Forget Flying Pigs, Obama’s Dog Can Fly!

Forget Flying Pigs, Obama’s Dog Can Fly!

I’m certain everyone is simply giddy that the Personal Pronoun of the United States (known henceforth as PPOTUS) is FINALLY able to take that vacation for which he’s worked so hard (painful that was to type) and waited so long (Hawaii and Aspen are already in third grade history books by now, more than likely under PPOTUS’s International Conquests Leading to World Peace of Our 57 States). You’re probably all wondering, though, “What about Bo??”

Never fear, enlightened readers, for the First Pup has his own personal air taxi!

Wait, what?

Oh, indeed, the Canine in Chief will absolutely be able to join that representative collective known as the First Family on their annual (except for last year’s full campaign mode exception) summer sojourn to Martha’s Vineyard. The Perro de los PPOTUS arrived in style earlier today via his very own MV-22 Osprey.


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According to The Telegraph, the pampered pup joined his family by Marine helicopter this afternoon in order to enjoy a bit of quality family time with Prezbo, the ChelleBo & Chain, and the little Bo’s- yet another accomplishment duplicated by no previous President. Fab-oo.

So, while so many of my veteran friends are on furlough, families are cutting corners on basic necessities, and those pesky little “phony scandals” still haven’t resurrected the “phony dead Americans”, our tax dollars are being put to good use flying PPOTUS’s puffed up pooch to his vacation destination.

Yay. I can not begin to describe my level of excitement at the thought that eventually PPOTUS’s vacation will be permanent…..and that’s what gets me through the day.

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  • Jodi says:

    Saw this story earlier today. Good thing there’s so much extra dough laying around so the First Pooch can take a vacay on the taxpayer dime.

  • Laura Bishop says:

    And the mesh bag of basketballs beside Bo needed their own handlers and flight crew? Infuriating….not enough adjectives to express my contempt for these autocrats.

  • Catherine Wilkinson says:

    Really….what’s the difference between Obama and Caligula?

  • Jennifer says:

    Awesome post! You know its bad when the folks in Mah-thas’s Vineyard are peeved at Obama-

  • Kevin says:

    The Bush family (Bush I and II) both brought their beloved pets with them when they vacationed. I would not expect anything less from the Obama’s.

  • Kevin says:

    Interestingly, if you do a quick “google images” search you can actually President Reagan on Marine One with his dog in his lap! Probably heading to the groomers for quick shampoo and cut 🙂

  • Kate says:

    The point is that a separate trip using an Osprey was made for Bo.

    Such excess in these economic times…? Not necessary — even in good times. But excess and glut is what the Obamas do best.

  • Kevin says:

    So, the only reason this helicopter showed up on Martha’s Vineyard was to deliver Bo to the Obama’s? Is that what you’re saying? There was no other reason for the helicopter to show up … bringing additional secret service officers, luggage, white house staff, logistical items (computers, or whatever a white house needs to operate outside of Washington). Nothing? If you can tell me the only reason this helicopter showed up was to deliver a dog then I will join the bandwagon of criticism about the inappropriate use of government funds. (Note: Please also send me the link of where this information was obtained. I’ve searched and found nothing.) Thank you.

    • Kate says:

      Why is it so hard for you liberals to believe that the Obama’s are nothing more than greedy grifters? That they have lived the high life — with parties, vacations, and excess — while so many American’s have suffered? That Osprey? It brought Bo and basketballs. Three planes, Kevin, to go on vacation.

  • ROS says:

    Of course not -PPOTUS also forgot his balls.

  • ROS says:

    As for providing links, please feel free to utilize your Google-fu for searches such as “presidents who have used the Osprey”, “cost of flying Marine One Osprey”, and “square footage of Air Force One “.

    I’ll help:


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