don’t accept the Hobson’s choice to abandon your family, then having your head separated from you body is none of Biden’s responsibility. None.

As Pulitzer-winning cartoonist Michael Ramirez observes:

Michael Ramirez on Biden
Reduced image for editorial purposes only.

The prospect of Americans left to Taliban whim is horrible enough to even stir the last wisps of conscience of America’s Pravda Media.

Behold Ned Price, a pencil-necked quisling of the State Department acting shocked SHOCKED that the Taliban is being unreasonable.

Biden sold his abandonment of our allies in Afghanistan on the claim that the US would retain leverage over the Taliban, an absurd claim on its face. It hasn’t taken long for the Taliban to demonstrate its absurdity, too, along with other administration belches about the Taliban’s lack of inclusiveness in its leadership, its standing in the international community, and so on.

Most absurd of all, however, has been the Biden administration’s spin on the abandoned Americans and legal permanent residents, numbering in the thousands. They have suggested — and still do — that many of them preferred to stay after the Taliban takeover. Price and others within the administration have also insisted that they could work with the Taliban even apart from the myriad of “levers” that Price keeps attempting to conjure.

Don’t believe your lyin’ eyes, people! Just watch in awe as Price keeps polishing that turd and telling you it’s golden.

But … but … but … no mean tweets!

featured image, original composite for Victory Girls by Darleen Click

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