Fani Willis Testimony Was An Arrogantly Epic Dumpster Fire

Fani Willis Testimony Was An Arrogantly Epic Dumpster Fire

Fani Willis Testimony Was An Arrogantly Epic  Dumpster Fire

Fani Willis just couldn’t help herself. After testimony from her paramour, Nathan Wade, as well as very damaging information provided by a former friend, Fani essentially demanded to be put on the stand.

Before I get into the actual train wreck, the media is framing yesterday’s debacle as an ‘impassioned defense.’ According to the New York Times this is still about Trump. 

At the heart of the effort to disqualify the prosecutors in Donald J. Trump’s election interference case is the argument that the romantic relationship between Fani T. Willis, the Fulton County district attorney, and Nathan J. Wade, the special prosecutor she hired, created a conflict of interest.

That argument has been put forth primarily by Ashleigh Merchant, the lawyer for Michael Roman, a former Trump campaign official and a co-defendant in the case. Ms. Merchant accuses the district attorney of hiring Mr. Wade after they became romantically involved, and notes that the pair took several vacations together that were paid for by Mr. Wade.

You see, if Willis is disqualified because she and Nathan Wade were involved, which is indeed a conflict of interest, it will be Trump’s fault. According to the New York slimes, those conflicts of interest are super thorny and perplexing if it involves people who are out to get Trump. If it was anyone else, standard HR practices would have both parties fired ASAP. But not this case. 

According to other media outlets, this is just an “office romance.” 

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis testified Thursday in a hearing over efforts by one of Donald Trump’s co-defendants to remove her from the Georgia election interference case over an office romance.

Well, none of those who testified yesterday, including Wade, did Fani any favors while on the stand. First, her friend testified that the relationship between Willis and Wade started LONG before they claimed it did. Secondly, Nathan Wade piled on, especially when it was revealed that he was repaid in cash for their trips together and they’d drive to Tennessee for LUNCH so no one would see them. Except that it’s a least a three hour drive ONE WAY from Atlanta to the Tennessee border. Do you mean to tell me they just drove up, had lunch, and moseyed on back in the same day? Uh huh.

“Traveling with her is a task,” Wade said. “You can probably imagine the attention that happens.”

“Imagine trying to walk through an airport or sit at a restaurant,” he said.

“She couldn’t get any peace of mind locally, so we’d get in my car and drive,” Wade added of some of their road trips together.

The testimony came out as defense attorney Ashleigh Merchant questioned Wade about the trips they took together — including to Belize, California, Aruba and states surrounding Georgia.

Well, it was highly evident that Fani had been watching the case. Why else would she suddenly show up and demand she be put on the stand? 

And from there the fun began. As is obvious, Fani was combative from the start. How dare anyone ask her about her relationship with Wade?? Moreover, to have the temerity to ask her where the cash came from to fund all their trips to Aruba and Belize, plus the Tennessee lunches? HOW DARE YOU??!! 

WILLIS: “I do know where it came from. It came from my sweat and tears.”
MERCHANT: “You know which job it came from? Did it come from Fulton County or did it come from a private job?”
WILLIS: “It came from — I’m not a — what are you talking about? So, it could have come from a private job, because before I was D.A., I was in private practice. So I earned money during that time period that’s probably in there.”
MERCHANT: “You don‘t know?”
WILLIS: “It could have — what do you mean I don‘t know where it came from?”

Speaking of where that cash came from, many are asking the same question regarding THIS answer. 

Now I may not be an attorney, but that answer raises a LOT of questions. Which should include questions about what she did or didn’t do with the remainder of her campaign funds. 

Her comments about not emasculating Wade, raised eyebrows all over the place. And then there was her dumpster fire meltdown that resulted in the judge calling a five minute recess. 

Furthermore, according to Fani, she had no idea or was never told that Fulton County had rules involving disclosing personal relationships with co-workers or sub-contractors. Which is absolutely ludicrous as that’s a standard of practice in every work environment. 

This is the woman who Democrats are pinning their hopes on to GET TRUMP once and forever more. And this is how she handled herself yesterday.

It’s a major racketeering and election interference case that could impact the 2024 Presidential election. 

It’s not only jarring, she was highly unprofessional and arrogant. She is NOT someone who I’d want as the DA in my county. Today is round two of Fani’s testimony. Do we have enough popcorn for this subsequent dumpster fire? Stay tuned. 

UPDATE: Someone persuaded Fani, that testifying today was a bad idea. Likely because the damage was already done. 

Feature Photo Credit: original artwork by Victory Girls Darleen Click

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  • Cameron says:

    The Democrats basically believed that as a stronk blak wamenz, she was above reproach and she could just break out the race card. They chose poorly.

  • GWB says:

    an office romance
    Well, an office romance where the dude is getting paid exorbitant amounts and then takes his boss (who is paying him those exorbitant amounts) on cruises and long lunches (did they expense that lunch in Tennessee?) and B&Bs and such.

    (Folks might not like the vulgarization of this case that Ace of Spades has done, but it is so terribly appropriate. Treating them like skanky teenagers instead of skilled attorneys. The details are like a Tank Abrams romance novel – dirty, sordid, and not well-written.)

    it’s a least a three hour drive ONE WAY from Atlanta to the Tennessee border
    Well, based on Ace’s rendering of the testimony it’s only 2 hours. For a 1 1/2 hour lunch. And Wade assures us there were NO cabins involved.

    including to Belize, California, Aruba
    She had to take lunch in Aruba to avoid the limelight? Wow.

    Which is absolutely ludicrous as that’s a standard of practice in every work environment.
    And which always includes a legal statement that you have read the employee handbook and agree to it. True that many people just pencil-whip it. But it’s there for exactly this reason. Now HR comes to the stand and testifies that this right here is the signed document saying she read and agreed to it.

    It came from — I’m not a — what are you talking about?
    Everyone is missing the bit where she says her dad told her a strong WOC needs to keep 6 months of cash stuffed in her mattress, and that’s where the cash came from – out of that stash.

    She is NOT someone who I’d want as the DA in my county.
    But she’s someone who a bunch of people in Fulton county thought should be in charge. They thought she would do a bang-up job. (Phrasing?) This is why our republic is only suitable for a moral and religious people. Because immoral and un-religious people elect people like this.

  • Plenty of other places for piles of cash to come from than campaign funds – for an on the ball District Attorney.

    It would be interesting to do an analysis of cases where charges were reduced, or dropped, or not even brought.

  • draigh says:

    After looking at the photo, I get the feeling she is looking down her nose at those of us she considers beneath herself.

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