Hey Nikki, Desperate And Bitter Is Not A Winning Strategy

Hey Nikki, Desperate And Bitter Is Not A Winning Strategy

Hey Nikki, Desperate And Bitter Is Not A Winning Strategy

If you saw Nikki Haley’s press conference yesterday, you have to ask if she ever watches the playback of her speeches? Actors, dancers, athletes…everyone needs to watch game films or the playback of speeches. Where are the mistakes, play breakdowns, places where focus was lost or just plain bad habits? How can you improve your game? Are you sending the message you want to send? Do you think bitter and desperate was the message that the Haley campaign was trying to send? Most candidates improve with time. Nimrata has gotten worse. Games films. Game films and more game films.

To prove my point, last September, our Carol wrote a post titled “Nikki Haley Isn’t Horrible”. That was then. This was yesterday:

She’s threatening all of us:

“South Carolina will vote on Saturday. But on Sunday I’ll still be running for president,” Haley said. “I’m not going anywhere. I’m campaigning every day until the last person votes.”


“Dropping out would be the easy route. I’ve never taken the easy route. I’ve been the underdog in every race I’ve ever run,” Haley said.

Hey Nikki, we got it. You are a bad a$$ chick. Boo-freaking-yah.

Matt Vespa’s Townhall column “Trump Thinks He Knows Why Nikki Haley Lingers Around Even Though She’s Toast” explains something Nikki is incapable of grasping:

This primary is over. What’s annoying about Haley is that maybe most voters don’t want a Trump-Biden rematch, but they don’t like to see her taking the stage. In the Republican Party, the mood is decidedly Trump. As it was in 2016, some people cannot accept the will of the voters. Given Trump’s legal baggage, I sometimes had my hesitations, but votes have been cast. The base wants Donald again. Nikki has had enough runway and opportunities to depart from this race. She has refused, and Trump told Fox News last night why he thinks this woman hangs around, which is to help Democrats.

No doubt that Nikki Haley does help Democrats and gives succor to Never Trumpers. But that’s not enough. There has got to be something else it gives her. Getting a job at MSNBC? Ewwww. No. Getting a post at some Left-wing think tank? BO-ring. She’s totally fonged her future with the Republican Party. Could it be the ego stroking from being a Presidential candidate? Ye Gods and Little Fishes! Yes, I believe Nikki is that shallow.

Matt’s final paragraph gives us the laugh out loud funny part:

The general election starts now. Another chapter at the end of this sad political saga regarding Nikki would be her insinuation that the Nevada primary was rigged. The contest wasn’t rigged. You picked the wrong contest to participate in and still lost to ‘no one,’ which garnered 63 percent of the vote to your 30 percent, Nikki. Republicans literally drove to the polls to vote for no one over you. And now you’re going to have your final moments in public life end with a blowout loss in your home state.

I cannot stop laughing. “No one” polled higher than Nikki Haley. You’re killing me.

Nikki is hung up on age:

I would rather have a whole raft of 80 year old men, than someone who couldn’t see the big picture. Doug Collins is absolutely right that Nikki is cutting ads for the Democrats to run this fall:

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