When Everything is Racist, Nothing is [Video]

When Everything is Racist, Nothing is [Video]

When Everything is Racist, Nothing is [Video]

A sub-moronic, whining shrew was recently seen on a viral video demanding french fries at Taco Bell, and tearfully shrieking “RAAAAAACIIIIIIIIISM!” when she was told they don’t sell them.

At Taco Bell.

French fries.

This window-licking, barely literate, empty-headed bimbo obviously thought she was at Burger King, despite the obvious presence of… you know… TACOS and other Mexican-themed food on the menu.

Apparently, failing to have french fries at an obviously Mexican themed fast food joint is some kind of racist plot against this derpasaurus. I swear, if she was any dumber, she’d be a potted plant (with my apologies to any plants I may have offended with this comparison).

Look, it’s not like we’ve successfully eradicated racism. I don’t believe it can be completely eliminated. Ever.


Because people. Because there will always be utter ignorami who don’t understand that the amount of melanin in someone’s skin doesn’t determine their intellect, morality, or actions.

I’ve seen that ignorance firsthand, so I know it’s out there.

But I have to say, “racism” has become a form of mass hysteria that describes anything special snowflakes disagree with or do not like.

Criticize Barack Obama using objective standards? Racist.

Correct grammar and spelling when teaching college and graduate students, who ostensibly possess basic written and oral communications skills? You bastard racist microaggressor!

Denounce the IRS for targeting Barack Obama’s political opposition? You’re obviously using some kind of dog whistle code for the N-bomb.

National anthem? Racist.

Won’t hire a substandard quarterback whose biggest claim to fame is protesting alleged “injustice” he’s never experienced as a privileged, spoiled millionaire raised by white parents, or criticize him for his actions? Racist.

Dr. Seuss? Racist.

The Walking Dead’s Negan using the old rhyme “Eeny, Meeny, Miney Moe” to choose which victim would meet his beloved bat wrapped in barbed wire? Racist.

And now, telling a bobble head halfwit that Taco Bell doesn’t sell french fries is apparently racist, and it will force her to burst into tears in the middle of the fast food restaurant.

The list of things and issues perpetually aggrieved social justice zealots find to be racist is long and distinguished. If you’re white, pretty much everything you do or say is racist, and if you don’t say it, you MUST be thinking it, and therefore you’re racist!

And if you use logic and facts to debate a person of color and prove them wrong, the members of the Irritated Labia Society hurl the only weapon they need to “win” the debate: RACIST!

Tossing the RAAACIIIISM moniker around indiscriminately like an angry monkey flinging shit does nothing to win the argument. It shows just how inept and anti-intellectual these snowflakes are. It’s an ad hominem attack meant to denigrate their interlocutor and paint them as something less than human in a vain attempt to distract from the fact they are wrong.

Because they HATE being wrong! Their mommy and daddy told them all their lives that they’re special and demanded that schools act to prop up their delusions to such a degree, that teachers are even discouraged from using red ink to grade papers, because it apparently chafes their children’s delicate butts. So, of course, they only way these special snowflakes know how to debate and discuss is to hurl the worst pejoratives they can possibly come up with at their opponents.

They’ve never had to put forth the effort to achieve anything, so the only way they can promote their message is to dehumanize their opponents in the eyes of the world merely for opposing or challenging their world views. It’s a dull arrow in the quiver of a dull mind, but in today’s environment it’s been disgustingly effective. Because racism is something against which we can all unite.

I mean, who doesn’t hate racists, right?

So by painting their opponents as someone everyone should hate, these whining, lying, ennui-ridden mediocrities galvanize frothing hordes to stand with them against the object of their ire, instead of using facts and logic as instruments of persuasion.

The problem with this strategy (aside from the fact that anyone with a pulse can immediately discern it for a sign of intellectual impotence) is that it cheapens the very idea of the pernicious and repugnant idea racism really is.

It cheapens the lynchings, Jim Crow, segregation, hostility, and outright violence African Americans faced after the Civil War.

It cheapens mass murders throughout history in the world.

It cheapens the deaths of Martin Luther King, Jr. Medgar Evers, James Earl Chaney, and others.

It cheapens the arrest of Rosa Parks and the courage of Harriet Tubman.

When everything is racist, the concept is no longer a repulsive, vile aberration, but a subjective anything anyone wants it to be.

And that’s when everyone who is sane stops paying attention.

Not having french fries in a restaurant and informing the customer of the fact is not racism! No one has the civil right to french fries, no matter how yummy they may be.

Opposing the political agenda of a politician who happens to not be white is not racism!

Refusing to hire a loudmouthed, entitled troublemaker who reflects poorly on your organization and happens to be black is not racism.

Disapproving the removal of monuments that educate us about and remind us of our history is not racism.

Learn the history of racism and its violent, hateful characteristics. Get the facts before engaging in a debate – whether political or otherwise.

And ferpetessake, grow a thicker skin and learn to be wrong graciously.

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Marta Hernandez is an immigrant, writer, editor, science fiction fan (especially military sci-fi), and a lover of freedom, her children, her husband and her pets. She loves to shoot, and range time is sacred, as is her hiking obsession, especially if we’re talking the European Alps. She is an avid caffeine and TWD addict, and wants to own otters, sloths, wallabies, koalas, and wombats when she grows up.

  • parker says:

    Beyond poor parenting and the surrendering of any vestiges of common sense, I blame Obama. He was the one who promoted this meme from highest office in the land.
    And, potted plants do know not to make a fuss over french fries at a taco joint.

  • Wfjag says:

    I loved her comment to the employee “You have four eyes.” A little bit of her own bias was showing.

  • David R Byler says:

    so the customer, who is lighter than the employee, calls the employee racist for not selling a non Mexican themed product in a Mexican themed restaurant …….. ummmm

  • Romey says:

    Someone really has to work to be that stupid. I suppose drunk and/or high would work along with stupid. How could you be that drunk and/or high and still stand upright? So many questions…

  • Stacy0311 says:

    Looking at that incipient ‘dunlap’ she’s sporting, maybe a salad would’ve been a better option. And a little more time at the gym.
    Or is that fat shaming?

  • Brian Lichner says:

    Nice article, but you’re preaching to the choir. How do you get the other half to understand it?

  • SubNote says:

    Isn’t it more likely that the linked video is merely trolling? That this isn’t ignorant racism but rather someone’s idea of performance art? If my supposition is correct, this is yet another example of a spoiled child wasting an entrepreneur’s time (and ours) for a laugh.

  • MONGO! says:

    When brains fail, try crying!

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  • rtw says:

    I agree with SubNote that it looks like a set-up. Why else would a random person be filming a random customer placing an order?

  • John says:

    She may have been used to those KFC-Taco Bell combo stores Yum Brands has, which do have fries, and couldn’t get it through her had that a stand-alone Taco Bell doesn’t carry that product, and that the only explanation had to be racism.


    Should have told her that if she wanted “French” fries she needed to go to the “French” restaurant down at the next interchange; “Le Quiche Rapide”.

  • Billiamo says:

    Maybe she honestly doesn’t know what racism means. Maybe her alarmingly incomplete education has led her to believe that racism refers to anything negative (I want French fries and they won’t give me French fries, therefore they’re racist).

  • GWB says:

    Tossing the RAAACIIIISM moniker around indiscriminately like an angry monkey flinging shit does nothing to win the argument.

    Hey now, the JV Chimp over at Ace of Spades will tell you even he’s not that indiscriminate with his poo.

    (And I agree this might have been an attempt at trolling.)

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