German New Years Eve Party To Feature “Safe Zone” For Women [VIDEO]

German New Years Eve Party To Feature “Safe Zone” For Women [VIDEO]

German New Years Eve Party To Feature “Safe Zone” For Women [VIDEO]

After the horrific rape gangs on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany in 2016, the producers of a New Year’s Eve bash at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin this year are setting up a “safe zone” for women. Yes, that is right. A “safe zone” in 2017 for women. On New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany hundreds of women reported sexual assaults and rapes by men of “Arab and North African backgrounds” to German authorities.  There were also 10 sexual assaults reported to law enforcement in Hamburg, Germany that same New Year’s Eve.

This year, the producers of this event have determined that the “safe zone” is the best they can do to protect women from roving gangs of men looking to do them harm. Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend the New Year’s Eve festivities in front of Berlin’s historic Brandenburg Gate to ring in 2018. Security for the event will be strict, including bag searches and an alcohol ban. The German Red Cross will be staffing the women’s “Safe Zone”, much like “safety point”  the Cologne police set up on New Year’s Eve 2017 which was staffed by psychologists and social workers the year following the Cologne attacks.

This year’s “Safe zone” will be open to women only. Hmmm, sounds rather like another concept we have been seeing causing problems in Europe since the mass migrations of 2015, perhaps Sharia law? German courts ruled in 2016 that a roving group of Islamists who were enacting a roving “Sharia patrol” who were going through the city of Wuppertal in 2014 wearing orange vests and telling residents not to drink, gamble or listen to music.

“The city’s district court ruled that the seven accused members of the group did not breach a ban on political uniforms when they approached people while wearing orange vests bearing the words “Sharia Police”.

Judges said there could only be a violation of the law – originally aimed against street movements such as the early Nazi party – if the uniforms were “suggestively militant or intimidating”, a court spokesman said.

In this case, they found that the vests were not threatening and noted that one witness said he thought the men were part of a bachelor party.”

Unfortunately, it seems like Germans have been dealing with the increased incidences of sexual assault since the police spokesman in Berlin confessed to a BBC reporter that incidences of groups of men “surrounding and robbing women” have become “more commonplace in Berlin”.

Until Angela Merkel or someone else in German national “leadership” does something to help the women in their country, this is something we can all expect to see continue. Happy 2018.

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