Broward County Sheriff Denied Paramedics Entry Six Times During Parkland Attack [VIDEO]

Broward County Sheriff Denied Paramedics Entry Six Times During Parkland Attack [VIDEO]

Broward County Sheriff Denied Paramedics Entry Six Times During Parkland Attack [VIDEO]

Remember when Sheriff Scott Israel preened before the cameras during the CNN Townhall? Remember when he along with many others that night blasted Dana Loesch saying the attack and the aftermath is the fault of the NRA?

Yeah, good times. But you see, the NRA had nothing to do with the less than stellar response to the attack. We already know that now retired Deputy Scott Peterson with his fat pension, didn’t even try to enter the buildings and start clearing rooms. Which is definitely NOT the protocol he should’ve followed. However, it’s even worse than that.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office refused to allow paramedics from the area’s fire department to enter the Parkland, Fla. school where a shooter killed 17 on Valentine’s Day, even as children lay wounded inside.

Two Rescue Task Force teams made up of three paramedics and three or four policemen were denied entry six times to rooms already found to be safe, according to an incident report released Thursday by the Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Department.

The incident commander from the sheriff’s office kept telling Michael McNally, deputy fire chief for Coral Springs-Parkland, that “she would have to check,” citing the safety of the paramedics, McNally wrote in the report.

“After several minutes, I requested once again the need to deploy RTF elements into the scene to…initiate treatment as soon as possible,” he said. “Once again, the incident commander expressed that she ‘would have to check before approving this request.’”

Yes folks, you read that correctly. Paramedics TRAINED in this type of response were denied entry into the school buildings SIX TIMES.

Israel stated in the video above that Dana nor anyone else is qualified to run a litmus test on how an agency should respond to a disturbed individual or how the tactical response to an attack should be handled.

Uh huh. That’s interesting and infuriating at the same time considering how badly the tactical response to the attack was run by Sheriff Israel and the incident commander.

Instead of having extra paramedics in the building, law enforcement officers brought injured victims — sometimes on golf carts — to a medical staging area hastily assembled nearby. Then they were sent to hospitals. Fifteen of the 17 mortally wounded victims died at the school. Another 17 people survived their injuries.

In his report, McNally, who had been ordered to act as a liaison between Coral Springs fire command and BSO, also claimed BSO’s command post was severely dysfunctional. Communication was difficult, McNally said, because he often could not locate Jordan, BSO’s district commander for Parkland.

“The command post was inundated with too many people and made it impossible to establish and function,” McNally wrote, echoing criticisms of the disorganization and lack of a unified command structure that plagued BSO’s response to a deadly shooting at the Fort-Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport last year.

At least three additional fire-rescue incident reports released Thursday by Coral Springs confirmed that BSO had denied requests to send in the rescue teams. Coral Springs provides fire service in the city of Parkland. BSO provides law enforcement.

Dana sums it up.

Would the RTF teams (who again are TRAINED to enter in situations like this) have made a difference? We will never know. The only thing we do know is this.

The RFT teams were denied entry SIX TIMES while the attack was on-going. It wasn’t the NRA that held them back. It was Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel and the Incident Commander who did.

Sheriff Scott Israel has some serious explaining to do.

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  • parker says:

    The sheriff has some serious explaining to do inside a civil court room where he, and others, face a lawsuit for hundreds of millions of dollars brought forth by the families of the dead and wounded.

  • Hammerin' Hank says:

    Sheriff Israel and his office apparently take a defensive posture and end up living by self-fulfilling prophecy. Not knowing where the shooter was, or that he had actually left the premises, likely factored heavily into preventing paramedics from entering. However, not having confidence in the trained police officers, who were part of the rescue team, to protect the paramedics is a sign of need for control. Not allowing his deputy at the school to actively confront the shooter immediately is another sign of no confidence in others. Not addressing Loesch’s criticism head on by admitting mistakes were made and instead defending himself with a “you’re not the litmus test” reveals someone who has such a heightened need for control that he ends up minimizing or defending thereby creating the very circumstances he fears most. He should graciously join in retirement the deputy that his micromanaging policies discredited.

  • Kate says:

    Governor Scott where are you, put this sherrif out of his and the county’s misery by being brave and say “you are fired for dereliction of duty”.

  • greg says:

    Medics/Fire/EMS can’t help people save lives if they themselves get shot because the attacker hasn’t been taken care of….start thinking before you start writng.

    • Nina says:

      Hi Greg! I happen to work with LEO’s, paramedics, FIRE/EMS and have done so since 1999.

      Rescue Task Force teams are (as you can read in the above blog post) are TRAINED to enter during highly charged tactical situations and start rendering aid to the injured. Quite a few who work for law enforcement these days also come from military backgrounds. Some of whom were even military PJ’s (Pararescuemen) or a PA’s (Paramedic Assistants). In fact some PA’s I know have dealt with such situations in the military as Green Berets, and at least two are now working with local law enforcement agencies after they retired from the military.

      Thanks for your comment. Cheers!

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