Fauci: Yes To COVID Vaccine Mandate For Students

Fauci: Yes To COVID Vaccine Mandate For Students

Fauci: Yes To COVID Vaccine Mandate For Students

Another day that ends in Y, another flip flop by Dr. Anthony Fauci.

This morning, Fauci was on CNN with Jake Tapper (is this the beginning of the media trying to push Afghanistan off the front pages, and bringing back COVID panic?), and dropped this little bombshell regarding vaccinations for students. Not college students, kindergarten through 12th grade students.

“I believe that mandating vaccines for children to appear in school is a good idea,” the chief medical adviser for the White House said Sunday in an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “We’ve done this for decades and decades, requiring polio, measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis. So this would not be something new requiring vaccinations for children to come to school.”

Fauci, in a separate interview on ABC’s “This Week,” said the FDA “hopefully will be acting quickly.”

“The data has been collected and we should have enough data by, I would say, the end of September, middle to end of September, early October, so that those data can then be presented to the FDA to examine for the risk benefit ratio of safety and effectiveness,” Fauci added.”

Tapper brought up this question because a school district in California decided that they WERE going to mandate COVID vaccines for all kids eligible to get one.

Although California educators have already been ordered to be vaccinated or else face regular testing, the Culver City Unified School District is believed to be the first in the state — and possibly the nation — to require students 12 and older to be inoculated.”

More mandates could be on the way after the Food and Drug Administration grants full approval to the vaccine and allows children under 12 to get it. Both decisions are expected in the coming weeks.”

The district also expanded masking requirements for some students and staff members and will require weekly Covid testing for both students and employees, regardless of their vaccine status.”

Regardless of your stance on the COVID vaccine, people of all reasonable stripes should be able to agree that this is a gigantic leap into a pit of bad ideas. First of all, while I am personally pro-vaccine, I am absolutely anti-mandate. You know who also held the opinion that mandates were unnecessary? That would be Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Hello flip, meet flop.

Second, I have four words for Dr. Fauci, should the government decide to push a COVID vaccine mandate on ages 12 and up in order to attend public schools: Watch. School. Enrollment. Plummet.

Even with the FDA fully authorizing the Pfizer vaccine for ages 16 and up just last week, the 12 to 15 year old range is still under an emergency use authorization. This is a lawsuit just waiting to happen.

And yes, we do mandate certain vaccines for school attendance – vaccines with years and years of use behind them. But parents are still allowed medical, religious, personal or philosophical exemptions, with the caveat that if one of these diseases appears in the community, those children would not be allowed in school until the outbreak was over. Washington state, which is currently trying to impose a COVID vaccine mandate on all public sector employees, not only tried to go out of its way to make sure that there was no exemptions for anything but medical or religious reasons, has been caught trying to curtail the religious exemption to the point that it would be nearly impossible to get.

And Governor Inslee of Washington state has shown such intractibility on this, that the state employees union is now suing the state in order to block the mandate.

Because not only did Inslee push the mandate on state employees, he also said that anyone who was not vaccinated by October 18th would lose their job, AND be ineligible for unemployment benefits. So yes, this was definitely going to end up in the court system lickety-split quick.

And if a COVID vaccine mandate is pushed on public school students? Not only will it be immediately challenged in court, but like I said, the enrollment will plummet. Parents will pull their kids out – even vaccinated parents – because the reality is that kids, thankfully, are still largely unaffected by COVID in a serious way. Yes, some kids have died of COVID, and some kids have also suffered from vaccine side effects. According to the CDC, 385 children TOTAL, ages 0-17, have died of COVID. The total who have died of pneumonia in that same period of time? 887 in that same age bracket. The data is the data, and COVID is a much more deadly illness to the elderly and the immunocompromised than it is to children. Instead of being grateful for that, the public health authorities and the government are looking to seal kids off from any kind of life, while assuming that there will be no long-term consequences in mental health, physical health, or behaviors in the future.

Push a vaccine mandate on public school students, and many will leave. This is the wrong fight for Dr. Fauci and the public health sector to pick, but since when have they listened to common sense? The only winners here? The lawyers.

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  • F.D.R. in Hell says:

    It would be good for America if this worm would stop drinking the blood of sacrificed children and age naturally…or maybe just shut up and go away quietly.

  • ROP says:

    This is beyond madness and Marxism ! Fraudci is like another wannabe dictator, He is an unelected bureaucrat, who, through his own mental and physical deficiencies, like the flex any power grab he can.

    You have rights under the Constitution to refuse this and the CDC, government doesn’t have the right to take it away.
    They will fight you because like the vipers they are want power. They will direct others to enforce there will.
    RESIST we must or lose everything
    Don’t give up your rights. Certainly the second amendment

    1 man with a gun can control 100 without ( MAO)

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