Epstein Case: Sleeping Guards And Lawsuits

Epstein Case: Sleeping Guards And Lawsuits

Epstein Case: Sleeping Guards And Lawsuits

If the authorities wanted to convince the public that there was no conspiracy in the death of Jeffrey Epstein, they’ve done a terrible job of it.

What have we learned so far? Well, two guards and the warden of the prison have been placed on leave, and there’s now reports that the guards falsified their reports in order to cover up their negligence.

Corrections officers may have falsified reports saying they checked on Jeffrey Epstein as required by protocol, according to a law enforcement source with knowledge of the investigation into Epstein’s apparent suicide. CBS News has learned that surveillance video apparently showed guards never made some of the checks noted in the prison log.

Multiple sources told CBS News that Epstein’s cellmate at the Metropolitan Correctional Center posted bail last Friday, leaving Epstein alone in his cell the day before he died. Another source familiar with the investigation said it appears Epstein had been dead one to two hours before he was found.

So, let me get this straight. Epstein was taken off suicide watch at the insistence of his attorneys – who have now retained criminal defense attorneys of their own. He was alone in a cell because his cellmate was moved – which left him alone in a cell with a bunk bed, giving him the height to strangle himself. The guards were allegedly SLEEPING for hours on their shift and when Epstein turned up dead, they decided to cover their tracks by making fake reports – which is a felony – and didn’t think they would get caught?

I mean, I believe in Hanlon’s Razor, and I believe that there are prison abuses, but this is just insanity. Who can blame the conspiracy theorists, or the polls indicating that 56% of people think that Epstein was murdered at this rate?

But the case is not over, and the victims do deserve justice. Current target: Ghislaine Maxwell, who may or may not be hanging out in Boston. Maxwell is alleged to have been the one who “recruited” minor girls for Jeffrey Epstein, essentially acting as madam for his underage sex ring. She’s already been civilly sued by one of Epstein’s victims – and settled out of court with her. Now, Jennifer Araoz, another Epstein victim, is taking her to court.

Araoz’s case represents a new legal liability for Maxwell and the household staff — a secretary, a maid and a “recruiter” whom Araoz says she encountered outside her high school a few blocks from Epstein’s home in the fall of 2001.”

The suit alleges Maxwell “participated with and assisted Epstein in maintaining and protecting Defendant Epstein’s sex trafficking ring” by ensuring a steady stream of young women by identifying and hiring “recruiters,” scheduling appointments with Epstein, as well as intimidating potential witnesses and ensuring the scheme remained secret.”

Though Araoz says she never met Maxwell personally, her suit draws a direct line between Maxwell’s alleged administrative support of Epstein’s sex trafficking ring and the abuse she experienced. “Upon information and belief,” the complaint says, “Maxwell conspired with Epstein in the implementation and maintenance of his criminal enterprise which, in turn, victimized Ms. Araoz.”

Maxwell has plenty of assets to be had, so best of luck to Jennifer Araoz in her civil suit. I’m positive that given Epstein’s suicide, the legal heat will be turned up exponentially on Maxwell – and if she was pulling minors in to be pimped out to high-profile Epstein friends, she’s bound to know quite a lot of names.

Oh, and then there was an update that I’m sure none of us really needed to know about what was allegedly found in Epstein’s Manhattan mansion.

Now, here’s the REAL question – is that a portrait or a photograph? Either way, eye bleach is needed.

The Epstein case is far from over. It’s incumbent on authorities to move quickly to make sure evidence isn’t buried, destroyed, lost, or forgotten by those whose sins desperately need sunlight.

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Featured image: Jeffrey Epstein mugshot (screenshot via CBS This Morning on YouTube)

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  • mhw says:

    It is nearly certain that the Manhattan Correction Center acted improperly but I don’t know who could legitimately claim that they were financially harmed by this improper action.

    Yes the various pending lawsuits will have to do without direct testimony by Epstein. However, there are reports that he has a detailed diary and that there is substantial corroboration of parts of this diary. So, ultimately, at least some of the civil suits may go marginally quicker (although to a normal person it will seem like a slug napping).

    • Pettifogger says:

      The diary isn’t admissible in evidence, though it may lead to other evidence that’s admissible.

      • Scott says:

        Why is it not admissible? Not disputing ( I’m no lawyer), just curious of the legalities behind that statement.

  • JG says:

    How often does this kind of thing happen in the MCC? How often do the guards report one thing and do another? How many prisoners have committed suicide?

  • Pete says:

    Also, no cellmate meant no witness..

  • Omega 2 says:


    • Brian Brandt says:

      Yes, you have to admit there’s a truckload of coinkidink going on here –

      – The jail’s most high profile prisoner was on suicide watch and had said somebody tried to kill him.
      – His cellmate made bail and was released leaving him alone in the cell.
      – The camera malfunctioned.
      – The guards were sleeping when they were supposed to be on watch.
      – The warden had sued A.G. Holder on a civil rights suit and was kicked upstairs.
      – The preliminary autopsy showed broken bones in his neck consistent with (but not definitive of) a strangulation.

      And last but certainly not least, many, many important people just want this to all go away.

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