Gov. Newsom Gets the Memo On Uvalde

Gov. Newsom Gets the Memo On Uvalde

Gov. Newsom Gets the Memo On Uvalde

California’s Gavin Newsom Newscum didn’t waste any time after the evil committed in Uvalde, Texas, to round up some cameras for a convenient tantrum.

California has the most onerous gun control laws in the nation. But allowing the law-abiding even a smidgen of their Second Amendment rights is too much for the Ruling Class of the People’s Republic of California.

Memo to California

King Hairgel (who still holds Wuhan Lung Rot emergency powers) proposed joke-legislation back in February to allow any California citizen peasant to privately sue gun manufacturers and sellers over “gun violence.”

The irony of French Laundry Gavin going after law-abiding businesses while continuing to coddle criminals is not lost on the non-woke, and suffering, people of this state. A handful of other anti-2A bills are floating around the Socialist legislature and Newscum gleefully used the not-yet-cold bodies of Texas children to demand passage and to excoriate anyone or anything that stands in his way. Even the Constitution.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Wednesday lambasted two federal judges who he says are a threat to the state’s strict gun control laws. (snip)

“The only thing that can stop (California’s gun control laws) by the way are these extremist judges, which is an issue. You can ask Judge (Roger) Benitez about how he’s feeling about these last 10 days. Ask Judge (Ryan) Nelson how he’s feeling. Specifically Judge Nelson.”

OOOooooo. Extremist judges! Exactly what nefarious things did these [checks memo] extremists do? Find emanations from penumbras in order facilitate the termination of human life? Or was it just finding California’s 2019 blanket ban on any one 18-20 years old from owning or possessing semi-automatic rifles an undue burden of the Second Amendment?

Understand that the 9th Circuit, where Judge Nelson wrote the opinion, upheld age-restrictions in CA law (e.g. requiring a hunting license in order to possess a rifle) but held that the state reasoning for a blanket age restriction didn’t pass strict scrutiny. Joined by Judge Lee the concuring opinion stated

California’s legal position has no logical stopping point and would ultimately erode fundamental rights enumerated in the Constitution. If California can deny the Second Amendment right to young adults based on their group’s disproportionate involvement in violent crimes, then the government can deny that right—as well as other rights—to other groups. Judge Lee wrote that “we cannot jettison our constitutional rights, even if the goal behind a law is laudable.”

However, for Newscum, dissent is not allowed. How dare some law-abiding 19 y/o American citizen – who votes, can join the military, can make contracts, marry, and even make the decision to have his or her healthy genitals removed, be allowed to even hold a semi-auto rifle?

Within moments of finding out that white supremacist was off the table in Uvalde there was a rush to put out a memo to now use extremist where it concerns people engaged in WrongThink. Newscum was particularly apoplectic because Judge Benitez has been a thorn in his side when it comes to gutting 2A — and salt to that wound is Benitez was appointed by President Trump.

Judge Benitez, who said about our assault weapons ban that an assault weapon is nothing more than a Swiss Army knife. These are extremists. That’s the world we’re living in right now, wake up folks. Read these opinions. Pay attention to what’s going on.”

Oh, pfffft, that infected anal sac doesn’t want you to pay attention to anything but what the Left’s Ministry of Truth puts out. Benitez is right and all the clutched-pearl, faint-couch histrionics about a gun that looks scary does not negate the fact that it is little more than a long gun Swiss Army knife. Behold:

Wow, just another couple of extremists! Scribble hard another memo with some more labels to be substituted for rational debate.

Oh, sorry. Wokeistanians don’t do rational. It is blind emotionalism and demagoguery all the way down. Emocrats, one and all.

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  • Cameron says:

    “California’s legal position has no logical stopping point and would ultimately erode fundamental rights enumerated in the Constitution.”

    Which is exactly the point. Gun control advocates won’t ever stop.

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