#GOPDebate: A Moment of Levity or a “Yuge” Embarrassment?

#GOPDebate: A Moment of Levity or a “Yuge” Embarrassment?

#GOPDebate: A Moment of Levity or a “Yuge” Embarrassment?

In the mix of Trump and Rubio’s bickering back and forth, Ted Cruz staying above the fray this time and Kasich getting a few words in here and there, came the most talked about topic of the night. Nope, it wasn’t about building a wall. Or bombing ISIS into oblivion. Or working “good” with people. It was about Trump’s, uh….”hands”:

Trump’s “hands” didn’t even need solicits for comment. The reaction on Twitter just took off:

The party continues this morning. Trump suggested after the debate that he “was only talking about his HANDS”. Sure. According to Trump, size does matter. Bank account, private jet, mansions and yes, his (a-hem) “hands”.

“I have say this. He hit my hands…look at those hands. Are they small hands? And he referred to my hands–if they’re small, something else must be small. I guarantee you there’s no problem.”-Donald Trump

Hands across America, ladies and gents. While Dr. Ben Carson wrote “Gifted Hands”, I can see Donald Trump’s new book now: “Yuge Hands” or “Hands Making America Great Again”.

Now, I’m going to be a buzz kill. Some may have gotten a laugh out of Trump’s remarks last night. Apparently, the debate attendees who sounded as if they were taken right out of a studio audience for Jerry Springer in the 90s thought it was awesome. But herein lies the rub: this is a debate that will determine the future of our nation for the next four years and beyond. Liberals will say that Republicans are stiff and have no sense of humor. That is not true. But we do believe that our country is not a JOKE. If the GOP (and Trump supporters alike) thinks that these types of shenanigans are not giving Hillary Clinton ammunition, we are sadly mistaken. “Big Donny” and “Little Marco” need to bury the hatchet. If they don’t, I guarantee you there WILL be a problem. And it will be yuge.

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