Harry Truman, Brown People As Crop Pickers And Nancy Pelosi

Harry Truman, Brown People As Crop Pickers And Nancy Pelosi

Harry Truman, Brown People As Crop Pickers And Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi’s Friday Press Conference as Speaker of the House is usually not worth watching. Her hands and arms seem to move without any reference to what her mouth is saying. It’s bizarre to watch. She’s like a marionette that has a different puppeteer for each arm and her head. I can’t usually follow the flow of her talking points because I am too distracted by her flailing arms. This Friday was just as disorienting, but she had a couple of gems worth noting. She claimed Florida farmers are upset that 50 migrants were sent out of the state leaving no one to pick the crops. Hello Marie Antoinette. She also talked about President Harry Truman campaigning for her Father. Hello Cryptkeeper.

The lies about the Inflation Reduction Act CREATING good paying GREEN jobs are not worth discussing. San Fran Marie Antoinette long,long ago forgot it’s our money she is spending so freely and she has never understood cause and effect. You can watch the full press conference here, it you enjoy torture:

Christopher Columbus would have scuttled his own boats, if he could have foreseen Nancy Pelosi.

Yesterday, a statue of Harry Truman was unveiled was unveiled in Statuary Hall. The Truman statue replaces one of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, which was moved to the Hall of Columns. Sounds like the unveiling was lovely with Harry Truman’s eldest granson, Clifton Truman Daniels doing the unveiling. Nancy Pelosi gave remarks and here is a portion from her Congressional website:

I’m going to speak personally for a moment, because it’s an honor for me to join in unveiling this statue, because I had the privilege of meeting President Truman many years ago. He came to Baltimore to support his friend, my father, with whom he served in the Congress when President Truman was Vice President and President. He came to campaign for my father.

We had this wonderful conversation. I was intimidated to meet the President of the United States, but he was very inviting and charming. And Clifton and Thomas, he talked about your mother, Margaret. He said, ‘I’m telling you what I told Margaret. Education. Education. It’s really important. You can never get too much education.’ Always a focus on education in that conversation. I didn’t know whether we were going to talk about – I didn’t know what we were going to talk about. I was just in awe of him. But that was his focus in that conversation.

He knew the best investment we could make as a nation was in our children’s education, because that is how we ensure that all can participate and thrive in our democracy. And this promise is furthered today by the Truman Scholars initiative, which supports students interested in public service.

Nancy Pelosi has been in Congress for 350 35 years. I cannot think of anything that she has done for education. I am sure that Harry Truman was a sincere man. Nancy Pelosi is not a serious person. Therefore, I doubt she knows a famous quote from Mr. Truman:

If the Louboutin’s fit, Nancy.

This was my favorite part, when racist Marie Antoinette Pelosi began to speak. Nancy was making her pitch for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Both sides bleat about Comprehensive Immigration Reform whenever the peasants ask for a secure border. It’s politispeech for “we ain’t doin’ nothin'”. Not only were the residents of Martha’s Vineyard outraged when Brown People showed up from Florida in their pristine town. Nancy wanted us all to know that the Brown people need to stay in the South to pick the crops.

Brown people are only welcome if they are manicuring the elites’ lawns, cleaning the toilets or picking crops in the hot sun. Nancy has never picked a crop in her life. It’s not just the sun, it’s the bugs. Ugh.

The Left always talks about dog whistles. Who are really the ones with the dog whistles? Gold plated dog whistles.

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  • Lee says:

    Nancy ….Nancy….Nancy,

    No wonder people think Caucasian’s are racists.
    Marie Antoinette had her head chopped off if I remember correctly.
    Why can’t we put this old cow out to pasture to graze?

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