Eric Holder: Gun Owners Should Wear Firearms-Linked ID Bracelets

Eric Holder: Gun Owners Should Wear Firearms-Linked ID Bracelets

When he’s not selectively persecuting, er, prosecuting major felons like Dinesh D’Souza, and ignoring the indiscretions of Harry Reid and the IRS’s trampling of the free speech of conservative Americans nationwide, Eric Holder is thinking up newfangled ways to impose back door gun control. This time it’s in the form of a bracelet. Now before you get too excited by the possibility of a new piece of sparkly diamond-encrusted jewelry, it’s not that kind of bracelet. Not even close. Rather, it’s an ID bracelet that a firearms owner would wear so that only s/he could fire their weapon. That’s right, the guy who fights the implementation of voter ID laws 24/7 wants firearms owners to don ID bracelets. Purely for safety reasons, of course. It has nothing to do with control over the citizenry. And if you believe that, etc etc. One wonders if this ID regulation would be required for the arming of drug cartels and Islamic rebels, but I digress. In Holder’s words:

Which sounds all warm and fuzzy on the surface. Particularly if you’re gadget-minded Bond, James Bond. But there are (at least!) two major flaws in Holder’s argument:

  1. What happens if, heaven forbid, a friend or family member is home alone, with only your firearm and no bracelet, when an intruder breaks in? Under Mr. Holder’s back door gun control, would we just cower in the corner and hope for the best because we don’t have the magic bracelet? Or does he expect us to use the now-worthless firearm like a ball-peen hammer when the would-be rapist gets close enough? But it doesn’t matter, anyway, because See Flaw Number Two.
  2. There’s that little thing called the Second Amendment.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

We will decide for ourselves if we want to use a magic bracelet, Mr. Holder. Not you. Not your boss. Not anyone. And by the way, our right to self-defense is not limited to burglaries, but also includes, predominantly, would-be tyrants. I’m looking at you, Mr. Holder, and that guy to whom you profess your loyalty. Any questions?

But, alas, Mr. Holder isn’t the only firearms-attacking freak running around America petrified of guns, even when there aren’t any.

New Jersey teen, Ethan Chaplin, was recently suspended for two days because—get this felonious transgression—a classmate accused him of twirling a pencil in a weapons-like manner. Was he twirling it like an 1800’s gunslinger, pieces of pencil lead shooting from its tip? Perhaps a circus ring master, pointing his scary, yellow Number Two at a creepy class clown, about to blast confetti from its half-inch barrel? Or maybe the twirling was akin to a Marine Corps drill, because we certainly wouldn’t want to honor our brave troops who fight for our freedoms every day, right, Zero Tolerance Gun Grabbers? As amusing as that may sound, the result was deadly serious. Why should we care? Because the mere accusation resulted in Ethan’s suspension, and a pending psychological evaluation. Now to be fair, we really only have Ethan’s side of the story. But if accurate, the message it sends is that anything anyone wants to report that could in any way, no matter how infinitesimal, be firearms-linked, violating the zero tolerance policies of pop-tart gun banners across the country, can result in a suspension, an investigation, and a psych eval, based purely upon someone’s opinion, pockmarking one’s academic record for life, not to mention the psychological impact of having one’s mental state questioned. Of course there are times that warrant speaking up; this, by all accounts, was not one of them.

Eric Holder and his ilk, along with the assistance of the zero-tolerance of tiny toy-guns crowd, will do anything to take away our firearms. They’ll stop at nothing to disarm us. If we let them, they’ll continue to raid ammunition component factories, arrest law-abiding gun owners, and indoctrinate our children into submission. The good news is that gun-grabbers will have a rude awakening the first time they try slapping an unconstitutional Magic Holder Bracelet on the likes of the Uncle Teds and Charlton Hestons of our Republic. In the words of King Leonidas:

Molon Labe
The words ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ, inscribed on the marble of the 1955 Leonidas Monument at Thermopylae.

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  • Merle says:

    Maybe we can get liberals to wear a “special” ID so we can easily identify them?

    Oh wait, that really isn’t necessary, is it? 🙂


  • VALman says:

    No more governmental “bling”! I’m weighed down enough taxes, burdensome rules and regulations, questionable policies, concerns about our military, etc.

    • Jodi says:

      Ugly “charms” for our magic bracelets!

      • VALman says:

        They are despicable agitators. They will hammer away, over and over and over and over and over until there’s the desired response. Even if it isn’t, in the scheme of things, a major one, they’ll use it to say “See, that exactly what we’ve been talking about!” It’s that self-fulling prophecy sort of thing. We see it nearly every time there’s a firearm incident. We see it in the racism charges, as well with all the phobia charges they can unload.

        The fact of the matter is that the majority of people in the country are Caucasian, heterosexual, Christian or Christian-leaning, are concerned about the environment without holding up “The World is Coming to End” signs, are fed-up with getting pushed around and having a sense of having to honor everybody else’s cultural heritage but our own. Well, you no doubt realize that this about our having a say in not only what is changed in our way of life, it’s also about how any changes take place. Unfortunately, we are really lacking in leaders to help get us out of the swamp. Unless, of course, you’re swamp people and then we could really use your help.

        You, right. They’re “ugly” charms and no one but a fool would want them.

  • Xavier says:

    Holder should be wearing bracelets too.
    Connected with a chain.

  • hockeydad says:

    The technology to do this would be compromised in a week if it became law.

    Frist, someone will figure out how to create a RFID jammer and that would render the weapon useless (which may be what they want).

    People already are looking into how to kill a RFID chip, see

    Money quote from the article ““We believe that a cell phone has all the ingredients needed to detect these passwords and disable all the RFIDs in the area,” Shamir says.

    And even more importantly who’s going to check to ensure the technology within these weapons remain within the weapon. Are there going to be random weapons check to ensure you don’t remove the chips? While not a professional gunsmith, I can tear my weapons all the way down an built them as I wish. Coming up with a way to remove a electronic device that prevents a the hammer from hitting the firing pin can’t be that difficult. While those who follow the law will not remove them…enough other people would.

    I have other idea’s on how to get around the technology should it ever get enforced, but won’t put it out there incase someone is reading my post. No sense in giving anyone a heads up.

    I feel like we’re talking about coping CD’s and DVD’s…no matter what the companies came up with someone broke it within a week. Technology is great and makes our lives easier in so many ways but it has it’s limitations and if you want to get around it there is always a way.

    In fact the whole thing is just a way for the DOJ to waste money, because in the end they’ll figure out that it’ll be too easy for someone to defeat the technology and use the weapon as they wish.

    • Jodi says:

      Spot on, hockeydad. While I’m no tech expert (that’s my husband’s department), the tech would indeed be compromised within days. There’s a reason jailbroken iPhones used to sell for a mint on Ebay.

      But like I said, see flaw number two. 😉

      Eric Holder belongs in a federal prison; not sitting before Congress telling us how he’s going to continue trampling on our natural rights.

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