ESPN, Bubba Wallace And A Fistful of Victimhood

ESPN, Bubba Wallace And A Fistful of Victimhood

ESPN, Bubba Wallace And A Fistful of Victimhood

ESPN aired their E60 special on NASCAR driver, Bubba Wallace last night, entitled Fistful of Steel: The Rise of Bubba Wallace. You know, the NASCAR driver who found a “noose” in his garage last year?

Except, it wasn’t a noose. And Bubba wasn’t even the person who found it but believed it to be a noose when NASCAR said the garage pull was a noose. And, even though ESPN reported the error in their reporting with the results of an FBI Investigation, they completely let this tidbit of information slide under the radar last night. Why? Because racism sells. So, ESPN ran with the noose story and all of the other anti-law-enforcement anecdotes for the sake of ratings. Video not safe for work (language). Take a look:

ESPN is the fake news CNN of the sports world, I’m convinced. Jimmy Johnson was in utter disbelief of the noose-garage pull found in the garage. All of NASCAR-the whole garage as a matter of facr-followed and stood with Bubba Smollett because he found said garage pull that he thought was a noose. I mean, it was only a small amount of time before NASCAR got destroyed. The NFL and the NBA are already tainted…why not wreck NASCAR, too?

The “noose” must have been hung by the same two guys in MAGA hats who beat up Jussie Smollett. ESPN felt the need, a year later, to air a special where Bubba Wallace “reflects” on said fictional noose that was hung in a garage which was actually a garage pull-one that was in the garage way before Wallace showed up on the scene.

Did Bubba go on ESPN to lament on this error in reporting and to set the record straight? Nah. Why on earth would he do that when he is a mediocre race car driver in the spotlight? Bubba Wallace discussed his desire to pull the Confederate Flag. Bubba also ran his mouth about how he forgot the use his turning signal and got stopped by the cops, who searched his car because it was a “nice car” and “nice cars in those neighborhoods sometimes carry drugs” or something. Oh, the racial profiling is real! I suffered through the Bubba Wallace snooze fest. The most intriguing part of this Fist Full of Crap was this story that began the segment:

I was going to the golf course. The speed limit was 45, my dad always told me, do seven over, they’ll never pull you over. So, I’m like, okay, 52 in a 45. And I see this old, busted Jeep at a stop sign and I’m probably 15 away, 15 crawling, and he pulls out. I’m like ‘dude, one don’t pull out in front of a racer driver'”-Bubba Wallace

The tale of the Talladega legend goes on.

So, what I do? (Whistle sound) Right up to his bumper. I got a little aggressive on the road, as a NASCAR driver will do and I lay on the horn. And, they immediately turn on their hazards. And I thought ‘they’re slowing down for something’. And so I look, get back over and get to a stop sign. I see three doors open up, three white guys come out, guns ready to roll, not pointed at me.”-Bubba Wallace

The host comments that this was a “show of force and intimidation that intimidated Bubba Wallace.” Excuse me? I thought Mr. Wallace was a tough race car driver who likes to pull up on people’s bumpers and lay on his horn when they dart out in front of him in traffic? How dare they get in front of the NASCAR driver! I mean, a person pulling right up on your back bumper and laying on their horn because they think you’re driving too slow is not scary or intimidating much, now is it?

But that’s what NASCAR drivers do, right, Bubba?

We never find out who was in the Jeep that pulled in front of Bubba Wallace on a country road in North Carolina. It could have been a little old man trying to get his bearings while having car trouble. Bubba Wallace only cared about getting to a damn golf course. Nice guy, eh? Bubba Wallace didn’t care if he showed force and intimidation with his road rage, he ignores this. He blatantly brags about it! And then, he turns around this story to be one of racial profiling…where white cops with guns (GASP) asked him if the car was his and if he could afford the car he was driving. So intimidating, so racist, these white police officers! Don’t dare ticket a NASCAR driver on the way to tee time! He’ll get on national television and whine about how racist you are while admitting that he is an absolute prick on a country road. Because you don’t just cut off a NASCAR driver.I mean, ESPN should have gone all-out with this one. The “noose” in Bubba’s bay. Bubba could have elaborated and gone on to suspect white hoods in the police cars for dramatic effect. They really could have gone for the gusto.

ESPN was aiming to shine a light on racism and push the propaganda machine with this segment on Bubba Wallace. What did we learn? The fabled noose was still merely a garage pull and Bubba Wallace is nothing but an arrogant, pompous, race-baiting, sniveling, petulant, entitled, man child. There. I’ve just saved you 60 minutes of your life that you will never get back.

Photo Credit: Zach Catanzareti Photo/FlickR/CC BY-SA 2.0/Cropped

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  • Dietrich says:

    The photo of the “standard garage pull” is a photo of a rope tied in a noose. That is what it is, regardless of what you may wish to call it. It may be used to pull down the garage door, but there are many ways to tie up the end of a rope

  • Anchovy says:

    Lets go Bubba!

  • Wyldkat says:

    This is sad. I use to root for Bubba but stopped when he bailed on The King. Now to read this, I’ll not be rooting for him again. He’s in line with over half a dozen other drivers that are jerks on and off the track.

  • Politically Ambidextrous says:

    It’s a hangman’s noose. It’s tied differently than a Bimini Twist or Australian Braid, either of which would be a better “fancy” end loop knot to use – assuming a bowline was just too simple a solution. If a hangman’s noose is a “standard garage pull”, it’s not because it’s the best knot for the job.

    What it is is one thing, and let’s knot pretend it’s something else. However, when it was tied, for what purpose/messaging, and to whom, are completely different considerations that we really do not know. I suppose It could have been tied a while ago to “pimp” a competitor with a message like “don’t choke” or “we’re going to hang you out to dry”.

    • Hate_me says:

      Again, can’t tell from the picture if that’s a running knot or not. My guess is not (notice how it’s canted as it descends from the knot).

      Calling it a noose is simply conjecture. It might be, but that’s far from established.

  • Jack says:

    You misspelled Jussie Watson and Noosecar.

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