Feminist Professor Who Attacked Pro-Life Student Charged With Criminal Battery

Feminist Professor Who Attacked Pro-Life Student Charged With Criminal Battery

Good.  Have fun in jail.

The University of California-Santa Barbara professor who allegedly assaulted a pro-life student on campus has been charged with criminal battery.

The College Fix reported on March 12 that department of feminist studies professor Mireille Miller-Young, whose research emphasis is black studies, pornography, and sex work, had been caught on camera assaulting a 16-year-old student, Thrin Short.

Some of you may have already heard about this, but it bears repeating for the sake of the update.  The story goes that some pro-life protestors were engaging in some free speech related constitutionally protected activities at UC Santa Barbara when Professor Mireille Miller-Young (oh how I hate the hyphenated) took it upon herself to not just engage the protestors in an exchange of ideas, because that is really hard don’t you know.  She instead did what all good progressive, communist loving, authoritarians who detest the freedom of others to speak do; she attempted to silence them.  In this case, she stole Ms. Short’s sign, left scratches  on her arm in the process, pushed her and attempted to restrain her so that others could make off with the sign.  My guess is she might talk alot about tolerance and inclusion in her classes, because anyone who teaches/researches black studies, pornography, and sex work has those words included at least 9 times in the syllabus of any class she teaches, and says it like a “Hail Mary” every day.

This is the second best part of this story:

The confrontation took place in the university’s designated “free speech area.”

I guess the professor was just following the liberal creed “Free speech for me, but not for thee.”  Ms. Short should have checked the fine print on the 1st Amendment I guess before going out and speaking her mind.  Professor Hyphenated Hi-Falutin, of course, had a rational explanation for what she did, because liberals always do when they engage in this kind of behavior.

Even though she injured the teenager, Miller-Young defended her actions and told police she felt morally justified. She told police that images of aborted fetuses “triggered” her to act the way she did, and that she felt she had set a good example for her students by physically confronting the teenage demonstrator.

My questions abound.  For instance, why were you “triggered?”  I mean, if, for instance, as uber Feminist turd princess Amanda Marcotte says, abortion is just like “having a cavity removed,” then what seems to be the problem?  Anyone out there ever have some sort of “triggering event” when they drive past a dentist’s office, use a water pick or brush their teeth?  Anyone out there know anyone who sees a commercial for toothpaste and goes insane?  And she thinks violence is OK when you are “triggered?”  I am going to use that excuse to the cops when I go medieval on the next psycho hose-beast that cuts in front of me at the coffee counter because not having my Grande Mocha “triggers” my addiction.  Thanks for the tip professor.

Already, there is a “petition” of support for this professor (and if my child went to this college, well, he wouldn’t, because he will be able to think for himself) called UCSB Microaggressions which is calling on
Chancellor Yang and “other members of the UCSB community that requests a  statement of solidarity with Miller-Young and greater restrictions on content that may be traumatic to students or trigger unwanted reminders of past experiences”

More goodness from the participation trophy generation.  Over a thousand of these wastes of tuition money and oxygen have signed a this petition.  I got news for them; no one gives two poops in a popsicle what you think.  Your mommies aren’t here to protect you from all the bad words you don’t like; and just because you don’t like them doesn’t give you the right to ban them. No one cares if you are offended.  This isn’t about speech, it is about a crime.

Or maybe this whole brouhaha is because Professor Hyphenated Hi-Falutin knows what many people (a majority I think) already know, and what feminists claim isn’t true; that abortion kills a human being, touched by God.  Because of this undeniable truth, Professor Hyphenated Hi-Falutin of course was “triggered;” much like I would guess that Joseph Goebbels would be “triggered” if someone was standing in the middle of Berlin with pictures from Auschwitz in 1943.  Speaking of the evil it really is cannot be done.  It is verboten in the strictest of ways and the speech codes of calling it “choice” or “women’s health care” are the only authorized terms.

Does Professor Hyphenated Hi-Falutin Black Studies Sex Work know that Margaret Sanger hated black folks so much that she established Planned Parenthood in black communities overwhelmingly so that the population of the “undesirables” would stay low?  Did she dig that far into her “Black Studies” text?  Does she want to talk about Planned Parenthood being the largest provider of abortions in America with 78 percent of their clinics in minority neighborhoods?  Or maybe engage in a dialogue from some of her research on black folks being 12 percent of the total population, but 35 percent of the abortions in America?

My guess is, as a liberal black woman, Professor Hyphenated Hi-Falutin Black Studies Sex Work would much rather live in the mental comfort and political safety of the liberal/progressive plantation and embrace the warmth of the Left’s racism while never being forced to confront her brain washing and political slavery, and she will continue to be protected no doubt, as long as she votes liberal, instead of doing the hard work to escape this mindset and thinking for herself.

But maybe now, she can add her exposure to our “racist” criminal justice system to her class schedule.

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  • Dana says:

    I’d bet a case of Mountain Dew that she doesn’t serve a single day in jail. A misdemeanor, and it’ll lead to a not-too-substantial fine and probation.

  • Xavier says:

    What bothers me the most is “free speech area”. Shouldn’t that encompass about 3.5 million square miles?

    • Robin H says:

      While I agree with that in theory, in practice it makes it much easier if all the protests are in one general area. Left on their own, they’d have every doorway and stairwell blocked on campus. I’d rather not have them roaming the halls of all the dorms trying to get kids to sign petitions.

      And the girls that were assaulted weren’t part of the university, they were outsiders.

      • Dejah Thoris says:

        Yes, it is a good idea to have all of the protests in one general area. It would be even more awesome if the protestors could be free from criminal assault by university employees while expressing themselves.

        And I would hope that those at the University wouldn’t automatically shun “outsiders” based upon their views.

        I thought all views were welcome.

        • Robin H says:

          I only mentioned that they were outsiders because they would have had to go to the university heads and asked for permission, which they were granted. And yes, they should never have been assaulted, her behavior was reprehensible, whether the group was “allowed” to protest or not. I’m not in any way defending her, I hope she sees jail time.

    • Years ago someone remarked that American universities were becoming islands of repression in an ocean of freedom.

      Of course, the America of 2014 is not entirely free anymore. With the NSA spying scandal, the IRS targeting of President Obama’s political enemies, and a lazy and dishonest media bent upon keeping us in the dark, the trend in the US is clearly towards a police state.

  • wfjag says:

    Meanwhile, Michael D. Young, UCSB’s Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, sent out an email on free speech and tolerance and diversity (and things his Mother said to him) — which aptly demonstrates the truism that If you believe in everything, you believe in nothing. You can read it, in full, at:
    UCSB Administrator Issues Statement on Free Speech
    The Independent (Mar. 21, 2014)

    • Robin H says:

      Wow. What a lot of tripe in that letter. It basically says that the whole school doesn’t agree with the “outsiders” but we have to tolerate them anyway. And the whole white male slave owner founders? Really? Our tax dollars hard at work indoctrinating the next generation.

    • Donna says:

      He addressed it “Dear Student.” Seems to me it should be addressed “Dear Faculty.”

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