Hillary Rips Ted Cruz and Ben Carson Over Gay Rights (Videos)

Hillary Rips Ted Cruz and Ben Carson Over Gay Rights (Videos)

Hillary Rips Ted Cruz and Ben Carson Over Gay Rights (Videos)

On Saturday, Hillary Clinton gave a speech to the Human Rights Campaign, designed to cement her support with the LGBT crowd. In her speech she took shots at Republican presidential candidates Dr. Ben Carson and Sen. Ted Cruz, both of whom have been stalwart opponents of same-sex marriage.

“Ben Carson says that marriage equality is what caused the fall of the Roman empire,” she declared, to the delight of the crowd gathered at the Washington DC breakfast. She continued by taking a jab at Ted Cruz:

“Ted Cruz slammed a political opponent for marching in a pride parade. He clearly has no idea what he’s missing. Pride parades are so much fun. I was marching in them back when I was First Lady. You should join sometime Senator, come on.”

Hmm. I dunno. I’m not sure Hillary’s pantsuits are fashion-forward enough to blend in with this crowd. And I think Senator Cruz has better sartorial taste.


Hillary also proposed that military records of personnel discharged for homosexual activity should be changed from less-than-honorable to honorable. She said:

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is over, but that doesn’t change the fact that more than 14,000 men and women were forced out of the military for being gay, some long before Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell even existed. They were given less than honorable discharges. I can’t think of a better way to thank those men and women for their service than by upgrading their service records.”

I’m inclined to believe that if a person violated the military code of conduct in effect at the time of the discharge by participating in activity that person knew was a violation, there should be no retroactive mulligan. Furthermore, what of those gay service members who also committed other infractions of the code of conduct? Do they get their records expunged, too?

But, Clinton is on the campaign trail, and while Hillary is her name, being shameless is her game.

She wasn’t always so acquiescent to gay rights, including gay marriage.

While the Pandering Pantsuit may have claimed to be thrilled to participate in gay pride parades, back in 2011 she complained when the State Department began using politically correct LGBT terms on passports, as found in a newly-released email:

“Who made the decision that State will no longer use the term ‘mother and father,’ and instead substitute ‘parent one and two’? I’m not defending that decision, which I disagree [with] and knew nothing about, in front of this Congress. . . . We need to address this today or we will be facing a huge Fox-generated media storm led by [Sarah] Palin et al.”

Click to enlarge.

And lest we forget that Hillary spoke out in favor of traditional marriage as a New York Senator in 2004:

Then, in 2007, when running for the presidency, she appeared on the “Ellen” show to state how she supported civil unions, although not gay marriage. She also sounded more like a conservative-libertarian by opining that marriage questions should be left to the states. But she also voiced opposition to the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, even though it was her husband President Bill Clinton who announced the policy in 1993.

What happened? Did Hillary have a change of heart about gay marriage? Did she, as they say, “evolve?” Or is it that her presidential bid is evolving into desperation? Scandals and poor campaigning are taking their toll, Hillary will say anything to win back support, and the media will never call her out on her hypocrisy.

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  • Wfjag says:

    Changing military discharge records from Other Than Honorable to Honorable for persons discharged for homosexuality is another Hil-liar-y falsehood. Under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” as enacted by Congress and signed into by (her co-) President Clinton, there were no grounds for discharge for being or thinking one’s self to be homosexual (Republicans do not enact thought crimes legislation). Rather, doing homosexual acts had to be proven by a preponderance on the evidence in an administrative proceeding. Next, the discharge was Honorable. However, re-enlistment into federal military service or the National Guard was barred, which bar could only be waived by Pentagon level action. The legislation repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell removed this bar to re-enlistment. Accordingly, there is nothing to upgrade for people who received discharges under that law.

    To receive an OTH discharge, a service member must be pending Court Martial for crimes which include a possible maximum punishment of a punitive discharge (an OTH is not a punitive discharge and only military service provided benefits are lost, but, VA and benefits for military services provided by other federal agencies and the states are preserved); the accused is represented by a military lawyer and may hire their own attorney; the accused must admit in a sworn, written statement that s/he is guilty; and, the accused can submit a statement and evidence to the Court Martial Convening Authority to support an Honorable discharge. Further, the former service member may petition and submit evidence to the military service’s Board for Correction of Military Records to upgrade an OTH discharge, and if the Board denies the petition, file suit in the US Court of Federal Claims to review the denial.

    But, I guess all these facts and due process protections are too much to comprehend for someone fired as a staff attorney by the Watergate Committee for ethical violations, or for alleged reporters to ask her about, or investigate, or report.

    • Kim Quade says:

      Thanks for reading and for your knowledgeable comment.

      The WaPo article which I linked called them “dishonorable” discharges, and I knew there was a difference between dishonorable and OTH, so I referred to Hillary’s comment. I had no idea how distorted her remarks were until I read your comments. Thanks again for the information.

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