Hillary Clinton: House Opens Investigations Into Uranium One And Emails [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton: House Opens Investigations Into Uranium One And Emails [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton: House Opens Investigations Into Uranium One And Emails [VIDEO]

Just the other day Hillary Clinton, while on her international “I Blame Everyone Else For What Happened” book tour, pronounced that anything to do with the Uranium One deal that she helped spearhead while Secretary of State is old news. Specifically:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Monday that renewed focus on Russian uranium deals approved during her tenure is nothing more than debunked “baloney” and a sign that Republicans are nervous about the current intelligence probe into Moscow’s efforts to meddle with last year’s election.

Uh huh…sure. Let’s recap shall we?

  • While Secretary of State, hubby Bill Clinton raked in a cool $500,000 for a single speech in Russia AND had a private meeting with Putin even though he didn’t get clearance in time from State to meet with key Russian uranium players.
  • The FBI arrested spies who were involved in the deal and got way too close to Hillary during that time.
  • The FBI had a major 5 year investigation going replete with credible evidence that Pay for Play on ALL levels was happening. From Hillary, to State Department, to DoJ, to Clinton Foundation…
  • Russia was granted, by CFIUS, of which Hillary was a member, 20% of U.S. Uranium interests. And the process was completed in weeks rather than months or years.

“Baloney” huh? Far from it. We wrote about Uranium One here, here, and here. Andrew McCarthy has a definitive breakdown here.

Meanwhile, how about those emails? Remember when Hillary said she turned over all of them, and then explained the whole retroactive classification thingy? 

Remember when she addressed the media last October and announced that all those “whatever” emails are no big deal so go vote early for ME!

Yeah, we do, too. Except as many of us knew, that even though she deleted/wiped with a cloth, 33,000 emails, she had hundreds more that needed to be searched. Make that thousands.

Judicial Watch announced today that the State Department told a federal court that officials still need to process 40,000 out of 72,000 emails that belonged to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. [Emphasis Added]

Well…how about them apples? Oh, wait, sorry CNN. I meant bananas. Or is it banapples?

As much as Hillary wishes that all of this will go away…

It isn’t.

Leading House Republicans announced on Tuesday two new probes, one into how the Obama administration’s Justice Department handled a deal that gave Russia control over 20 percent of the United States’ uranium supply, and the other into how it investigated Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server when she was secretary of state.


House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) said Tuesday that the panel has “been looking into this for a while now” but elected to formally start the inquiry in light of new evidence, reported in the Hill, that the FBI had been investigating Russian efforts to influence the American nuclear industry through various corrupt schemes.

Nunes said the first goal of the investigation, for which the Intelligence Committee is partnering with the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, is determining “was there actually an open FBI investigation or not.”

Oversight Committee member Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) said Tuesday that members have identified a “witness who was a confidential informant who wants to talk about his role in this” but were trying to first get the witness released from a nondisclosure agreement with the Justice Department.

Meanwhile, where is the media? Sure, they’ve reported on the investigations today. But how much news time will these investigations get during this evening’s broadcasts?

Keep in mind that CNN devoted a mere 17 seconds to the Uranium One mess. It was a blink and you’ll miss it kind of deal! Why won’t they cover it in detail?

Exactly. You see, we know, and they do as well, that the entire Russia! Trump! probe is a bunch of horse-pucky. But Democrats will cling bitterly to their deplorable narrative in desperate hope that those of us who live on planet reality will let the REAL facts about Hillary’s emails, the Clinton Russia collusion, and the Obama Administration’s role in both get swept under the rug.

Yeah. No. But thanks for playing!

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  • During Election 2016 I often wondered why that particular election, of all those I’ve witnessed back to (just barely) Ike in 1956, seemed to matter so much to liberal Democrats and their media allies. Why did they feel this was the one they had to win.

    More and more, the reason is becoming obvious. A lot of hideous crimes committed were during Obama’s eight years that Hillary would have covered up.

    • Nina says:

      “More and more, the reason is becoming obvious. A lot of hideous crimes committed were during Obama’s eight years that Hillary would have covered up.”

      ^^With that sir, I believe you have hit the nail on the head!

  • John Ringo says:

    ‘Modern journalism is about covering every big story. With a pillow. Til it stops moving.’

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