Graffiti of “Police Officer at Gunpoint” Stenciled Around Houston (PHOTO)

Graffiti of “Police Officer at Gunpoint” Stenciled Around Houston (PHOTO)

Graffiti of “Police Officer at Gunpoint” Stenciled Around Houston (PHOTO)

Before Deputy Darren Goforth has even been lain to rest, Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz murdered in Illinois just yesterday, and on the heels of members of the Black Lives Matter movement marching through the Minnesota state fair calling for the deaths of law enforcement officers, anti-police cretins have stenciled graffiti onto area buildings around Houston depicting a police officer held at gunpoint. Here’s the photo ABC 13 Eyewitness News/Houston released last night:

Gun Emoji
Photo Credit: ABC 13

More on the story, from ABC 13:

We’ve seen them in at least four spots in the Washington Avenue area, and we’ve gotten reports of more than that.

As you might imagine, those in uniform say it’s incredibly disturbing to see this just days after a deputy was killed while pumping gas.

HPD Union President Ray Hunt said, “I can’t believe that there are people out there so heartless and so ruthless to put something on there before this deputy is even buried. It does nothing to help to help morale in the police department and does nothing to help the Goforth family.”

The police union has ordered 10,000 bracelets printed with the words ‘Pray for police.’ Officials are hoping to distribute the bracelets to the community next week.

The reactions to the graffiti were decidedly critical. Most echoed these sentiments:

I’d match that bet and raise you a thousand, Joe.

In response to the senseless deaths of their fellow officers, the Waco Police Department posted this message to their FaceBook page, no doubt reflecting the thoughts of most law enforcement officers across our great nation:

Two more died in America today. One in our own state. But know this…This afternoon, tonight, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and always, we’ll go back out there and defend you, our citizens, with our lives.

We didn’t choose this career for the money and we sure don’t do it for the glory! We do it because we are you….We are your brothers, we are your sisters, we are your sons and daughters, we are your moms and dads and we are your neighbors and friends. You are our life blood and we yours. We will protect you! Yes, even with our own lives if necessary.

These are terrible times in law enforcement. Worse I’ve seen in thirty-five years, but we know there is more good than evil. We know the majority stand beside us and will not accept what is happening in a strange and twisted time.

I for one am proud to be in Law Enforcement and proud to be one of your cops! Thank you to our citizens that in this year when we have needed you, you have been there in words, cards, letters, the anonymous bought lunches, cookies brought to the station and most importantly the hugs, hand shakes and telling us “thank you for what you do”. Those gestures at so very appreciated, yes even by the calloused, veteran cops who truly have “Seen it all”.

As for what the Thin Blue Line means to us. It means this. We will always be there to try and stop the wolf at your door.

We are not perfect, we are not infallible, and sometimes we flat out fail, but 99.9% of us are good of heart and believe in our duties and commitments we have to you. Stay strong Law Enforcement across our great country, as we have no other option but to prevail.

W. Patrick Swanton

And we thank you, Officer Swanton.

Makeshift memorial honoring fallen officer, Deputy Goforth. (Photo Credit: ABC 13)
Makeshift memorial honoring fallen officer, Deputy Goforth. (Photo Credit: ABC 13)

With the onslaught of anti-police rhetoric coming from the highest offices in the land, at levels I’ve never witnessed in my lifetime, is it any wonder so many officers are becoming more and more hesitant to defend themselves, and afraid of retribution if they do? Our police officers are the last line of defense between us and absolute anarchy, stopping “that wolf at our door.” They are here for us, risking their own lives twenty-four hours a day, no matter what. And we should, and must be, there for them. They need our support now more than ever. We must condemn those who threaten our law enforcement officers loudly, clearly, and without apology. Rise up. Speak out. Resoundingly denounce the despicable graffiti stenciled around Houston of a police officer held at gunpoint, and the abhorrent demonization of our law enforcement. Because this cannot stand. All. Lives. Matter.

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  • Appalled By The World says:

    “With the onslaught of anti-police rhetoric coming from the highest offices in the land…..”

    Before we reached this new Dark Age I always was fascinated at how the lawbreaking turds of the 1960’s (who today are either the leaders of this degraded nation or were the mentors of the leaders) were dealt with. Looters and rioters were shot as well as arrested. At the 1968 Democrat convention a DEMOCRAT mayor turned the police loose on the idiots rioting in Chicago. In those days officials from even the Democrat party backed the police. Contrast that from today’s Dem party-THIS is the sort of turnabout that makes me feel that the USA is gone and replaced by a lawless and criminally insane Obaman People’s Republic where the Democrat regime condones, encourages and even sanctions the sort of madness that no civilized nation would rather than fight against it. There is already a lot of blood on the hands of this regime-how much more will there be before something is finally done about it?

    • Jodi says:

      How much more? Good question, because the Democrats just handed Obama the nuke deal.

      • Appalled By The World says:

        So be it. As Lenin once said “the Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them”. O’Treason has just signed the death warrant for his legacy- the Obaman People’s Republic- by handing Iran the rope with which to hang it, so to speak-and he’s too arrogant to even realize it.

        • Jodi says:

          Indeed. Except he’s endangered every innocent on the planet with his narcissism (he and Hillary are two peas in a pod on that front). Let’s hope the next POTUS fixes this disaster before it’s too late.

          Meanwhile, expect terrorist attacks in Israel and on our men and women in the military around the world to increase exponentially, thanks to the buttload of money he’s handed Iran.

          • Appalled By The World says:

            This is true. When the catastrophe finally strikes it is my plea to the survivors that they execute this traitor and all his henchmen and worshipers for their crimes right on the spot should they also survive. And that these bastards will then relive the deaths of every one of their victims over and over again in the bowels of hell as their eternal punishment. They deserve no less for their crimes against humanity.

  • GWB says:

    Our police officers are the last line of defense between us and absolute anarchy, stopping “that wolf at our door.”

    No. They. Are. Not.

    Can we please do away with this nonsense? At least if you claim to believe in a democratic republic where we are free citizens and not subjects of a ruling aristocracy?

    **I and my neighbors** are the last defense against anarchy in my community. If you have given that responsibility over entirely to someone else you are no longer a free citizen, you are a subject.

    If you want to help stop the “us vs them” rhetoric, then quit falling for the fib that the police are some special group of people who protect us. (The Supreme Court has called out that lie, anyway.) They are not our guardian angels.

    It’s appalling that these murders are happening. It’s not appalling because cops are special people, but because it’s terrible anytime a segment of society becomes so lawless that they begin targeting specific groups of people for murder. Which group they target tells us something about their particular antisocial attitude. That attitude is especially problematic in this case, because it is directed at producing societal chaos.

    • GWB says:

      And RIP all these officers.
      And I hope every dirty or tyrannical cop is found and turned out in short order, so they cannot taint those who do a very hard job.

      (Mostly it’s hard because of citizens who don’t want to take responsibility for their community.)

  • L says:

    And just like that, “G.I. Joe” becomes the shame of our nation. Don’t believe the hype, sheeple!

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