Halloween and Knotts Berry Farm vs SJW’s

Halloween and Knotts Berry Farm vs SJW’s

Halloween and Knotts Berry Farm vs SJW’s

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. As a kid, we used to trick or treat and go to the haunted houses (churches and schools did those back when).  Since we lived in Southern California, we also liked going to Knott’s Berry Farm for the scary rides (the log ride had a long big drop for a grade school kid).   Knott’s Berry Farm had a tradition they started in 1973 called Knott’s Scary Farm.  We were too little for that and by the time we were old enough, we were going to Disneyland to ride the Matterhorn and Space Mountain (the park costs were pretty equal at the time and we had a locals discount to Disney).  Note however Knott’s has had the Scary Farm for 43 years.

The above is the artwork for the scary farm.  Common sense would surely say this experience is not for little kids or someone who is a bit fragile. Same applies to the many local scary museums or haunted houses . You expect scary stuff on Halloween when you visit a haunted house or an amusement park and make your decisions as an adult whether to visit the scary place or not, Right?  Not this Halloween.   People became offended at an attraction offered at Knott’s and sadly the attraction was closed.

ABC7 in LA discusses the nontroversy here:

A popular Halloween attraction at Knott’s Berry Farm and California’s Great America was shutting down, officials announced Wednesday, after some took to social media calling the display “offensive” to those suffering from mental illness.

And what was it that offended? Families of the mentally ill did not appreciate Fear VR5150.  Which has a similar storyline to many many horror movies.

The virtual reality attraction, which essentially focuses on a story line about a possessed patient running wild in a hospital, consists of strapping parkgoers into a chair before they are given VR goggles. If the game becomes too intense for them, customers can press the “panic button.”

Somehow this is like triggering the families of the mentally ill?  Who to be honest have an awful hard road to travel. The problem is that this is not about educating people about mental health or suicide or any number of deserving topics. This is about an attraction. In other words, you are at Knott’s Scary Farm.  Not against your will.  You pay to walk in. The park is one big haunted house. Which means role playing. And scary moments. And things that may offend, horrify and scare you.

The response

Twitter said this:

Exactly Norma.  Then Saddleback Pastor Rick Warren’s wife said this on Facebook and Twitter:

Mrs. Warren with all due respect the word demonic has a horrible history for the mentally ill.  A Northern California anchorwoman, Veronica De La Cruz put a twitter poll up.  This answer was also quite reasonable.

And this tweet to Kay Warren.

Sorry for your loss Warren family.  Kay Warren your cause is worthy to champion the mentally ill.  But this is not how you do it.  Tipper Gore is not a good role model.  Before the SJW crowd throws a fit, this is Halloween.

This is not about you, your family, your very real anguish.  This is not about a real issue of access to mental health services (which is sadly deficient for so many reasons). Nor is this about the horror of suicide which I did talk about here.  This is about creating a safe space for people who have hurt feelings.  And calling this demonic?  Please save that term for things like Daesh raping Yadzi children (male and female).  To those who celebrate, Happy Halloween!

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  • GWB says:

    That’s right. Let’s just take away all entertainment things that Kay anyone with a grievance doesn’t like. Apparently she knows what’s best for us all.

    To make it a little broader. This is the problem with our “sympathetic” culture (which is really just “sympathetic”).

    As to Kay Warren – anyone who gains enough of a bully pulpit ends up turning into a totalitarian eventually.

    I hope all these people enjoy being the slaves of the stronger culture that will arise and will put them under its boot. I certainly won’t be spending any time, toil or treasure to save them.

  • Forgive me for being a white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant male, but do these people have any idea just how many books, movies and TV shows have been created around a character with a mental illness? Janet Leigh did not get slashed in the shower by a Sunday School teacher! (And what would you rename “Psycho” to be more politically correct?)
    The villains in the movie “Sum of All Fears” had to be changed to be sensitive to the fact that depicting terrorists as being from an Arabian country was simply too far fetched! /sarc
    No, they were portrayed as Neo-Nazis, which begs the question, If the only group of people we can portray as villains (aside from Big Business) are Nazis… and Hitler, the head of the Nazis was insane, isn’t it insensitive to those suffering from mental illness to subject them to that sort of entertainment?
    Or history??

    • Gail Boer says:

      Not insensitive at all. Get over yourself and grow a sense of humor is my reply to Mrs. Warren and friends. So tired of walking on eggshells about stupid stuff.

  • Cindy says:

    They’ll start censoring movies, then burning books, then burning people who say things that offend.

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