Gov. Kristi Noem Signs Transgender Athlete Ban Bill, Left Squeals

Gov. Kristi Noem Signs Transgender Athlete Ban Bill, Left Squeals

Gov. Kristi Noem Signs Transgender Athlete Ban Bill, Left Squeals

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem signed a bill requiring that athletes in K-12 and college sports compete in the sex assigned to them at birth. They may identify as whatever they wish, but the must compete in the sex assigned to them on their birth certificate. This has caused mass squealing on the Loony Left. You know, the same Loony Left who lectures about believing in “science”. They don’t believe in DNA.

The first article that I read came from the reliably incomprehensible “Jezebel”. The article was titled “Anti-Trans Bills Across the U.S. Are Wreaking Havoc on Teens”. I might argue that introducing adult subjects at earlier and earlier ages was wreaking havoc on children and confusing them, but Jezebel writers can’t see beyond their narrow ideology. The Jezebel article begins:

At a press briefing Thursday, just two weeks after South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem signed the first anti-trans bill of 2022 into law, a reporter asked why she thought 90 percent of LGBTQ+ youth in South Dakota are diagnosed with anxiety or depression. Without even feigned introspection or urgency, Noem replied: “I don’t know. That makes me sad, and we should figure it out.” Comforting, no? As the national discourse rages on as to whether or not trans athletes—like trans swimmer Lia Thomas—should be allowed to compete, South Dakota swiftly made the decision for any trans youth within its state lines, effectively banning trans youth from playing on school sports teams consistent with their gender identity.

Is the bill “anti-trans” or pro-biological sex? It makes me sad, too, that you are anxious or depressed. Some of us would be interested to know the answer but we are not allowed to ask the questions because that would be transphobic. At least one trans person claims to be happier out of South Dakota but, hmmmm.

“Hatefully” suggests that this person is not quite at peace with (insert appropriate pronoun here) situation in life. Maybe South Dakota and Kristi Noem were not problems after all.

There are sports where men and women compete against each other. Sports like collegiate rifle shooting, at least one class of sailing and all equestrian sports (not Polo). These sports require a mastery and knowledge of equipment or an animal that balances out biological sex differences. A 100 pound girl on a 16 hand horse will beat a 150 pound boy on the same horse, if she is well-trained, confident, has earned the respect and trust of her horse and doesn’t lose focus.

Lia Thomas, the UPenn swimmer went through puberty as a male. Have you looked at the shoulders on him/her? I grew up next to a family of champion swimmers. Four girls and three boys. They all had big shoulders, but during puberty the boys shoulders and arm length went off the deep end. When you are displacing water, bigger shoulders and longer arms are going to move more of it. That’s science, folks.

The Jezebel post ended with the paragraph that South Dakota and Kristi Noem aren’t alone:

Unfortunately, it’s just one of at least seven states that have introduced legislation to limit the rights of trans and non-binary people since the start of 2022 alone. Republican lawmakers in Arizona, Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, and Ohio are all currently seeking to further bills that would prohibit participation in sports, gender-affirming healthcare, or certain bathroom use for trans and non-binary people.

While feminist groups and the ACLU remain on the sidelines, one brave Indiana transwoman understands science:

Corrina Cohn is a hero. She spoke to the Daily Signal about her speech in Indiana:

A biological male who identifies as transsexual tore into opponents of a bill protecting women’s sports, telling Indiana state lawmakers Monday that “it is unfair to expect girls to cede their hard-won rights.”

Following the testimony, 46-year-old Corinna Cohn expressed frustration to The Daily Signal on Monday afternoon that “trans activism has become a zero-sum game.”

“I am privileged to be able to live my life peacefully and enjoy a wide range of civil rights as a trans person,” Cohn said in a Twitter direct message, adding that “trans people enjoy privileges to live as we do, but if we continue to cannibalize women’s rights, the backlash will be severe.”

“I wish that we could all break out of the tribal mentality,” Cohn said, before criticizing women’s advocacy groups for failing to support legislation protecting women’s sports. “I feel distressed that organizations like Planned Parenthood have sold out women.”

“The trans rights movement has captured organizations which had traditionally supported women’s rights,” Cohn added. “These groups are now effectively men’s rights organizations.”

We will respect your right to identify however you wish. Just respect the science. Let girls compete with girls. Kristi Noem is right. We don’t know why these kids are depressed and anxious. We should ask.

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  • Scott says:

    ” We don’t know why these kids are depressed and anxious. We should ask.” In large part, it’s because they’re mentally ill. They have these thoughts that they are something other than what they are, yet they can look in the mirror and see the truth. There are many examples you could look to and see similar problems. Kids that want to be popular but aren’t. People that want to succeed in a particular profession, but can’t. They all have higher levels of stress and anxiety, because they don’t receive the help they need. Going along with their delusions doesn’t help them at all, true help from mental health professionals to address their delusions would. If you look at the numbers, those who “transition” have even higher levels of depression and suicide. Why would that be if they were truly “comfortable in their own skins”??? They aren’t because they know deep inside that they are living a lie, and it’s shameful that politicians and so-called professionals enable this situation instead of working to fix it.

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  • F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Tonight at dinner, Eleanor and Amelia Earhart said they want Kristi’s phone number. They said something about her going “round the world” with them.

  • Cameron says:

    There are no rights being taken away. Biological boys have the right to compete against other biological boys. Biological girls have the right to compete against other biological girls.

    And once again, I think that transgenderism in children should be treated like anorexia: Intense therapy to force the mind and body back into alignment. If it turns out that they are the less than 1% of people who actually have this disorder and they don’t grow out of it, then they can do whatever they want as adults.

  • Bob says:

    I live in the Indianapolis area. None of the local TV stations showed even a short clip of Corinna’s testimony. I wonder why?

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