Hillary Clinton Says #Weinstein Scandal Shows That Sexual Harassment Is “Endemic In Society”-And She Would Know [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton Says #Weinstein Scandal Shows That Sexual Harassment Is “Endemic In Society”-And She Would Know [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton Says #Weinstein Scandal Shows That Sexual Harassment Is “Endemic In Society”-And She Would Know [VIDEO]

You just cannot make this stuff up, dear reader. Truly if I tried to come up with the headlines of the past week I could not have thought up more insanity. Now we have Hillary Clinton, yes THAT Hillary Clinton, weighing in on the Harvey Weinstein scandal that has been rocking Hollywood for the past week. According to Mrs. Clinton, the Weinstein situation PROVES that sexual harassment is endemic in American society. Now coming from her-that is rich! I mean like a brownie topped with salted caramel and whipped cream rich! This is a woman who has remained married to the man who may arguably be the first powerful man to publicly normalize the sexual harassment of women. Remember Monica Lewinsky? Remember the bags under Bill’s eyes that even his make up artist could not hide? Yeah, I do, too.

So now we have Hillary weighing in on Harvey’s behavior and clutching her pearls like Dana Carvey in his Church Lady days. Are you kidding, Hillary? You, of all women, have no right to express outrage (fake though it may be) against serial sexual predators. Nope. See you lost credibility in that sphere when you attacked the women over the decades who accused your husband of being a habitual sexual predator. As a matter of fact, I am guessing that was a huge reason that you did not do well in the election last year with women.  But of course, you blamed it on the men in their lives. Because sexism or something.

No, you do not get a pass on this one, Hillary. Not by a mile. You, madam, are part of the problem. Women like you who see evil everywhere else in the world, except when you look in the mirror where it truly lies. Women like you make it possible for men like Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein to continue their behavior. You enable them, you support their activities because you are too weak to stand up for yourselves and other women. Hillary has a lot in common with former female Weinstein employees. How so you ask? Many female executives at Weinstein’s company acted as “honeypots” as described in a blog post on Vox:

“One female executive at the Weinstein Company told Farrow that Weinstein would routinely set up meetings with women “late at night, usually at hotel bars or in hotel rooms. And, in order to make these women feel more comfortable, he would ask a female executive or assistant to start those meetings with him.”

“It almost felt like the executive or assistant was made to be a honeypot to lure these women in, to make them feel safe,” she said.

Hmm, sounds like these female executives were prime enablers. But Hillary, wow, you took it up more than a notch; you, my dear, raised victim-blaming to an art form!

“The Clinton campaign in 1992 reportedly spent $100,000 on private-detective work related to women. The approach, when rumors first surfaced, was to get affidavits from women denying affairs — the reflex of most women is to avoid exposure — and, failing that, to use any discrediting tool at hand.”

Yeah, that sounds like a champion of women. Forgive me if I say I would prefer to support someone like Rose McGowan in this fight. At least she is intellectually honest, and always has been, about what the most infuriating problem with people like Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein is. It is the women who help them abuse other women. It is the women who victim blame and contribute to the psychological, and sometimes financial, destruction of other women. No thanks, Hillary. I don’t need your brand of toxic “sisterhood”. I will be over here with Rose, spitting on the grave of your political aspirations.

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