Guest Opinion: BABBIT

Guest Opinion: BABBIT

Guest Opinion: BABBIT

“The democrats couldn’t have scripted it better. Or maybe they did script it.” -Rush Limbaugh


Ashli Babbit, a 35-year-old patriot, wife, and military veteran died as a day player on a movie set. Unlike decisive participation in military maneuvers, Ashli Babbit was not given the facts about what she was embarking on that tragic Wednesday morning. Ashli, like thousands of others, believed that she entered just another Trump rally. Just another congregation of people who just love their country and just want to shout out love for America in unison and bask from the good energy created.

Ashli Babbit and thousands of Americans, had good reason for their misconception. For five solid years, our president, Donald John Trump lead enthusiastic, empowering and happy rallies- for one year as citizen Donald John Trump and four years as President Trump. In five years of rallies, with sometimes as many as three rallies in one day, there were no acts of violenceby the attendees supporting our president. Violence emanated from outsiders identifying themselves as Trump haters. There was no inhouse negativity, except for disgruntled media reporters and crews.

On Wednesday, January 6, 2021, two plans were in place. In one, our President Trump would speak, supporters would watch in person and remotely.  Eyes would feast on a man who loves our country, is willing to fight for a free and fair election and stand before us with his family by his side. People who would never comply with the “you have to pass it to see what’s in it” and “you didn’t build it” philosophies of Pelosi and Obama exhibited a fatal combination of spirit and naivety.

Spirit compelled them to be a present participant in the DC process.  Naivety caused them to believe that that just as they could hate the deeds of opponents, while still supporting an opponent’s right to make arguments legally – the reverse wouldalso be true. Trump supporters believed in cognitive reciprocity. And for that, they were factually and sadly naïve.

But there was another plan in play. Those who talk endlessly about a level playing field were not willing to be on the level. You can not be on the level when you’re operating from a dirty playbook.  Like any heist, there is team cooperation involved. Like any heist, the truth is hidden. And, just like any heist, there are thieves who think they are more than what they are- which is just like all other common thieves.

Now, the crime scene has turned into a giant Rorschach Test and the Trump haters in and out of the media and government can look at the footage and see their own subjective fantasies, yell them out loud, and, with much media help, their fantasies will ripple all through the airways. These subjective sightings then become inventory for government regulation – a warehouse of Trump supporter hatred and punishment is formed.

But this fight for freedom is not over. Not yet. Love is not hate. Not yet. Facts are not thought crimes. Not yet. We The People are not all stupid, bloated idiots committed only to our credit cards and cell phones. Not yet. We know choreography when we see it. We know that even when things are planned perfectly, the leading lady gets a snag in her dress, the leading guy needs a new jacket. Actions that involve multiple players don’t go from point A to point B by accident. In this case, freedom loving Americans took time off of work, packed bags, kissed a loved one good-bye, took pictures, all motivated by a desire to cheer for the United States as support fighting peacefully for an honest and fair election.

This rally had the same level of impromptu violence as the You Tube video that inspired violence in Benghazi. It seems to be getting the same level of clarity in an investigation. We know what the absence of an investigation looks like. At a minimum, we know the bigger the crime, the more yellow tape and more time. Even those of us who are not so savvy, not seasoned cops, even we know that the conclusions are formed -after- the investigation as much as we know the sneaker gets laced after it’s on the foot as opposed to before.

We know movie ingredients almost as much as we know our grocery lists. We know all movies start with a script, but that it takes someone to bankroll the whole thing. We know that there are actors, outfits, and locations. Some of us know that artistic license is not an automatic green light for snuffing out the existence of others – no matter how much you hate them.

Hopefully, a full-on investigation will take place. Who was the executive producer, who were the actors and who wrote the murdering script?



Today’s guest opinion is provided by Pamela J. Garber. The featured photo is “Grant Crabtree filming on set circa 1950s” and is Public Domain.


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  • Kevin says:

    “Hopefully, a full-on investigation will take place. Who was the executive producer, who were the actors and who wrote the murdering script?” Let me gently point you in the direction of who is to blame … his name is Donald John Trump.

    • Darleen Click says:

      May I gently suggest you’re being irrational? Facts currently in evidence do not support your assertion.

      Indeed, given the absolute positive statements from Pelosi, Harris and other Leftists, inside media and out, supporting 10 months of Antifa/BLM rioting — do you hold them personally responsible for all that mayhem? Indeed, sir, Kamala Harris urged her followers to contribute to defense funds for the rioters.

    • Terry Wellner says:

      I’d say it’s more along the lines of George Soros, the Clintons, the Obamas, among others.

      • GWB says:

        Not the 0bamas. They’re not powerful enough and they’re not the ideologues many people think. They were chosen as figureheads for the true players. They earned their dacha by playing the roles set for them.

    • Theodore Moore says:

      Please point out and quote the things that Trump said where he was calling for violence. A quote rather than merely repeating what someone told you he said.

  • Darleen Click says:

    Thank you, Pam. As the facts of the Capitol breech are rolling out and the giddy way the Left has seized on it for outrageous acts of anti-American behavior towards fellow citizens, the more questions it raises on whether this was just FUBAR or scripted.

    Excellent writing.

  • Ted says:

    Cui bono? Is it those who wish to erase President Trump and any 2024 play a la Stalin/Trotsky, or someone else? Who would have bet that Minitru would be led by Amazon, Twitter, and Google/Youtube?

  • Paladin says:

    Well, done Ms. Garber. Let this be a warning. The totalitarian left cannot be sated with anything but blood. And it is an insatiable hunger. When they do it, it will be for “reasons” everyone understands and agrees with. When a free people pushes back or cries, “STOP!” it will be an insurrection that must be crushed, terminated with extreme prejudice. We have the Guns, the Food and the Trucks. They have everything else. Let them eat silicon. As some clever person said, “when the wolves attack your house, all the lefty soy boy has to defend himself/herself/xiself with — is a spatula and a dildo.”

  • India Hynes says:

    I really hope they investigate. Lots of patriots were just there to show their appreciation to Trump. Thank you for writing this.

  • Patty Campbell says:

    Excellent blog. We are all getting sick of the double standard. The dem mayors let the rioters burn their cities for months now (Portland) and the press wants us to feel sorry for the rioters ! Did the victims complain? If they did, the press didn’t/wouldn’t report it — doesn’t fit their narrative. Now it is starting to come out that Antifa broke the windows into the Capitol and broke in the doors to the offices to let the Trump supporters in. When will that be reported in the mainstream media, if ever? Certainly not before Pelosi & the others try the ultimate insult again of impeachment to a great President. I pray for him and all the other patriots.

    • Gail Theresa Katz says:

      Such a great job expressing a situation that was not expected, and perhaps will never be totally understood.

      We hope for clarity and completion. We’re grateful to read you words, and hope for a happier ending.

      Thank you, Pamela.

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