Nick Cannon Dons White Face and SCOTUS Hears ACA Case

Nick Cannon Dons White Face and SCOTUS Hears ACA Case

nick cannon2
Nick Cannon

Yesterday Nick Cannon, the host of America’s got talent, sent out pictures of himself dressed in white face to promote his new album White People Party Music. Today the Supreme Court of the United States heard arguments in the Hobby Lobby religious liberty case. It deals with the Affordable Care Act and whether a for-profit business has religious rights to not pay for its employees birth control.What do these two stories have in common? The answer is: the “L” word — Liberals.

Liberals in the Hobby Lobby case say things like “You can’t force your religion on my uterus.” They do not give a flying fig about any one’s rights other than their perceived right to screw around as often as they want, without any expense for the consequences of their actions. You see, in their world, Liberals get to define how far religious freedom reaches and where it stops. They get to tell employers what health care products they have to pay for, and the employers better shut up and do it or they’ll be boycotted, not to mention taxed under the so-called Shared Responsibility Payment. No one who disagrees with the liberal agenda has any say in the matter. Period. There’s a big fat f*** you waiting for anyone who tries to come between the liberal woman and her birth control and abortifacients.

As for Mr. Mariah Carey and his dressing as a white dude to film videos wherein he imitates a white skateboarder type, that’s perfectly fine in the eyes of liberals. But think back to six months ago when singer/dancer Julianne Hough dressed up with others as prisoners for Halloween. Hough herself was in costume, imitating a black character from a popular television show. Well, once again there was a liberal outcry heard in every corner of the land. The media skewered Hough for daring to dress as a black person.

julianne hough
Hough in costume, alongside the TV character she was dressed as

Shortly after HoughGate occurred, a white female writer posted a column saying that sometimes a costume it just a costume. Needless to say, the viciousness of the majority of the comments to her article suggest that she would have been skewered if some of those liberals could have gotten their hands on her. The hatred that spews forth from some of the comments is astounding. Never mind that there were black friends in her entourage and they were playing along in character also. Liberals have set the parameters, and under their rules a white person can never ever ever paint his or her face black. It is never acceptable. So watch out soldiers in night battle. And we probably should prepare to have tanning beds outlawed. Whites cannot EVER pretend to be black, under any circumstances. Hough soon folded to the liberal pressure and apologized.

nick cannon3
Cannon as Connor Smallnuts

And what about Cannon? Has he apologized? Not a chance. Instead he wrote: ‘”Duuuude everybody Chil-lax!!!! ~ Connor Smallnut’.” (Connor Smallnut is the name he assumed to play the role of the white skater dude. Hmmm. Is that not … what, racist AND sizist?) Cannon then tweeted: ‘It’s funny how people take themselves so seriously. People love drama! We feed off of it. Just relax and have fun!!’

wayans bros
Marlin and Shawn Wayans

And truth be told, I agree with Nick Cannon. He is funny in the role he plays. Just as the Wayans Brothers were funny in the movie White Chicks where they dressed up as two rich blonde white girls and imitated spoiled rich white girls taking on other spoiled rich white girls. I laughed at that movie and marveled at the makeup that it took to make the Wayans Brothers look like the white sisters.

But here’s the rub. Why do only black people get to have fun dressing up and filming movies and videos as white people and not vice versa? Again, it’s because liberals get to dictate the rules; they get to say what is funny and what is not. They get to say what is offensive and what is not. They say that whites should not tell blacks what is offensive to blacks, but then they get to tell whites what is NOT offensive to whites. And don’t even think about challenging them because they will eviscerate you with comments about slavery and lynchings and how ALL white people in the United States are evil unto eternity because some white people once owned slaves in this country as recent as 150 years ago.

I do not see how we can ever reach racial equality when one race gets to dictate all the rules for what is acceptable behaviors and what is forbidden. And it is not the white race that is doing the dictating in this case. Except, of course, for the liberal whites.

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