#HarveyWeinstein Faces New Lawsuit Over Additional Rape Charges [VIDEOS]

#HarveyWeinstein Faces New Lawsuit Over Additional Rape Charges [VIDEOS]

#HarveyWeinstein Faces New Lawsuit Over Additional Rape Charges [VIDEOS]

Embattled movie mogul Harvey Weinstein was arraigned on criminal sex act charges in a New York courtroom this week and in a plot twist reminiscent of one of his former studio’s movies, the producer is being named in a lawsuit by three additional women who accuse him of rape. Melissa Thompson, 34, is a cancer survivor who met with Weinstein in 2011 to pitch software to his movie production company. Weinstein scheduled the meeting to take place in a hotel room, which as we know was his MO in these types of sex attacks. He excused himself to go to the restroom and according to Thompson returned to the meeting naked from the waist down.

He propositioned Thompson for oral sex and when she refused he held her down on the bed and masturbated next to her. According to the lawsuit, Ms. Thompson decided to come forward after the New Yorker magazine ran the now infamous Ronan Farrow article that detailed Weinstein’s pattern of sexually assaulting leading ladies and young up and coming actresses. Ms. Thompson is joined in her suit by two other women who also claim that Weinstein assaulted them- Caitlin Dulany and Larissa Gomes.

Thompson was held down by Weinstein after she rebuffed his attempts to force her to fellate him and raped her in the Tribeca Grand Hotel room where she was sent to pitch him technology. From an article in the Daily Mail:

“He pulled her dress up, exposing her underwear, despite her attempts to keep herself covered. Weinstein then started to masturbate, demanded that she “come here,” and pushed her head between his legs, in an attempt to force her to fellate him. Thompson viscerally and forcibly refused. She jerked away as hard as she could, visibly upset. Thompson was shaking uncontrollably and breaking out in hives,’ the lawsuit says.

‘In response to Thompson’s jerking away, Weinstein grabbed her, using brute force to push her flat on the bed on her stomach as he pulled her dress up and moved her underwear to the side. Thompson was fighting back, but could not out-muscle him.

‘Weinstein held Thompson down and raped her. Thompson closed her eyes, traumatized, praying for the assault to end. Eventually, Weinstein withdrew and began masturbating next to her as she scrambled to create distance from him. Weinstein ejaculated on the bed, immediately following which his demeanor changed and he acted like nothing had happened.’

Weinstein then asked Thompson to join him in the shower, which she declined, the lawsuit says.”

Catilin Dulany, the second plaintiff in the suit, claims that Weinstein sexually assaulted her and illegally imprisoned her in his hotel room in Cannes while attending the famous film festival in that city in 1996.


Actress Laura Gomes complaint against Weinstein outlines the same types of charges. According to her complaint, the Hollywood mogul screamed at her when she attempted to resist his advances:

“‘You know Gwyneth Paltrow and Ashley Judd were exactly where you are at one point. Look at them now. Ashley Judd had no problem fucking me.”

The suit came one week after Weinstein was charged with criminal sex acts in a New York courtroom and was freed on $1M bail with the expectation that he will wear an electronic monitoring bracelet. The lawyer for the three plaintiffs claims that their class action suit represents the hidden masses of women too terrified to come forward to name the producer as their attacker.

“‘Harvey Weinstein may have been put in handcuffs for his assault on two women, but we are working to see a day of justice for the hundreds of women who were exploited for Weinstein’s sexual gratification and silenced by this ring of conspirators,’ said Elizabeth Fegan, an attorney who worked on Friday’s lawsuit.”

To Ms. Fegan and to the plaintiffs I say fair winds and easy sailing! I sincerely hope that his creep is sent off to the worst prison this country has to offer for his horrific attacks on Asia Argento, Ashley Judd, and all of the other talented women who may have been too afraid of his career ending power to come forward and hold him accountable for his horrific crimes against them. The man is a rutting pig who deserves nothing less than the worst possible sentence that this countries prisons have to offer.

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  • Blackgriffin says:

    He looked shell-shocked. I wonder if his sense of unreality at what’s happening to him has reached the levels experienced by the many women unfortunate enough to find themselves alone with him over the last couple decades?

  • Jen Davis says:

    Let’s hope so!!

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