From The VG Bookshelf: The Unstoppable Ruth Bader Ginsburg

From The VG Bookshelf: The Unstoppable Ruth Bader Ginsburg

From The VG Bookshelf: The Unstoppable Ruth Bader Ginsburg

This week, our featured book is “The Unstoppable Ruth Bader Ginsburg”. The subhead is “American Icon”. There is also a subhead of “The Whole (T)Ruth”. Oy vey. To say this book is a mash note to RBG is an understatement. “Unstoppable” was an quick read because there are tons of pictures. It was not an easy read. I should have bought the hard copy of the book rather than downloading it to my Android device. I could have thrown the book across the room without too much damage. Much as I wanted to throw it, the LG V30, that I am still paying for, cost too much.

I don’t wish ill on Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I despise her stands on many issues, particularly partial birth abortion. Reading the book, I thought, “Damn, she seems like fun”. Except for that whole baby killing thing.

Here are the details of Ruth’s early life. Born to Jewish parents. Father was a furrier, mother was his bookkeeper. Grew up in the Midwood section of Brooklyn. Left an only child by the death of her older sister of Menigitis at age six, her parents doted on RBG. In response, RBG was a total over-achiever. Summer camp Rabbi, baton twirling team, piano and cello, she excelled at everything she did. Bader Ginsburg’s mother died of cervical cancer the day before Ruth’s high school graduation ceremony.

Ruth matriculated at Cornell University in upstate New York in 1950 majoring in Government. Her freshman year, RBG met Martin Ginsburg. And, she fell in love and married him because he cared that she had a brain.

(From the book “The Unstoppable Ruth Bader Ginsburg”. Her wedding photo and quote about husband Martin Ginsburg.

Okay, as someone who married at 29 and dated quite a bit, may I just say that RBG’s sample size of “boys” she dated was very small just by the timeline. And, I have met very few “men” under the age of 18 that know that women have brains. I think my sample size was larger than RBG’s. But, she clearly got a peach of a man and they were very happy.

There is a great deal in the book about their lives, his cooking, her relationships with the other Justices, especially Antonin Scalia. Several of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s speeches are reprinted in “Unstoppable”. One of the them, her speech at a Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony moved me, truly.

In the Capitol Rotunda on June 22, 2004, RBG gave an amazing speech. She spoke of her pride in being a Jew. She spoke of her pride in being born in America. She spoke of the crimes of the Holocaust and she spoke of the heroes of the Holocaust, people like Raoul Wallenburg. Bader Ginsburg then mentioned Deuteronomy and said in the Hebrew “Zedek, zedek, tirdof”, Justice, justice, you shall pursue”. I was thinking, “Damn, girlfriend is inspiring”. And, then she mentioned another quote in Hebrew from Deuteronomy: “U’vacharta b’chaim” which means “Choose life”. And, I wanted to throw my Android device across the room. The woman has loved abortion and partial birth abortion from the word jump.

“Choose life” she says without irony in her speech. Stupid cow. Maybe in 1950, when the science wasn’t all available one could justify abortion in the early stages, but partial birth abortion is still groovy with her. And, the Christian religion gets no respect. From the book:

In 2014, her dissent about the court’s 5-4 Hobby Lobby Stores decision went viral on the internet as the country weighed in on this hotly controversial case. According to Ruth, by allowing a company to deny insurance coverage for birth control on religious grounds, “The court, I fear, has ventured into a minefield.””

Hey, how’s about this: Don’t like Christian values, don’t work for a Christian company. Problem solved.

Back to partial birth abortion. From another speech:

RBG deplored the court approving a federal ban on shoving a shiv into a living babies skull to kill it. She didn’t disagree, she deplored. “Choose life, Ruth, baby.”

I really kept wanting to like RBG. But, I think she is evil. I truly do. If at this age, if having lost so many people she has loved, and given the history of the Jewish people, Ruth Bader Ginsburg cannot learn from science and adapt her thinking, she is evil.

Please Choose Life. Don’t read this book.

Photo composite by Darleen Click for Victory Girls

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  • Scott says:

    RBG is a “jew” cut from the same cloth as Soros.. She speaks of the Holocaust, while encouraging one right here on our shores, one of the truly defenseless.. I’m sure she’s got a suite waiting for her in hell..

  • GWB says:

    majoring in Government
    That is most likely the source of the problem, right there.

    because he cared that she had a brain
    Funny, but she doesn’t look like a scarecrow in that pic…..

    very few “men” under the age of 18 that know that women have brains
    Oh yes they do. They just think they come in pairs and reside on the chest.

    her pride in being born in America
    Well, that puts her off the 0bama’s Christmas card list….

    “U’vacharta b’chaim” which means “Choose life”
    Yeah, concur with the desire to throw, encountering that hypocrisy. Though I’d rather throw the subject than the book.

    Hey, how’s about this
    Oops, I think your blockquote didn’t get turned off there.

  • Wait, I could have sworn I saw her at dinner last night sitting across from Helen Thomas.
    Are you people absolutely sure she hasn’t a body double?

  • J. Eric Andreasen says:

    It is said that Hashem repays the truly evil person, in full, in this life, for those few mitzvot they performed while on Earth. Thus, when this soul is standing before the Heavenly Court, the Accuser lays out the raw events, and the choices made. Hashem does NOT intervene, as a skilled defense attorney, like he does for the vast majority of defendants; to argue for mercy, or, at least attenuation, of the Verdict. All such things were settled for the truly evil person in THIS life. I do not know where Yita Ruchel bat Tzirel Leah will rest on the Scales, when the time comes… But, she should be very concerned. Very.

  • Ben Jacobs says:

    Since it’s clear that RBG plans to serve until she dies on the job, I think it behooves Clarence Thomas – who I otherwise completely support – to retire this term. Trump must have the opportunity to install another young conservative justice before the election. Unfortunately, I have not heard anyone discussing this.

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