Father’s Day: An Excuse For The Left to Bring Up Toxic Masculinity Yet Again

Father’s Day: An Excuse For The Left to Bring Up Toxic Masculinity Yet Again

Father’s Day: An Excuse For The Left to Bring Up Toxic Masculinity Yet Again

Gone are the days where we let dear ol’ dad put his feet up, relax and eat a steak. Times were so simple then. Sadly, we live in a time where people truly just want to suck the ever-loving joy out of everything.

This past weekend was no different. Father’s Day is no longer about dads just celebrating their children and getting together over the Traeger with a beer. Nope. According to the Left, it is a day to reflect on (run roll, please…) toxic masculinity!

What is missing from the lives of these men? According to this:

Indeed, men need more feminism in their lives, more gender equality and a relaxation of rigid and counterproductive gender norms. In other words, feminism isn’t killing men — toxic masculinity is. And it will continue to do so until both women and men are fully equal, and fully free. –Noah Berlatsky, NBC News THINK

The above quote was not a joke. I repeat, that was not a joke. Berlatsky’s take on toxic masculinity absconds feminism and blaming men for everything that is wrong with the male gender and places the fault of the increase of male suicides on adults telling boys not to cry and the accessibility to firearms. But of course.

Over the weekend, I saw articles about a transgender mother-turned-father celebrated by CNN. He was celebrating “fatherhood” with his partner who was once a man who is now a transitioning woman. Confused? Me, too. NARAL tweeted in celebration of “Pro-Choice Dads”. (Ummm, if you made that choice, guys, a father does not you make. Just saying.)

Why are boys and men in a crisis today? Toxic masculinity say the minions in the progressive think tank. And Father’s Day in the traditional sense of the holiday is everything that is wrong with men in our society when one does not acknowledge the “misogynistic” roots of the holiday. Unbelievable. Allow me to interject that perhaps there are other factors contributing to the crisis we have at hand that have nothing to do with a term made up by a bunch of tenured and overpaid professors and a few hateful women. I would venture to say that perhaps increased suicides of men in America have something to do with family dynamics and not knowing or understanding stability and what is normal. A family unit where a women becomes a man and a man who becomes a woman just to switch roles because “it feels good to them” is NOT normal. Perhaps telling boys not to cry is wrong but coddling them when they whine about everything that is not to their liking or when things don’t go their way is not right, either. When women cry about pigs who abuse them but either tolerate it or sit by and watch while the abuser gets away with it, afraid they will ruin their own careers and clump all men in the same category, we have a problem. Politicians with an agenda telling women and men that it is okay to have indiscriminate sex without protection and abort a fetus if an “accident” should happen is not exactly doing wonders to encourage honor and responsibility with either gender. Perhaps men become suicidal when they are constantly told that their thoughts are bad, that their desires and actions are wrong and that they are innately “toxic”.

Call me idealistic. Say I am living in a bubble. Now, can we please get back to steaks on the Traeger, fishing tales, pull-my-finger and beer?

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  • MikeyParks says:

    I’m toxically masculine and like it that way (and so do the women I’ve known). I was designed over a million years by Mother Nature and was well programmed. These “feminists” are suffering from classical “penis envy.” They can’t be men so they don’t want men to be men. Sorry girls, but Mother Nature will win this one.

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