Hillary Promises She Turned Over All The Emails – In Writing

Hillary Promises She Turned Over All The Emails – In Writing

Under penalty of perjury, Hillary Clinton has now told a federal judge that yes, she pinky-promises that she has turned over ALL of her work emails to the State Department now, according to a spokesman.

"Seriously!  You have them all now!"
“Seriously! You have them all now!”

This follows U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan ordering Clinton as well as two former top department aides to state under penalty of perjury they have produced all government records in their possession.

While the State Department initially said Friday Clinton had not issued her certification, department spokesman Alec Gerlach said when her attorneys sent the document it initially went to officials on leave.

Note that Hillary is promising that she turned over everything that is in her possession. Of course, anything that was deleted isn’t in her possession anymore, is it?

And speaking of deletions, Cheryl Mills, Hillary’s former chief of staff, after initially having her lawyers say that she was going to be deleting her emails, has now modified that slightly after getting slapped down by U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan, after Judicial Watch, who has been doggedly pursuing a FOIA lawsuit regarding Hillary’s other top aide, Huma Abedin, also known as Mrs. Anthony Weiner.

After Judicial Watch informed the court of this development (Mills’ potential deletion of emails), Sullivan issued a ruling directing the government “to request that Mrs. Hillary Clinton, Ms. Huma Abedin, and Ms. Cheryl Mills i) not delete any federal documents, electronic or otherwise, in their possession or control, and ii) provide appropriate assurances to the Government that the above-named individuals will not delete any such documents.” The court also asked for a status report by this coming Wednesday as well as assurances from all three that they will not delete any federal documents they have.

“We are abiding by the Court’s order,” Wilkinson, Mills’ attorney, told CNN on Sunday.

But neither Cheryl Mills or Huma Abedin have signed their official forms, as Hillary has, that they have also turned over all of their emails. After all, you have to get your story straight BEFORE you swear that you aren’t committing perjury.

Perjury, and a Clinton…. this has a familiar ring to it.

This is not to say, of course, that Hillary has committed or will commit perjury. But it sure is interesting how the Clintons and their inner circles are always having to promise to not lie to a court of law. You’d think it would be easiest to just tell the truth in the first place. Or just use the State Department-issued email address. After all, if history is going to be your judge, what can you possibly have to hide?

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  • Appalled By The World says:

    This creep and her associates all need to be in jail, pure and simple. Instead, this creep will follow in the footsteps of the equally creepy Ohblahblah as president thanks to the absolutely worst voters on this whole planet.

    • Jodi says:

      Yep. And if our candidate is a putz, she’s a shoe in.

      • Appalled By The World says:

        Barring a miracle phase 2 of the Clinton dynasty will commence in 2 years. The media demands it and must replace the original media created fraud with another one-and the sheeple shall comply as always. By then exile may be our only option-THAT much stupidity would be impossible to overcome short of violence on the scale of civil war.

  • MiaT says:

    Mentioning Hillary Clinton in the same breath as Carly Fiorina trivializes feminism. Clinton is an untalented, unaccomplished dullard who rode to notoriety on the backs of her misogynist husband and the women they abused.

    If her name was Hillary Schmo–indeed, if her name was David Petraeus – the FBI would have long ago raided her house and Kendall’s office, confiscated the server and thumb drive and indicted both of them.

    This self-serving, felonious, treacherous woman, Hillary Clinton, belongs in jail, at a minimum.

    Her claim that she did not transmit or receive classified information on HER SOLE EMAIL ACCOUNT DURING HER TENURE AS SoS is absurd on its face.

    By recklessly setting up this easily hackable system to handle State Dept business, she knowingly compromised the national security by definition.

    By commingling State Dept business with her yoga moves and assorted other Clinton kickbacks, she increased her compromise of national security by orders of magnitude.

    By deleting 30K+ of the emails – likely the most damaging ones – she denied our govt the ability to know exactly what US interests she compromised.

    HEY OBAMA JUSTICE DEPT! HELLOOOO! Mrs Clinton already admitted to felonies:

    Erasing her 30k+ emails and scrubbing her server ARE FELONIES. They are anticipatory obstruction of justice, at a minimum.

    Her technological ignorance does not exculpate her. Her technological ignorance and her criminal arrogance are connected only insofar as they advance her interests. There is only one credible rationale for the private server and the private email account: anticipatory obstruction of justice.

    And let’s not forget the Russia uranium deal….

    Imprisonment at a minimum – not anointment – for this criminal and traitor, please.

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