Eric And Ivanka Trump Can’t Vote For Donald Trump In New York Primary. Sad!! [Video]

Eric And Ivanka Trump Can’t Vote For Donald Trump In New York Primary. Sad!! [Video]

Eric And Ivanka Trump Can’t Vote For Donald Trump In New York Primary. Sad!! [Video]

Donald Trump is enjoying a YUUUGE lead in New York over Ted Cruz as the April 19th primary approaches. Which means that he’ll get a ton of votes, and the delegate count he needs…RIGHT??  Not. So. Fast.

How many eligible voters in New York met the registration deadline for the closed Republican primary on April 19th? Because you know…


Usually that’s true, IF one has registered to vote! Unfortunately for him, there are two votes Donald Trump WON’T receive on April 19th.

Eric and Ivanka Trump won’t be eligible to vote for their father in the closed Republican Party primary after missing the deadline to register with a political party.

Wait what?

This bit of information comes to light after Donald Trump along with Matt Drudge threw a Twitter tantrum about the Colorado results. So when asked if the rules in New York are unfair as well, Trump’s answer was “No.”  Oh, so fair or unfair only counts if family isn’t involved. Good. To. Know.

Donald Trump with daughter Ivanka & Son Eric
Donald Trump with daughter Ivanka & Son Eric

Here’s the kicker …

“They were unaware of the rules and they didn’t register in time,” Trump said this morning on “Fox and Friends.” “So Eric and Ivanka, I guess, won’t be voting.”

Really??  That’s a pretty lame excuse from The Donald considering that

A. The deadline to change party enrollment was October 9, 2015

B. The deadline to register as a NEW voter was March 25, 2016

Here’s one of the things that has baffled me since the very beginning of this Trump thing. For someone who supposedly knows how to run beautiful gloriously successful businesses; one of the first rules of thumb is to do detailed market research before jumping in. Guess what? The very same applies to the political world!

  • Did Donald Trump run opposition research on all the other candidates whether Republican or Democrat? Doubtful.
  • Did Donald Trump put any feelers out to the state chairs across the country and start building relationships with them and key donors in those states? Highly doubtful
  • Did Donald Trump run detailed research on all the major issues this country faces? Given his rhetoric I’d say not.
  • Did Donald Trump and those with his campaign (such as grabby-handed Corey Lewandowski) do any kind of extensive research into how caucuses, primaries, and state conventions work? Given his reaction concerning Colorado, I’d say the answer is a big fat NO.
  • Did Donald Trump ensure that everyone involved in his campaign and most especially his children who are eligible to vote were registered well before any deadlines? We know the answer to that now don’t we?

If Donald Trump can’t run even the minimum of due diligence or ensure that his own children are registered to vote; how can we expect him to do the same regarding domestic, national security, or foreign policy issues that a President of the United States will face? Fact is, we can’t. SAD!!

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