Gillibrand Lectures White Women on Their Privilege

Gillibrand Lectures White Women on Their Privilege

Gillibrand Lectures White Women on Their Privilege

Desperate Kirsten Gillibrand is desperate. At the Democrat debates, Part Deux, she attempted to shore up her flagging .4 percent polling data by lecturing suburban white women on their “privilege.”

Her Hail Mary pass was pathetic.

“I think as a white woman of privilege who is a US senator running for president of the United States, it is my responsibility to lift up those voices that aren’t being listened to. And I can talk to those white women in the suburbs and explain to them what white privilege actually is.”

When I heard her say that, I groaned. Yeah, Blondie is going to tell me, a brunette, how privileged I really am. Apparently this tone-deaf twit never heard of the old adage that “blondes have more fun.” But I digress.

At any rate, here’s Blondie Gillibrand lecturing us on “white privilege:”

Not only that, but she trotted out her now-tired joke that she’ll “Clorox the Oval Office” when she gets there. Does Gillibrand not know that Clorox is bleach, and bleach tends to make things, um. . . white?

Naturally, the woke folks at Twitter were thrilled to see her fan the race flames. Others, not so much.


Somehow, I have the feeling she won’t be getting back with this guy anytime soon.

So please tell us, Ms. Gillibrand, how white women still have more privilege than Beyoncé? Or Oprah Winfrey?



Whatever happened to Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream about a colorblind society? That’s gone with the Democrats’ pandering to race and identity politics. Then again, what do you expect from the same sort of intellects who claim that robot racism exists? Yes, really.

But wait? Where was Ms. Champion-of-Bealeagured-Black-Folks when Gillibrand said hotel staff treated her black staff member “differently?”

Here’s how she described the sad tale of woe at the Netroots conference in Philadelphia last month:

“Now as a white woman, who has certainly experienced enormous amounts of white privilege. I travel with a staff member who is black, and I see how she is being treated differently when we walk into a hotel. I see it, and it infuriates me.”

Now I’ll ask this: why didn’t she speak up to the offending hotel staff? Surely she would’ve have regaled the Netroots attendees with her story of how she gallantly defended her staff member.

Because it falls into the category of Things-That-Didn’t-Happen, that’s why. That tale is yet another case of the desperate Gillibrand desperately pandering for votes.

Maybe before Kirsten Gillibrand lectures us middle class suburban women on how we benefit from “white privilege,” she should look at the privilege some powerful (and slimy) white folks have given her.

Face it, lady. Your campaign is toast. Go back to New York, take your Clorox with you, and stop talking down to me just because I’m white.


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  • SFC D says:

    What this lockstep-liberal calls “white privilege” is referred to in my family as “working hard to make life easier for the next generation “. It has zero to do with skin color.

    • Penrod says:

      Unless you’re a Democrat, in which case you are ‘acting white’, an activity forbidden to non-whites.

      Apparently any non-white who ‘acts white’ (what normal people call ‘exercising middle class values’) is a race traitor.

      It strikes me that living in close proximity to Democrats is becoming physically dangerous for white people who do not parade their Wokeness, and possibly even for those do. I expect the coming election to be the most violent of our lifetimes, and a Trump victory will precipitate even more. One way or another, if this continues, things are not going to end well.

    • Mike Tanco says:

      You know what I think about these Democratic candidates? They are all full of shit.
      I was born White and am not ashamed of that fact and will never apologize to anyone.
      People should be proud of themselves and the good things they do no matter what ethnicity.

    • Philip simon says:

      Kristin Gillibrand is a blond, blue eyed mermaid, just swim away and get lost.

    • JR says:

      It seems to me that the only privilege this IDIOT is talking about is being wealthy! The wealthy are privileged and they know it. Somehow demwits think all White people are wealthy.

      • Scott says:

        No, they know that not all whites are wealthy, but they also know that they’re playing to a demographic that either does believe that, or just doesn’t care that it’s a lie, as long as “whitey” gets screwed, and they get their free shit…

  • GWB says:

    BTW, if that woman on the horse had REAL privilege, she’d be nude.
    (Yes, that’s a literary reference….)

    • Kim Hirsch says:

      Ah, but Lady Godiva was possibly a historic character. If you notice that horse is dressed up as a unicorn, a completely mythical creature. Which is about as realistic as Kirsten Gillibrand’s chances of becoming president.

      • GWB says:

        Ah! Had missed the horn!

        (But, don’t count out mythical creatures as having a basis in reality. 😉 )

      • Ellen says:

        I don’t understand this… why do these crazy presidential candidates use the RACE Card to advance their stupid agenda… First of all, I AM NOT WHITE; I AM BROWN, ASIAN by race but I don’t feel any grudge of white women who have more and enjoying their bounty ( fruit of their labor)…it is not because they’re privilege but because they and their descendants and family as a whole worked hard to make sure they have what they are enjoying now. This country is a free country and anyone can improve their lifestyle; can either go up and/or down the social staircase depending on their attitude and hard work. .. it seems these politicians are so intrigue by the success of the present administration that the only way to smear, destroy the image and success of the current administration( TRUMP’s) is to play the race card… Americans are tired of the liberals and democrats’s propaganda, of using the racism for their platform… why don’t they start working for the people who elected them into office instead of doing nothing but contradict and challenge the POTUS and his successful programs.

        • Ellen says:

          Why do you need me to moderate my comments? There’s nothing to change in my comments… I’m merely voicing my opinion. You on the other hand is biased and are trying to suppress my right of free speech.

          • GWB says:

            No, Ellen, they are not suppressing your right to free speech. It’s their blog, and you’re a guest here (as am I). The moderation queue is so that they don’t get hit with spam and such. (There are bots that will use the open nature of a site like this to overload a site, often with very foul language, or nonsensical characters.) You wouldn’t want to be unable to comment because of 1,000 filthy bot comments, would you?

      • David says:

        Being a Christian and an Independent voter I do not put much stock in today’s politics. Christ forbids us to condemn our neighbor, but to pray for them. My days are spent praying for the children of our nation first, Ms. Gillibrand? I will add her to the bottom of my list. Lately I have yet to pray for all the children let alone what I’m presuming are U.S. Congress men & women.

    • Donna says:

      There are poor people of every race and color. This senator would not get my vote in she was my favorite color of green. Shenis not president material.

  • Synova says:

    Being treated differently than the VIP doesn’t have anything to do with not being the VIP, right?

    And I agree. If she *saw* someone dismissing or being rude to her staffer… no matter the sex, gender, color, or disability of her staffer, and she didn’t say something? That’s not being a good employer no matter who you are.

  • lord garth says:

    She isn’t even the most detestable of the Democratic Presidential Candidates (that honor goes to DeBlasio).

  • Clean Willie says:

    “Now as a white woman, who has certainly experienced enormous amounts of white privilege. I travel with a staff member who is black, and I see how she is being treated differently when we walk into a hotel. I see it, and it infuriates me.”

    Yeah it’s a huge surprise that people show a little more attention and deference to the US Senator than her staffer.

  • Poggy jones says:

    Pure BS!

  • jdc says:

    you liberals preach so much about your gay rights your abortion rights your anti gun rights but you dont care about others just your whiney selves all of the mass murders have been in gun free zones,what about free college for immigrants and illegals.the sorry indivuals that flew the planes and killed the people in the towers,the brave fire fighters,police,all the service members in the middle east,they had their college payed for by taxpayers to learn how to fly the planes to kill our people in new york.garranteed the people you let come over the border illegally arent just mexican or el salvadorian or whoever they are muslim radicals who would love to kill all of are dispicable.i gave 22 years of my life helping defend this nation during 2 wars i love this country and it breaks my heart to see it go down just because a few crybabies cant have everthing their way.may our lord have mercy.

  • Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    She is an idiot! I’m white, worked hard 46 yrs of my life. Nobody has ever given me anything. If I got anything, I worked for it. And, the only one of my sons that was given an education was my oldest, when he joined the Navy. They let him go to college, but, again, he EARNED it by all that he did while in the Navy. I understand that some people treat blacks differently, & that some are racists. But, I’m not a racist, just because I’m white.

  • Fighter for freedom says:

    Must be something associated with that senate seat in NY that embodies evil since this was killiary’s position before gillinbrand assumed it or maybe killiary groomed her to be as evil. Maybe their association with the NXVIM sex cult promotes their desire to impugn the vulnerable and defenseless where subjugation provides them with their pretense if elitist foolish pride

  • Christine says:

    White privledge?? Where was this when i was growing up? I am a 65 year old white woman. I was born poor and have had to work 60 to 70 hours a week to make ends meet while raising my 4 children as a single parent. I worked since I was very young babysitting several family’s children at one time. I was 12. Aafter high school where was my white privledge? Nope couldn’t find any. No money for college or a family that encouraged education. They taught me to “work” for my wants and needs. So I worked one full time and 2 part time jobs or when the opportunity arose I worked 1 full time job with lots of overtime. I’ve never bought a home or a car newer then 10 years old. Nobody ever handed me anything. White privilege is a lie that gillibrand thinks will garner her votes from the black community because we all know they aren’t smart enough to know that she is full of BS. Good luck with that white privilege story. Black or white the poor working class are smarter then you think. Privilege is for the RICH, no matter what COLOR they happen to be. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! DONALD TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT 2020.

  • gary says:

    Stupid white people , their own races worse enemy LOL! Yahoo sucks!

  • Gerald Ladd says:

    Just another NY libtard that no one cares about. She should stick to sucking Andy’s dick. Something she’s good at.

  • Ed says:

    I’m a deplorable white male who paid 100% of my college tuition. Worked before and through college. Graduated on Friday and started my job the following Monday. Worked 48 years, never one day of unemployment, married my high school sweetheart 48 years ago and we put our children through college. They are employed productive deplorables and raising their children. I don’t need a lecture from Kristen. She’ll sell her soul for a vote.

  • Richard Parker says:

    Gillibrand you are just a loser and there is nothing in the whole world to change that. Go back to your kept life and quit trying to do something you have absolutely no clue on how to fix or even try to fix. There are idiots among us and you are at the top of the list just behind the 4 morons that are at the top and that would be the idiots best of the best called the Squad.

  • Charles M. says:

    How did this blonde moron become a senator…This bimbo needs too look at herself in mirror…when she gets up every day ..

  • How does this self-professed person who admits to coming from a well-to-do background even begin to lecture “poor white women” (what’s her benchmark) on how to succeed? Say anything for a vote even if it’s false.

  • Judith Stinger says:

    White privilege is white people working for a living, paying their taxes and all their own bills for housing, food, medical insurance and coverage, autos and car insurance, education, college education and not depending on the government for anything. White Americans in many cases join the military and defend our country and the American people. We work for everything that we want and need. In many cases we work more than one job to meet those needs. The Democrats, along with Hildebrand, and the corrupt biased lying fake news media have clearly and consistently declared war on white Americans.

  • Diana says:

    ” White Priviledge ” defined : the Priviledge of working 60-75 hour a week at a minimum wage or slightly better, who may or not have either a HS or a college degree . That either mommy or daddy paid or the government enslaved you to get with student ” loans” . This ” priviledge ” allows you to work those hours so you can keep up millionaire politicians , who work maybe 14 days a session and do almost nothing useful. “White and working folks of all colors ” have this Priviledge! Work your fannies off ,keeping up folks who won’t work on a gift and think that they are due support just cause they are on the planet . In exchange we are told what a great Priviledge we are being given !

  • Philip simon says:

    Kristin Gillibrand is a white aryan nationalist who has blond hair, blue eyes and should just swim away like a mermaid does in the ocean.

  • ROBIN says:


  • tony says:

    Gillibrand is a bitch. She is another Hillary want to be vicious lady will do ant thing to be President

  • tg says:

    Gillibrand should lecture herself she is a Hillary want to be. A real phoney

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