Gender Is An Issue With January 6 Hearings

Gender Is An Issue With January 6 Hearings

Gender Is An Issue With January 6 Hearings

Evidently GENDER is an issue with the January 6 hearings. We aren’t supposed to be mad at anyone of the female gender for speaking up.

Before Sarah Matthews, a former deputy White House press secretary, even opened her mouth to testify on Thursday before the select committee investigating the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol, the House Republican Conference attacked her on Twitter as a “liar” and a “pawn” of Democrats.

The group did not mention the man seated beside her, Matthew Pottinger, the former deputy national security adviser, who was also there to issue a scathing indictment of President Donald J. Trump’s behavior on the day of the riot. Nor did Mr. Trump himself mention Mr. Pottinger when he lashed out hours later with a statement calling Ms. Matthews a fame-seeker who was “clearly lying.”

The contrast highlighted how, in a series of revelatory hearings that have focused on issues of democracy, the rule of law and the peaceful transfer of power, another, less-discussed theme has emerged: the gender dynamics that have been a potent undercurrent.

Oh well, there is it is. We can’t gain headway on indicting Trump because women and men and gender issues or something! 

Let’s talk about that for a second. WHO has actually been running the whole January 6 show from the beginning?? Helloooooo Liz Cheney! 

Yet here we are. We are supposed to believe that this is an entirely male-oriented witch hunt and the women are the ones who are on the hot seat. It’s the WOMEN’S fault according to the media. 

What a freaking boatload of HORSESHIT. 

For the women who’ve now given their testimony live and in person? Guess what girls, I have ZERO sympathy for you. Whether your story is true or not, do NOT tell me I’m supposed to be sympathetic to you and hold your hand while you boo hoo that people are being mean. 

Let’s just talk about people being mean shall we? There are multiple folks who’ve been detained since January 6. Their due process has led to them being incarcerated for YEARS. Court? Didn’t happen. Due process? What’s that? 

There’s a lady who ‘paraded’ through the U.S. Capitol. She’s now going to spend months in jail WHILE battling cancer. 

Multiple folks who’ve been jailed have dealt with depression and more. Which has led to several folks committing suicide. 

Folks, here’s the thing. Don’t let anyone convince you that January 6 is a major gender issue. It isn’t. Instead it is a political power play. Liz Cheney used that best …or worst. 

“She sat here alone, took the oath, and testified before millions of Americans,” Cheney said, referencing former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson. “She knew all along that she would be attacked by President Trump, and by the 50, 60 and 70-year-old men who hide themselves behind executive privilege.” She then mentioned other female witnesses, including poll worker Ruby Freeman and Capitol Police Officer Caroline Edwards, calling them “an inspiration to American women and American girls.”

Yeppers Liz Cheney!! Let’s have you call someone up who is a supposed inspiration to women and girls … who LIES HER ASS OFF as to what she supposedly saw and was involved with that day. I hate liars. I hate liars who’ve let themselves be snowed by the likes of the political hacks such as Liz Cheney. 

Gender is an issue for January 6 … which tells you all you need to know how politically motivated and backwards this committee is. 

Feature Photo Credit: school gay gender via Pixabay, cropped and modified 

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