Here’s the Only Girl with Down Syndrome that Cosmopolitan Finds Worthy of Life

Here’s the Only Girl with Down Syndrome that Cosmopolitan Finds Worthy of Life

Here’s the Only Girl with Down Syndrome that Cosmopolitan Finds Worthy of Life

It’s remarkable for any 19-year-old girl to obtain a modeling contract, but what is particularly outstanding about Madeline Stuart is that she is the first international model with Down Syndrome.

Madeline Stuart, an Australian, decided to enter modeling after embarking on a healthy lifestyle and losing weight in the process. She has walked during New York Fashion Week for the past two years, and has recently completed a wedding shoot in a bridal campaign by Virginia-based Rixey Manor.

Here are some of the gorgeous photos as tweeted out by different websites.

Not only did Cosmopolitan‘s internet publications proudly present Madeline’s lovely pictures, their digital fashion editor gushed, “Aside from this being a fantastic achievement for Madeline and her family, for other people with Down’s Syndrome and their families, her career is empowering and exciting. We can’t wait to see what she does next.”

Their sincerity is suspicious, to put it mildly.

On the same day that Cosmopolitan became a cheerleader for Madeline, it published an article headlined, “Indiana Passes Anti-Abortion Bill So Egregious That Even Anti-Choice Republicans Are Outraged.”

The author, senior writer Prachi Gupta, condemned the Indiana law:

“If House Bill 1337 is signed into law, abortions sought because a fetus has been diagnosed with a disability (such as Down syndrome) will be banned. Abortions sought over a fetus’s gender, nationality, race, or ancestry will also be banned. Providers who perform such abortions could be sued for wrongful death.

This isn’t the first time Cosmopolitan has championed the cause of aborting disabled babies. In 2013 it told the story of Texas woman Vanessa Riley, who testified before the Texas legislature of her decision to abort because her child would be born with spina bifida. She was quoted,

They (doctors) talked about prenatal surgery, to put the spine back inside her body, and many more surgeries, shunts, catheters when she was born. She would die without medical intervention, the doctor said. We knew what we had to do.

Ours was a three-day abortion. . .

The abortion rate for children diagnosed in utero with Down Syndrome ranges from a mean of 50% to 85%, according to a review of various studies in the United States ranging over several years. That must be okay with Cosmopolitan, which apparently values a young girl with Down Syndrome only when she is gifted with good looks and the ability to be photogenic.

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