General Milley Motivates at the Press Conference

General Milley Motivates at the Press Conference

General Milley Motivates at the Press Conference

There are times in life when a few words have a big impact. Today, during the White House coronavirus press conference, Army General Milley gave us that moment. He stood at the lectern, and reminded our enemies exactly who America is, and the bad things that happen when bad actors mess with her. His clear threat to our adversaries was a reminder to us of who we are. No matter how damaged, or fearful we feel…. We are Americans. Buck up and put on your grown-up pants, America is kicking bad guys backside.

Who America is, and What She Does

Americans are hurting. We are scared for our loved ones, and uncomfortable with how the the “new normal” will impact the future. One day last month, we woke up untethered from the links so firmly in place the night before. The 24 hour news cycle and internet media are incessantly bombarding us with news about death rates, infection, and all things coronavirus. It’s easy to forget the other dangers happening in the world, and that bad actors will use this opportunity to their advantage. We are fighting multiple “wars” and it sometimes takes a sharp reminder of “who we are” and our role in the world.

Be it ISIS looking for ways to further disrupt and destabilize the world, or progressives looking to strip our rights  cartels shipping product, America doesn’t have the luxury of single focus on coronavirus. In yesterday’s press conference, The Hill reports, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said,

At a time when the nation and the Department of Defense are focused on protecting the American people from the spread from the coronavirus, we also remain vigilant to the many other threats the country faces,

Inspiration and Motivation! Military Style, “Yuuuuut!!!”

Pivotal speeches are what we remember. Jack Nicholson’s character in “A Few Good Men”, “you need me on that wall!“. My favorite, “The Incredibles” when Edna Mode reminds Elastagirl, “Pull-yourself-together! ‘What will you do?’ Is this a question? …. you will remind him who you are.

Today, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Milley did just that. He reminded us of, “who we are!”

He may as well have said, “bring it on! We’re Americans, by damn, and we are going to crush your gonads! Get. Out. Of. My. AOR!!!”

I’m not alone in my appreciation for the General.

A Dangerous Time for Escapism with Drugs

Drug overdose deaths outpace current coronavirus deaths. There are very real concerns about the social distancing measures to stop the spread of coronavirus are the factors increasing drug use. From FoxNews,

The coronavirus crisis has also ignited steep concern that the lockdown and social distancing measures, coupled with a shuttering of support groups, social services, and medical resources, could lead to another spike in drug overdoses.

Over the past decade, overdoses have claimed the lives of almost half a million Americans, and data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that some 69,000 died in 2019 alone.”

Cartels are creative, and drug users are desperate. With many people homebound, the opportunity to spend the day stoned is a constant factor. This is a money making opportunity for the cartels. Especially with the announcement of economic relief, potential rent abatement, etc. Even non-working Americans still have money to spend. While I’d like to think that rent and food are priorities for drug users, the data doesn’t support that theory.

General Milley is spot-on in his statement about stopping the cartels. Thankfully, he’s motivational as hell and reminds us that the bigger picture still needs attention. The bigger picture needs America at her strongest and most capable. Fighting the coronavirus inside the borders requires fighting the cartels and terrorists outside the borders.

Featured Image: US Army/DOD Photo Credit: Monica King License: Public Domain Image Cropped: 400×400

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