Future Teachers Deny Science And Lash Out At Professor

Future Teachers Deny Science And Lash Out At Professor

Future Teachers Deny Science And Lash Out At Professor

Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat! Those of us who are regular consumers of Libs of TikTok constantly ask “Where do they get these teachers?” I mean, for sure these aliens are not walking around in your community or mine.They come, not exclusively unfortunately, from the University of South Maine in Portland. There a group of future teachers of our precious youths walked out on a professor for asserting that there are two genders and it went downhill from there.

Teaching a graduate level class, Creating a Positive Learning Environment, Associate Professor Christy Hammer made a statement that is generally accepted in most of the world: There are two sexes. This should NOT be a controversial statement. Except. The story continues from Red State:

Student Elizabeth Leibiger was absent that week, but she caught wind of the incident from peers. That left her with a bone to pick, because she identifies as nonbinary. Additionally, she wants people to refer to her as multiple people via the plural pronoun “them.”

A week later, the perturbed pupil called out her terrible teacher:

When [Elizabeth] arrived for the next class…they immediately brought up the discussion…

“I asked [Professor Christy] how many sexes there were,” [Elizabeth] said. “She said, ‘Two.’ I felt under personal attack.”

[Elizabeth] then gathered their things and walked out of class because they no longer felt respected.

Two years ago, I would have laughed at Miss Elizabeth. Not for being nonbinary. That is a mental issue. I would have laughed at her for no longer feeling respected. But I have moved on to anger. Flat out, justified anger. I really despise bullies. The non-binary types are using their “minority” status to bully those of us who are cis or heter o. Heckfire, the nonbinary types are bullying trans people. The trans people love the binary. They just wish to be the other side of the binary from where they were born. Since we became a nation of minority victim worshippers, we have become apologetic to bullies. Quite a ways from Maine, the Chicago Marathon with its new nonbinary division took place.

Miss Elizabeth confronted the professor to get exactly the reaction she got. But, the future teacher wasn’t done with the professor. Hale, no:

A mass protest ensued:

After leaving class, [Elizabeth] stopped in Bailey Hall’s lobby where all but one of their classmates joined them after the group also walked out of [Christy’s] class.

The 22-strong consortium composed a letter, which they issued to the school of Education and Human Development. Their demand: a “restorative justice meeting” with Christy and the lone student who agreed with the concept of binary sex.

Still, Elizabeth wasn’t above a cutting of slack. “We thought she was just speaking from a place of ignorance, not hate,” the future high school English instructor explained.

USM capitulated and held a justice meeting, during which the outlying student publicly apologized. However, despite three grueling hours of dialogue, Professor Christy stood firm.

Professor Hammer stood strong for three hours. Future high school science teacher, Michael Lombardi knows nothing about honor and doesn’t understand biology, he was disappointed:

Michael Lombardi told the paper he was deeply disappointed:

“I went in very optimistic, but at the end of the three-hour session it felt like we weren’t listened to. … Knowing in my heart, as a teacher, that I always want to have my ears open to what my students are saying, and then not have that reciprocated — it was very frustrating.”

Poor Michael, he will never understand. A teacher should have his/her ears open to what your students say. That doesn’t mean the teacher MUST buy into it.

Professor Hammer went through a three hour struggle session and didn’t fold. Well done, Professor. Miss Elizabeth still wants her to go to Reducation Camp Diversity Training. Well, University of Southern Maine isn’t going to fire the professor, but they are going to add a section headed by a more compliant instructor.

The Behind the Line podcast believes we have lost this entire generation. They are beyond help. They BELIEVE they know everything and you cannot teach them:

Professor Christy Hammer was not correct enough. She won anti-discrimination awards. She won a Martin Luther King Award, but she was not enough. She violated the current gender politics. Nothing she has done before matters to these bullies.
By the by, she hates Capitalism. If by chance you want to support her, here is the Twitter link:

Next time you watch Libs of TikTok, this is where they came from. Weep for the children.

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  • Scott says:

    ” If by chance you want to support her, here is the Twitter link:” No way in Hell Toni! This professor and others like her created this monster. the fact that they now disagree with some small part of the stupidity doesn’t mean squat to me, they’re still the ones that started this problem. I’m just gonna buy popcorn and watch them eat their own!

  • […] be respectful.” Period. Full stop. Now go practice your reading and your sums. Yesterday, I wrote about a Professor whose students (future teachers) walked out on her because she said there are two […]

  • Milwaukee says:

    Decriminalize school truancy. Mandatory education has not worked.

  • SDN says:

    If I were the professor, I would have shown up with 22 sets of Mao jackets, caps, and copies of Mao’s Little Red Book, so the new Red Guards were in proper uniform.

  • GWB says:

    she identifies as nonbinary
    Who gives a flying monkey about what YOU “identify as”? That used to be one of our primary definitions of insanity: you identified as someone other than your actual self. Maybe I should identify as Emperor Ming when I go on campuses, and require all the students to kowtow to me?

    wants people to refer to her as multiple people
    And… another example of what used to be a sure sign of mental illness now touted as the best thing. I would insist she pay multiple tuitions, then. After all, they’re teaching “them” they should be paid for “them”, right?

    the perturbed pupil called out her terrible teacher
    And, again. You’re the STUDENT, which means you’re there to LEARN. He is the PROFESSOR, which means he’s there to TEACH YOU.
    If I were the professor, I would have told her to sit down and shut up and learn something, or she could go withdraw from the class right that moment. I wouldn’t be putting up with that crap.
    Creating a Positive Learning Environment
    Oh, wait a minute, this is ED school? Well, the professor deserved what he got, then, for teaching progressivism to his students in the first place. This is what the fruits of his labors look like.

    because they no longer felt respected (emphasis added)
    So… the protest was just her? Errr, they? Is she a mob unto herself?

    Their demand:
    Again, where do they* get off demanding ANYTHING? They are students and should sit down and shut up or they should withdraw from the class (forfeiting their tuition).
    (* I’m confused. Was this “their” a group of actual people, or just her “their”?)

    during which the outlying student publicly apologized
    The Maoists got their struggle session and their capitulation!
    We really need to send these folks to the farms….

    it felt like we weren’t listened to
    And you should NOT be. You’re an ignorant, deluded, self-centered fool. No one should ever listen to you. The world is warmer because you opened your mouth in a verisimilitude of speech, expelling CO2. And none of us are any smarter or wiser because of your poor attempt to imitate self-awareness. You are a black mark on the existence of humanity, and a just world would blot your existence from the memory of our race. Hie thee to a nunnery, and contemplate your existence as a waste of breath.

    They BELIEVE they know everything and you cannot teach them
    C’mon, Toni, you know why that is – THEIR PARENTS and EDUCATORS TOLD THEM SO. This is the direct result of youth worship and telling kids crap like “never let ’em change your point of view”. A generation raised on narcissism will grow up to be… narcissists! If that shocks anyone, they should really go back to kindergarten and relearn the cause-and-effect stuff. A generation of adults told kids they were the most important thing in the world, and that generation grew up to tell their kids they were even better than their grandparents and were so much smarter because they could use a smartphone, and those kids turn into THIS.

    this is where they came from
    And “this” was established by all those radicals who demanded their professors cave to their demands in the 60s. And the generation that let them get away with it. This is the evil of the progressive religion. This is where progressivism leads: hedonism and the idea that you can defy reality because of your mind.
    I warned y’all not to let bell-bottoms come back, or you would regret it. Now that the rest of the 70s have arrived, I’m saying I told you so.

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